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How to Make Mesos


* [link=money]Money[/link]
* [link=me]Is this the right thing for me?[/link]
[link=1]Making the small $$[/link]
 * [link=events]Events[/link]
* [link=craft]Crafting and Fusing[/link]
* [link=spots]Selling spots[/link]
[link=2]First Decision[/link]
[link=3]Beginning of Merching[/link]
* [link=tips]Merching Tips[/link]
* [link=entrance]Free Market Entrance Buyings[/link]
[link=4]Second Decision[/link]
[link=5]Advance Merching[/link]
[link=6]Money While Bossing[/link]
[link=extra]Extra Ways[/link]



Ahhh money. Money money money. Isn't it what it's all about? Everything in this world runs around money. People are always chasing it, trying to find a way to get it, maybe even afraid of it. Whether you like it or not, the world is about money. It's the only thing that keeps the world in order, but it also creates a lot of chaos.
Money is the thing you need to be successful. You can try to find your way around it, but in this world, if you want success, you need to find a way to get some money.

Sounds great, but do I need this guide?

If you don't care about money, you don't need this guide. This guide is for the people who want money, but can't seem to get any yet. If you need to make money, you came to the right place ! The point of the guide is to put the money making into different categories, based on the money needed for each step along the way. So if you need to get [link=1]100m[/link] , go to the First stage, if you need to make 5b at most, go to the [link=2]Third[/link] stage, and if you need to get yourself 25b, get to the end and start reading the [link=5]Fifth[/link] stage. The [link=6]Sixth stage[/link] will try to give you another way to make money when you already have 20-25b. I hope the guide helps, don't forget to leave feedback !

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##First Stage: Making the small $$
Do you have more then 100m? Skip to the [link=2]second stage[/link] if you do.
Alright, so you can into maple, you have 100k-1m from training and what not, and you need to find a way to make more money out of that. There are a lot of ways you can do that. Here are some of them:
  • Each way will be graded by Investment need and profit made, time needed to make money, and risk of losing money. Green will represent good and red represents bad. The grades will be from 1 (worst) to 10 (best).
The conclusion will be written in blue, just for fun.


Events can give you a lot of money. If you are starting your way and there's good event running, you can get 100m in a few days. With coin shops, you can farm coins, buy tradeable wanted items (Tempest rings for example), sell them in FM entrance and get yourself 100m in no time. With mesoranger event you were able to get the equips and sell them. So in shortcut: if there is an event going on, do it, it's really easy to make money from events.

Profit - investment grade: 10
Time grade: 4
Risk grade: 10

Events are a fantastic way to get money. No investment needed and there is no risk. You might need to put some time into it but it is still one of the top ways

Fusing and Crafting

This is for people who start with like 5m, not 100k. There are a few ways to make mesos fusing and crafting.
Sneakers (range of 5m funding)
Thos is simple. There is a shop in Henesys Market that sells blue and red sneakers. Buy those until your inventory is full. Now go to Ardentmill, become a Alchemist and start fusing those. If you get hidden potential, reveal it and hope you get % of a stat. If you don't, just keep on fusing.
Tip for newbs: Fuse the shoes with the bad potential together, because when you fuse 2 shoes with potential you have a 99.99% chance of getting another shoe with potential.
After you are done fusing the shoes, go to FM entrance and sell them.

Profit - investment grade: 7
Time grade: 6
Risk grade: 6

Every crafting, including Sneakers, have some risks, but it still gives a nice profit for and you don't need to spend a lot of time on it.
Belts (range of 5m funding)
become an Accessory Crafter, make yourself a Alchemist mule and start crafting lvl 40 belts. How do you do that? Buy Steel ores from the shop, make Steel plates, make belts with those plates. After you have your belts, you reveal the potential and fuse all the ones with no potential or bad potential with your Alchemist mule.
After you are done crafting and fusing the Belts, go to FM entrance and sell your good belts.

