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Introduction to Party Quests PQ

Table of Contents

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[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#kern]Kerning City PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#mon]Monster Carnival PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#ludi]Ludibrium PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#lmpq]Ludibrium Maze PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#opq]Orbis PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#ppq]Pirate PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#apq]Amoria PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#arpq]Ariant PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#mpq]Magatia PQ[/s]
[s=http://www.basilmarket/forum/915992#forg]If I Forgot...[/s]


This is for New Pqers in MapleStory.

What is a Pq?
A Pq simply means "Party Quest" In which, you join a party of MapleStory Players to go do a 'Quest' together with a Time Limit.

How do i check the time limit?
You can check the time limit, it's at the top of the screen

I know what a Pq is, but whats a rush?
A Rush is when your party finished the pq, and quickly tries to 'Rush' out to quickly 'Rush' back into it again.

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Henesys PQ

Level Requirement?
The Level Requirement is Lvl 10 and Up

What Level is this pq good for?
This Pq is a moderately good amount of exp for Lvl 10-20.


Henesys Pq Can be Found in 'Henesys Park'
The aim of this is to go inside with your party and you will see plants at the bottom. Whack them until you have all the color seeds.
When you have all the color seeds. Drop the Correct color seed onto the correct platform, a flower will grow if you have placed it correctly.
Blue:Top Left
Green:Top Right
Yellow:Middle Left
Purple:Middle Right
Pink:Bottom Right
Brown:Bottom Left (Credits to LordSin97)

After you have completed planting all the seeds, monsters will start appearing. You must kill them in order to protect the Moon Bunny who sits in the Middle.
While you Kill, the moon bunny will make Rice Cakes which the leader will Collect.

Once your Leader has collected 10 of them. You may talk to the Npc and get exp and leave.
The Bonus In This stage is killing Ribbon Pigs and Pigs.

Hint: You can get a 'Lurer' to attack the monsters and lure them away so the Moon Bunny doesn't get attacked.

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Kerning City PQ

Level Requirement
The Level Requirement for This PQ is 21-30

What Lvl is this Pq good for?
This Pq is good for Lvl 21-28, after 28 you may continue, but it will slow down a bit.


In This Pq, there will be 5 Stages and then the Bonus.

Stage 1: You will be asked to get a number of Coupons dropped from the Ligators in the first stage. When you have the amount needed. Go back and talkto the NPC and collect your Pass, hand the pass over to the leader and he/she can clear the stage.
Stage 2: There will be 4 ropes, 3 people will have to hand on the correct 3 in order to clear the stage. If it is wrong, 1 player must move to another rope in the Clockwise direction.
Stage 3: In stage 3 there will be 5 platforms, three people will have to stand on the correct platforms in order to clear the stage.
Stage 4: In this stage, there will be 6 barrels. This stage is exactly the same as stage 3 except there are 6 barrels, not 5 platforms. As in stage 3 you will have to get 3 members to stand on the correct barrels to clear the stage.
Last Stage: This is the last stage before the bonus. You will have to kill Curse Eyes, Jr. Neckis and whats a PQ without a boss?
The boss is the 'King Slime' which will have to be defeated. The Leader must collect all the passes to clear the stage.

The bonus has Blue Horny Mushrooms and Green mushroom to kill, or you can simply rush.

Note: Warriors will have a hard time finding a party because of Low Accuracy, also same with Knucklers and Gunners because of Low Accuracy for Knucklers and Low Damage for Gunner.

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Monster Carnival PQ

Level Requirement
This Pq's Level Requirement is 30-50.

What Lvl is this Pq good for?
This Pq is good for Lvl 30-50, the Experience from this pq is very good, strongly recommended.


In This PQ, you will have to have a party of 2-6 members, there are 6 different rooms to battle in. You will be battling against another Party.
In The PQ, you will kill monsters in the room. The more you kill the more CP (Carnival Points) You will receive. Also you will be able to summon monsters and put locks on your opponents monsters. To get rid of the locks, you must kill the gem of your oppositions color.
Whoever ends with the most CP will win.

Note: You cannot use potions inside there, instead the monsters will drop potions. If you pick them up, you will use it rather then keep it in your inventory.

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Ludibrium PQ

Level Requirement?
The level requirement for this Pq is 35-50, however this pq has become fairly empty because Monster Carnival PQ has come out.

What Lvl is this good for?
This Pq is good for Lvl 35-45, after this it will become slow. At lvl 50, you will receive 5% per PQ


