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Ludibrium PQ LPQ

This is just a general outlook, and is to be used as a reference.

This party quest can be completed for the [url=]Broken Glasses[/url].

Table of Contents

Before Entering the PQ
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#before]Pre-Party Quest Requirements [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#tip]Tips before the PQ [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#find]How do I find LPQ?[/s]

Stages of the Party Quest
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage1]Stage 1 - Killing the monsters. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage2]Stage 2- Collect the passes.[/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage3]Stage 3- Find the passes within the boxes and monsters. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage4]Stage 4 - The Portals that lead to darkness. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage5]Stage 5 - To each portal, it's own.[/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage6]Stage 6- Navigate through the blocks. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage7]Stage 7 - The age of the Rombots. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage8]Stage 8 - The Numbered Boxes. [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#stage9]Boss Stage: Stage 9 [/s]
[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#bonus]Bonus Stage: Stage 10 [/s]

[s=/forum/1385409/0/Ludibrium_PQ_LPQ_Guide.html#ht]Helpful Tips[/s]

Experience gained for each PQ is not always the same. You gain less experience after you have already completed one full PQ.

Pre-Party Quest Requirements

  • Any party member must be from level 35 up to level 50.
  • 6 people in the party.
  • Mage with level 1+ Teleport.
  • Assassin/Bandit with Dark Sight. (Wind Archer's dark-sight-like skill would also work, must be enough time/skill)
  • Assassin, Bowmen, or someone with a ranged attack for Stage 7.

Tips before the PQ

  • I recommend "All Cures" because the end bosses does some status effects.
  • Plenty of HP/MP potions are highly recommend.
  • A Cleric will do fine.

How do I find LPQ?

You can find LPQ by heading to Ludibrium. Make your way left of Ludibrium into you reach the tower. Go up 1 floor in the Ludibrium tower.

Floor 101 - Ludibrium Tower

Stage 1 - Killing the monsters.

You will make your way up the stairs of the PQ. Kill all the Mices that you find. Either collect the ticket to give to your party leader after, or let the party leader collect them. After killing all of the mice (Ratz) and collecting the tickets, return to the bottom. All party members must give the tickets to the party leader. The party leader will speak to the NPC, and the party may head to the next stage.

Total Passes : 25
EXP given for this stage: 3000 EXP

Stage 2 - Collect the passes.

kimikami: Only one party member is to enter stage 2. The rest are to wait in stage 1. The one person in stage 2 must break the second box from the top and will be teleported to another map, "Tower's Trap." The rest of the party members are then to enter stage 2 and begin to break the rest of the boxes, while the one person in the Tower's Trap must break all the boxes in there then exit through the portal at the top of the map. Give all tickets to the leader at the Balloon NPC and complete the stage.

For stage 2, it would be more efficient to have at least two people go in to break the trick box. (The trick box is the 2nd one from top). The people that go into Stage 2 first should break aforementioned box immediately and not bother about the other boxes, as the rest of the party will most likely finish the rest of the boxes in stage 2 before the ones that got teleported.

Total Passes: 15
EXP given for this stage: 3600 EXP

Stage 3 - Find the passes within the boxes and monsters.

The party will enter the middle of this map. A few should head up, and the rest head down. Kill all the monsters that you or the party members come across. Break the boxes that you or your party members come across. Collect all* passes that drop. Give the passes to the party leader near the Balloon NPC.

Total Passes: 32
EXP given for this stage: 4200 EXP

Stage 4 - The Portals that lead to darkness.

The party should go down to the small portals below. When you head down, you will find small portals (holes) that will lead to new maps. These portals are numbered from 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Before you head into the portals, remember to drop 10 mesos to show that you are going to head inside the room. You will find dark rooms inside these portals. Make your way to the opposite side in search for the dark monster with eyes. You need to kill the monster and receive the pass from it. They may only be killed when you see their eyes.

[Tip] Room 4 has 2 monsters.

Kill all 6 monsters, and receive the 6 passes from them.

Stage 4: The top 3 portals are magic weak while the bottom two portals are physical weak. This doesn't mean that if you're a physical attacker you can't do the top portals, but make sure that you can do a lot of damage if you want to do those portals. If your damage is too low, your damage will be reduced to 1s and you won't be able to kill the monsters.

Total Passes: 6
EXP given for this stage: 4800 EXP

Stage 5 - To each portal, it's own.

The party will have to separate again. This stage has a total of 6 rooms. The portals are numbered, from the top 1 and the bottom 6. Room 1 can only be completed by mages who have teleport. Remember to drop 10 mesos before you enter each room to notify your party members that you will enter it. Rooms 2-5 can be accessed by other jobs. Just head into that room and hit the boxes. Collect all the tickets. The bottom room is only for Bandits/Assassins with Dark Sight. The monsters below can 1-hit kill you. Inside Room 6, there are boxes that contain tickets. The thief will break them.

Total Passes: 24
EXP given for this stage: 3800 EXP

Stage 6 - Navigate through the blocks.

This stage contains many blocks that you will have to navigate your way through. You will have to go on the block with the labeled number. This is common sense.

Correct Combination: 133 221 333 123 111
[Tip] This code will never change.

Total Passes: 0
EXP given for this stage: 0 EXP

Stage 7 - The age of the Rombots.

The Assassin/Bowman should head up the rope on the left side in this stage. The rest of the party should head down. The Assassin/Bowman (ranged) will find monsters and boxes. They will kill the monsters and break the boxes for any tickets.

[Tip] Try to kill only one at a time.

Rombots , big robots, will start to spawn once the boxes open. Kill the rombots and collect the tickets.

Total Passes: 3

Stage 8 - The Numbered Boxes.

Just like Kerning PQ, 5 party members will go from the boxes to 1-5. The leader will click on the NPC to see if the combination is correct. The person on the biggest number "5" will move down one each time the party leader clicks. Once the combination is correct, you will move to the next stage.

also , for stage 8 , many parties prefer to do 'Korean Maplestory way' (KMS) or 'Japanese Maplestory way' ( JMS ) .
To do the KMS way , you begin once the person on block 2 moves to 3 .
From every block after , the person on block 1 will constantly move on the empty blocks ahead of them to speed up the process .
I don`t know much about the JMS way , but if I recall correctly , it`s basically the same as KMS , except block 1 person will move to every empty space available .

EXP given for this stage: 5000 EXP

Boss Stage: Stage 9

[Tip] Get all buffs, potions, and All Cures ready before time.

Have a ranged party member kill the mouse. Kill the boss before the time runs out. The boss is strong, so do not rush into it. He summons monsters that will affect your health. Once you killed the boss, you will finish the PQ.

[Tip] He has 125,000 HP.
[Tip] Many lower levels will miss at this boss.
[Tip] He creates status effects.

The boss will drop keys to complete the boss stage.

Parties that are outside can enter the PQ 10 seconds after the party inside clears the Boss Stage.

EXP given for this stage: 5950 EXP

Bonus Stage - Break the boxes!

The remaining party will have 1 minute inside the Bonus Stage. Simple, break the boxes and collect the mesos and items that will dropped.

After you completed the bonus stage, you will be teleported out of the PQ!

Helpful Tips

  • You get 1 hour inside the Party Quest.
  • 35 PQ's are required to get the Broken Glasses.