Profit - investment grade: 8
Time grade: 5
Risk grade: 7

Like Sneakers, Belts have some risks, but they are lower because the investment needed is lower. You get a greater profit then you do with Sneakers, but you need more time because of the Steel Plates.
Earrings (Range of 20m funding)
Buy some Intermediate Item Crystals from FM (In Bera you can find them for 70-80k ea), make an Accessory Crafter, make an Alchemist mule and start Crafting. How do you do that? Get all the Intermediate Item Crystals and come to Ardentmill CH1 (this is important). Make Earrings until your invetory is full. Save the good potential ones, fuse the bad potential ones, and extract the ones with no potential with one of those extractors until lvl 200 people put for free (be nice and fame them !). After you extract the earrings with no potential you should have more Intermediate Item Crystals. Use them to craft more earrings !
When you're done, sell the good earrings at FM entrance.

Profit - investment grade: 6
Time grade: 8
Risk grade: 3

Earrings have a much higher risks then others because the investments is much higher, because of the price of inter crystals, but the profit is good and you need much less time to make money.

Fusing and Crafting tips:
  1. Make sure you know what class is overpowered at the time you are crafting & fusing. The overpowered classes make their stat be overpriced, so you can sell it for more then the other stats.
  2. Here is a list of prices that you can use to when selling crafted items . Note that if you get % int it won't cost the same as % dex, so take that into your calculation as well (Bera prices, but similar to prices in Zenith, El Nido, Demethos, and in the CYKM alliance.)
***Don't forget to calculate in the price if the belt, shoe, earring or whatever is unique, legendary or epic, that creats a difference too.

Belts :
2% - 1m
4% - 10-12m
6% - 50-65m
8% - 180-200m
10% - 350-400m
12% - 800-900m
14% - 1.5-1.7b

3% - 1.5m
6% - 20-30m
9% - 200-300m
12% - 550-700m
15% - 1.3-1.5b
18% - 2.5-3b

2% - 700-800k
4% - 7-8m
6% - 30-40m
8% - 150-180m
10% - 300-350m
12% - 500-600m
14% - 900m-1b
Nimble Ring 2 (Range of 5m, Credits to @AdmiralJett )
Make an Accessory Crafter and do the following steps:
1) Make a lot of 'Nimble ring 2'. This ring is level 70, and to make it you only need 1 Adamantium plate and 1 Intermidate abrasive. 1 Adamantium plate = 3 adamantium ores, which are 10k ea. So the price for 1 adamantium ore is 30k. Intermidate abrasive is 5k which makes the total price to make 1 ring 35k.
2) Go find an Extractor, and extract all your rings. Most Extractors cost something like 5k , not that cheap. Sometimes there is an Extractor for 1mesos, most times for a guy that just wants fame. Always fame people who give free extractors. The more fame they get, the more motivation they'll have to keep setting up free extractors. Plus, they wasted some money to make that extractor, so be nice !
3) Every ring you extract will you give 2 or sometimes 3 intermidate item crystals. You can sell them for 70k-80k. So, if you crafted and extracted your ring for a total price of 40k, and you sell the intermidate crystals for 70k ea, you have 30k profit for 1 crystal, 100k for 2, and 170k for 3 ! That can give you a lot of money when you are starting as a beginner. Keep in mind that you need to buy fatigue potions, so try to sell your intermidate item crystals for 80k.
Tip: Buddy the people who buy intermidate's from you, most times they are crafting a lot of half earrings to make profit, and they need a lot of intermidates.

Profit - investment grade: 8
Time grade: 6
Risk grade: 10

The great thing about the Nimble Ring 2 crafting is that there's no risk, a great profit and it doesn't take a lot of time. This is one of the top ways to make your first 100m
Basic Crystals to Inter Crystals(Range of 500k):
You need either an Alchemist or a freeExtractor. Buy lvl 5 hats (from henesys shop for example, 500 meso per hat) and extract them to basic crystals.
After you made a lot of basic crystals, take them to an Accessory Crafter mule and make lvl 60 shoes with them. After making the shoes, extract them to inter crystals (with alchemist or free Extractor) and sell the inter crystals in fm.
This is a very very good way to start from almost nothing.