In This PQ, there are 8 stages and then a boss.
Stage 1: In stage 1, there will be ratz and dark ratz for you to kill. Each one will drop a pass for you. Your leader must collect all of them to clear the stage.
Stage 2: In stage 2, only 2 people should go in. There will be boxes inside, the 2 people who went in should kill the 2nd box they see. They will be transported to a different map.
After the 2 are transported , the rest of the party is allowed to go into stage 2 while the other 2 are in the other map collecting passes. When they come out, they give the passes to the leader and clear the stage.
Stage 3: In stage 3, there are boxes. you must kill them and then Blocktopusses will come out, kill them all and collect all their passes and pass them to the leader to clear the stage.
Stage 4: In Stage 4 there will be portals. Mark your portal with junk or a 10 meso coin so no one else from your party gets confused and goes into your portal. There will be an 'Eye Monster' inside. The one with sad eyes is weak to magic and storng to weapon attack. The one with Angry eyes are weak to weapon attack and strong to magic. It will drop a pass for you, go out and pass it to your leader.
Stage 5: In stage 5 there are a number of different portals, mark yours and go inside. The very top portal can only be completed with a magician as you will need to teleport. And the very bottom one, will be done by a thief. There are block golems which no one should touch as they hit around 8000. Thieves will use Dark Sight and complete that portal. After everyone is done, pass your passes to the leader and clear the stage.
Stage 6: This is the stage where there are boxes, 123 in each row. There is a special code which you must put in to get to the top. Press 'Up' On the box, if you are on the right box, you will be transported up to the next row, if you are wrong then you will go back to the bottom.
Code: 133-221-333-123-111
Stage 7: You will need an Assassin or Bowman to go up and stand on the platform and throw stars at the rat on the other side. There are 3 to kill, after 1 is killed a Rombard will come at the bottom for the party to kill. When all 3 are killed the leader can clear the stage.
Stage 8: This stage has been known to frustrate people. There are 8 boxes to stand on, like Kerning PQ's stage 3 and 4, you must get 5 people to stand on the correct boxes to complete the stage.

After this then you will be in the last stage. The assassin in your party must kill the monster with their stars as it can only be hit by bowmans or thieves. After the monster is killed. The boss 'Alishar' Will appear. Kill him and the leader must collect his keys to complete it. Then there is the bonus. There are boxes in which contain items.

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Ludibrium Maze PQ

Level Requirement
The level requirement for this PQ is 51-70.

What lvl is this PQ good for?
This Pq is good for 51 to around 60, it will start to slow down after that, but you may continue after 60.


This PQ is very hard to explain as it is a Maze, you must find the right portals to go into, you must reach room 6 and 7. Kill the monster from the boxes.
The monsters are Tauromacis as the drop the most Tickets, the more tickets the more Exp you receive at the end.
When you find your way to room 16 after you have completed 6 and 7, then your leader can click and go out. You will receive potions at the end or random Defense scrolls, Or Emergency rescue tube, blood snowboard or Red heart Earrings.
This PQ is very good money and its very short.

Other Guides:
[url=]LMPQ Guide[/url] (Unstickied)
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Orbis PQ

Level Requirement
The level requirement for this PQ is also 51-70

What lvl is this Pq good for
This PQ is good for lvl 51-58, then it will start slowing down. This PQ is very empty as everyone is doing Ludi Maze PQ.

I dont know very much about this PQ as i have only done it once.
This Pq you will have a few stages. You must complete all of them, this Pq takes quite a bit of time.
At the Very end, there will be a boss, named Papa Pixie. This Pq takes time and is not the greatest of Pq's
Sadly, you will have a hard time finding a party in this as it has also gotten empty because of Ludi Maze Pq.

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Pirate PQ

Level Requirement
The Level requirement for this Pq is 55-100.

What lvl is this Pq good for?
This PQ is good for lvl 60 to around 78, after 78 it will start to slow down.


In this Pq There are a few stages.
In stage one you have 5 minutes to head to the exit. You must kill all the monsters in order to go through the portal.
In stage two you must Collect 20 grey, blue and wooden pirate badge of each then give them to leader to advance to stage 3 .
For the next 3 stages, kill all the monsters to advance on.
In stage 5, collect keys to close the doors so monsters stop appearing, when all are closed then you can move on to the next stage.
In this stage, you will be fighting a boss, Lord Pirate. Kill him to move on the the finish.

Edit: I dont know much about this Pq either.
Since I don't, here's a good guide:
[url=]Pirate PQ Guide[/url]
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Amoria PQ

Level Requirement
The Level requirement for this Pq is 40 and up, you must be married in order to do this PQ.

What lvl is this pq good for?
This i cannot say, as i have never done this PQ as i am not married.

Info I have no method, i have never done this Pq myself

Very empty, but can only be done once every 6 hours. A lot of people save their entrance ticket for 6 hours so they can do the PQ twice in a row. If you're under level 70, it's very unlikely that you will be invited. You only stand a good chance of finishing the PQ [killing boss] if you have a smart leader and a party of all level 8X+s.

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Ariant PQ

Level Requirement
The level requirement for this PQ is 20-30.

What lvl is this PQ good for?
This Pq is good for 21-28, after 28 it will slow down as most pq's do after a while.


In This PQ, you will be 1 on 1 against another player. You will receive rocks in which you will use to capture monsters. The monsters will only be caught if its HP is low. For every capture equals 1 point as you will see in the top of the screen. If you happen to find a bomb, you may use it to bomb your opponent and collect their captures. Whoever ends with more captures, wins.

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Magatia PQ

Sorry, I know nothing about this PQ, so heres a guide.
[url=]Porkky's Guide to Magatia PQ[/url]
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If i forgot..

If i forgot any Pq's Please let me know. As i have said, i will not be adding Zakum or Guild PQ.
My aim of this is to head for a Sticky, please vote and comment. If i missed something, let me know i will Edit it in.
Since i didnt add Zakum PQ, here it is:
[url=]Zakum Quest Guide[/url] (Unstickied)

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