Profit - investment grade: 10
Time grade: 3
Risk grade: 10

Using basic crystals to make inter crystals is a fantastic way to make your first 10-20m, because there is no risk and almost no investments. I recommend starting with this way but then switching to a more time-friendly way.

#Selling Spots:

If you really don't want to do any of the ways above, and you have a permit, you can sell spots.
It is really boring, I know, but if you don't wanna do the other ways, that's what you can do.

Profit - investment grade: 8
Time grade: 1
Risk grade: 10

Even though there is no risk in selling spots and the profit is fine, this is not a recommended way to make money. The time needed to sell the spot makes it one of the worst ways of making your first 100m, and I recommend selling spots only if you have no other choice (for some reason)

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Second Stage: decision time

In this stage you can buy a Permit with nx (you can get nx from nexon's surveys), and with the reminding money use the first stage to get 100m again (it will be easier to sell your items with a permit). If you choose this way, go to the [link=1]First Stage[/link]. The other way is to not buy a permit yet, and start the [link=3]Third[/link] Stage. This way, you merch until you have ~200M, buy a permit then, and then you continue with the third stage.
You can find a guide for earning nx here.

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Third Stage: Beginning of Merching

Congratulations ! You now have 100m ! At this stage, we will start with merching. What is merching? Buy items underpriced, and sell them for the market's price for a nice profit. Note: you never want to sell above the market price, it will take you much more time. If you sell for the normal market price, you can sell your items much faster and that way use the money you earned to keep on merching.
Now, let's start merching !

Learning the Market:
Waitt, not so fast. We don't start merching yet. In this part, we scan fm daily for a few days, to learn the prices of items. Of course that if you already know prices, you will buy under priced items and start merching them now.
This stage is very important even if you're merching with 10b. You always want to know the market's price. What is getting cheaper, what is getting more expensive.

The Merch:
Now we start merching ! Scan FM daily and buy under priced items. Buy items that are atleast 20% off price. For example, Don't buy an item for 10m just so you can resell it for 11m, that is a waste of time and the taxes will cut your profit to almost nothing. After you bought every under priced item that you can, start selling them in your Permit or in FM entrance.

Tips for Better Merching:
  1. Remember, in the first stage, you were newb and you sold event items and crafted items for cheap in FM entrance? Well now we are gonna take advantage of those newbs ! Newbs always get event items and crafted items, so what will you do? You will go to FM entrance, buy their event items and sell them for more in your permit ! For example, I bought Love Letters from people in FM entrance for 12m ea, which is cheap for FM entrance, then sold then for 16m in my Permit, which is cheap for a Permit. This tip is very usefull and can get you a lot of money.
  2. While you scan FM, make a list of all the people's names and the fm they were in before you buy their items. UNLESS THEIR ITEMS ARE EXTREMELY CHEAP, IF THAT'S THE CASE YOU BUY THEM RIGHT AWAY. Example: I saw a scroll worth 10m being sold for 8m, by a person named Trolly at fm 8. I write down : "Trolly fm8", and keep on going with the scan. After I finished my scan, I look at my list: "Trolly Fm8, Lololol Fm 11, Lalatroll fm 17". I check back on all those shops, decide what is most profitable and buy that. If I have money for all the items, I buy them all, If i have money for some, I buy some.
  3. Try avoiding items that are getting cheaper, unless they are sold really really cheap. Example: If Lollipops are worth 100m but going down, I won't buy one for 90m incase they drop and drop and I lose money, But if someone sells a Lollipop for 50m, I buy that Lollipop and sell it under priced, (if Lollipops are worth 100m, I sell if for 80m) so I won't risk losing money, and I won't miss this great merch.
  4. Don't buy items that don't sell fast for any reason (Thank you @GlitterPumas for the tip~)
  5. Rather be safe with your merching then take risks (Thank you @sinnedrider for the tip~)
  6. Patient ! Patient, patient and more patient ! Don't give up if your item didn't sell in 2-3 days, lower the price a bit and keep on going! (Thank you @aznstyles for the tip~)
  7. If you don't have motivation, don't even try, because you will end up losing money and you'll be unhappy (Thank you @Rtyu for the tip~)
  8. Is the item you're buying in high demand or low demand? Don't buy very low demand items.
  9. Try avoiding FM 1, it is almost always very overpriced. Fm 2-3 are overpriced two, but I myself still found some great deals there. (Thank you @Chirosun for the tip~)
  10. When selling in FM entrance, ALWAYS make sure you're clickable. There are times when you stand behind other people, and you make it impossible to click you or trade you, and that can cost you some buyers. (Thank you magegurl13 for the tip~)

Free Market Entrance Buyings

If you have extra time after you finished scanning all the fms and you have some extra money, it might be helpful to go to entrance and use one of the followings to try and get some extra money.
The following items, scrolls and books are good for buying quickly.
  1. MMB
  2. Chaos scrolls
  3. Gloves for attack 60%
  4. Advance Equip Enhancement Scrolls
  5. Event items (Tempest 6%, love letters, etc.)

The key thing to make things fast and professional is to write the price you want to buy. Some people might start to bargain with you, but usually people will trade you, put the items in, you put the mesos and the trade is done within a few seconds.
The format you should use is something like this:
B B It's a good way to make extra mesos when there are no good sales in fms, and if there is a good event going it will be fantastic.

This stage is effective for merching 100m-5b.
Got more then 5b? Go to Forth Stage: Another Decision, Got less? Keep on merching !

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Forth Stage: Another Decision

You have 5b, you are doing great ! If you have a way to get nx weekly , you can buy a Mushy or a Granny (shops that you don't have to be online to keep on), if you don't just keep on merching with your permit.
In this decision ask yourself - How much money is "rolling" in your merching machine. If you are using more then 7-8b all the time for merching, you should consider buying a Granny or a Mushy, but if you are using less, you should stick with your permit.

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Fifth Stage: Advanced Merching:

The tips for this stage are the same for the regular merching, and so is the way you learn the market. In this stage you stop merching scrolls and chairs, clean items and just about anything that worth less then 200-300m. You must merch good potential items, godly scrolled items, and, to put it all in one phrase: items that people would actually fund them self with.
You need to ask yourself each of this 3 questions before you buy an item:
  1. Is the profit more then 25%? (You want higher profit, because it will take you more time to sell this items than it took you to sell the regular items.)
  2. Will this item be in high demand? (Never buy low demand items, you will be stuck with them forever.)
  3. How good is the class related to the item (this is sorta like high demand, but ask yourself this question as well)

Keep on merching until you think you have enough money to do the final stage.

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Final Stage: Bossing

For most people, this is the most fun part. This might not give you as much money is merching, but unless you want to merch forever, this is where you'll end up. When you have 10-50b (depends which of the bosses you want to do, keep on reading then decide !), fund a character you like and start bossing with it for money. Not all bosses give good income, so lets start counting them!

  1. Hilla - Hilla basically makes an average of 10mil per run on an average day, when 2 weapons drop. 2 weapons can be extracted into 4~6 crystals that can be sold 2mil each. Recommended to have a spider familiar out. If you get above avg weapon, or a weapon of a new / high demand class, you should sell it in FM because it is more profitable then extracting it. In some worlds, you can make a profit of the books Hilla drops, but in some others you can't, so try finding out how well those books sell in your world and after you do it might be profitable to SoK and sell the books. To solo Hilla you will need a range of about 20k. This is Hilla normal mode (lvl 120), and not hard mode (lvl 170). Note : even though Hilla has almost the same total HP as reg zak (only 300m), you will do much less dmg to her then you do on normal monsters, that is why you need about 20k in order to solo Hilla.

  1. [monster=Horntail's Head B]Horntail - Horntail doesn't have a high drop rate, that is why merching off Horntail is harder then other bosses. The way to merch off Horntail is to sell potential'd, egg'd HTPs. Because of Horntails low drop rate, it can take 2-5 runs until you get yourself egg'd pot'd HTP, so you will not get 1 HTP to sell per run. The price of HTP runs between 200-300m, depending on your server. You will need 50k-100k range to solo HTP quickly, depending on your class. If your HTP is not pot'd or egg'd it will be much harder for you to sell it.

  1. Chaos Zakum - The big difference between Czak and HT is that you can get an item from just 1 run. Czak drops a usual amount of 3 helmets, so even if your pot scroll fails and explodes, you can loot another helmet and pot it again. Even though it is easier to obtain items when you look at the number of runs, Czak seduces a lot more then HT and to kill Czak you will need a range bit higher then the one you needed for HT. You need PSoK for Czak helm and not a SoK, therefor you have 1k nx more you need to waste before you make profits, and you will sometimes Wheels of Destiny to survive a run, which will cut your profits. The price of a Czak helm runs between 250m-350m, depending on your server.

  • **Horntail and Czak need nx for profit, so if you don't have a way to get nx on a weekly basis, don't choose them.

  1. Empress summons, the second wave - The second wave of empress is the second time empress summons her knights. The first wave of knights is weaker and it doesn't drop any thing. The second wave of summons is stronger, and it drops various items that can be sold for 30-100m, depending on your server and the item. You need a much higher range to solo empress's second wave compared to the range needed to solo HT or Czak, and you might have a problem killing the summons as a group, because Mihile has dmg reflection.

  1. Empress and CPB - Right now, there is no way to solo either of the bosses legitly, so in order to kill them you have to forge a group. The best shot you have to make such group is by being in a pro alliance or guild, so check which allies do such runs in your server. The normal split of the drops is 100-300m per person, depending on how many people were in the run, the drops and the server you are in (if not a lot of allies do such runs in your server, your drops will be able to sell for higher).
Note: People who can use bind or crash are usually very wanted in these runs.

Thank you @Skyentes for a lot of information about the bosses

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Extra ways:

The "extra ways" are different ways you can make money in a lot of different stages. These ways are not as good as the ways listed above, and that is why I excluded them. With that said, they are still great ways to make money, so I wanted you to know about them. If you ever get bored of merching or bossing, you can always try any of the following:

  1. LHC Leech - if you are funded and don't wanna merch , you can sell LHC leech to rich lazy people. This can be nice money.

  1. Leperchauns In NLC - Ok this is if you're really really broke and you need to get like 1m to start.

  1. Farm Chaos scrolls or good recipes - Do you think you are lucky enough? If you think you are, this can be a nice way to get your first 100m.

  1. Sell HS - This is not such great money, but if you have 8x priest or phantom, you can sell HS to people. Make a listing in basil saying S

  1. Collecting money in Aliens - Picking up the money people leave behind in Aliens' maps is a pretty nice way to get your first few mils. Note that you have to do all the pre-quests to get into aliens, unless someone teleports you inside. (Thank you @mathgeek147 for the advice ~)

  1. Collecting LHC drops - LHC drops can be sold in bundles of 200, for 3-15m, depends on your server and which drop it is. This is a nice way to get your first few mils just by training. (Thank you @yoyoddyo25971 for the advice ~)

And that's it, you finished the guide !
I hope you had fun making money.

Merch then boss.

Did the guide help you? Tell your friends so they can benefit out of it as well !

I would love to hear your tips and feedback, so please write to me. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK. It is very important to me to make the guide better, so if you have any advice, tell me Don't write useless feedback though

~ All Credits go to me, Climes, looloosh3 and Giantss of Bera.

P.S: English is not my first language, if I have grammar issues please tell me and I will fix them.