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Maple Trading System MTS

See that cute little button on the bottom right side of the screen? It's green and it says "TRADE" with a bunch of gold coins behind it. If you click it you'll be transferred to a menu-based world that just hands out mesos. Alright, so maybe it's not exactly that, but it is extremely simple to make millions of mesos in just days using the MTS. Don't need mesos? What if I told you that you could go the rest of your life without paying money to obtain as much NX as you need? If you're still not interested, you're either rich in real life, or have a friend in maple who just gives away 21 attack workgloves. If you're neither then you should continue reading.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for mesos/NX lost. But I will take credit if you somehow make billions from this guide

How MTS Works

The MTS stands for "Maple Trading Service" or "Maple Trading System". I'm pretty sure it's the latter but it doesn't matter. The MTS is simply a place where you can buy/sell items using NX instead of mesos. MTS is cross-server so anything you see could be from any world in your version of Maple. The only disclaimer about this is that new worlds, such as Demethos, are forbidden to use the MTS until a certain period of time. Other than that, anything in the MTS could be from anywhere. Upon entering the MTS for the first time, you'll probably be a little confused or overwhelmed by the amount of text that lies before you. Don't worry about it though, it only takes a little time to get to know everything.

  • On the bottom left of the MTS screen, you should see a place for your inventory. This will display all of the items you have on-hands, minus cash shop items.
  • The window above that is for transferred items. This is used when you buy an item or cancel a current sale. Any items that appear here will need to be double clicked to send back to your on-hands inventory.
  • The window above that contains items that you're currently selling. Anytime you start a sale, items will appear here. To cancel a sale, just click on the item and hit the "cancel" button. It should go to the transferred item window.
  • Above that should be a display of your Maple ID, which is horribly blocked (If your Maple ID was Basilmarket, it would turn to Ba**lmarket). Below your Maple ID is your Character Name (Mine says HolyMythos). Above those two lines displays your Maple Character, which you can move around if you want, but it serves no purpose in the MTS as you can't preview items like you can in the Cash Shop.
  • On the bottom you will see a bar that displays your NX Cash, your Maple Points (not sure if you can use these in the MTS, I've never had any) and your mesos on-hand. You will also see a CHARGE button to charge NX Cash, and a CHECK CASH button which will refresh your NX Cash in case it is laggy and hasn't updated. Next to that is the Exit button.
  • On the top, you will see five sections; FOR SALE, WANTED, AUCTION, MY PAGE, GUIDE. These will be explained later.
  • In the middle, this is where the magic happens. It displays everything that you can buy and bid on. There are tabs at the top of this margin which display; ALL, EQUIP, USE, SETUP, ETC. These will just sort out the items you're looking at.
  • Above this you'll see a search funtion. You can change if you're looking at For Sale, Wanted, or Auction. You can sort out your search via the dropdown next to it just like the tabs mentioned above, and then finally the search bar. You can even change from items to certain character's auctions. So, if you put in Character "HolyMythos" you'd see all of my items I'm currently selling/buying/auctioning.

It's all pretty simple despite it looking like a bunch of text.

So you want to sell an item. Here's a step by step process on how to do it:

  • Double Click on the item in your inventory in the bottom left window. You can also click on it and hit the SELL button if you wish. A window should pop up:
Listing Price: This is the amount of NX you wish to gain from your sale. So, if you put in "1,000" and the item sells, you will gain 1,000 NX.
Unit: This only applies to USE and ETC items. This designates the number of items you want to sell. So, if you wanted to sell 50 Green Snail Shells, you would put in 50.
Listing Fee: This will display 5,000 Mesos and cannot be changed. For each item you put up you will be charged 5,000 Mesos regardless of if it sells or not. The money will be taken as soon as you click the OK button.
Total Price: This will display the amount of NX a person will need to spend to buy your item. Nexon, since they are greedy, will charge 500 NX per sale as well as 7% extra NX of your listing price. Don't worry, only the buyer will be charged this, not you.
  • You then have an OK/CANCEL button. Click OK to go through with the sale, or CANCEL to... cancel.
  • The item will transfer to the "Not Yet Sold" window and your main window will be taken to the part of the list where your item is being sold.

Items have a week to be sold. If they do not sell within a week, they are canceled and return to the Transfer Inventory window. If they do sell, you will automatically be given the NX and the item will disappear from the Not Yet Sold window.


I'm not going to lie, I've only used this once and never used it again. I can sort of explain it to you to the best of my knowledge but I may be incorrect on something. If someone could write to me if I'm incorrect about something, please do. Like before, here's how to auction something off:

  • Click on the item in your inventory and then click the AUCTION button. Double-clicking the item will only lead you to the SELL window.
  • A window will appear much like the SELL window only with different options:
Time (Hours): This will be the amount of hours your item will be auctioned for.
Starting Bid: This will be the lowest amount that your item could be auctioned for. So, if we put in 1,000 the lowest amount it could sell for is 1,000 NX.
Bid Increasement: This dropdown has four options you can select; 10, 100, 500, 1000. Depending on what you pick, the next person to bid will bid this amount. So, a person buying our item for 1,000 would have to bid at least either 10, 100, 500, 1000 to make the current price 1,010, 1,100, 1,500 or 2,000.
Direct Purchase: This is a cap amount that your item will be sold for. If set, anyone could go in and directly bid this amount and win the item instantly. I personally wouldn't set this, as you're basically capping your income. Why would you want to say "No thanks, I'll take 5,000 NX instead of a chance at winning more"?
Units: Like selling an item, this designates the quantity of the item you're selling.
Listing Fee: Again, a flat fee of 5,000 Mesos to you to put up the auction.
Starting Price: This will show you the minimum price for your item. The NX fee is added in just like a sale.
Buy Now: This will show you the direct purchase for your item. The NX fee is added in just like a sale.
  • Again, you get another OK/CANCEL button for final confirmation.

Hardly anyone uses auction, but if you prefer to use it go on ahead, no one is stopping you


Again, I've used this once and was so confused I didn't use it ever again. I'll try to explain, but it's confusing so I'll try my best. Again, if you use this, please correct me if I'm horribly wrong.

  • Click on the WANTED tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the "LIST WANTED ITEM" button on the top right of the main screen.
  • A search bar will come up. Simply put in the name of the item you want and hit search. You can actually use this thing to find any item in the game, even the beginner outfits you get when you do the training when you create your character.
  • A window will open like the sale/auction window.
Total Price: This works the opposite of the sale section. You're inputting the entire cost of the item, including the 500 NX Flat Fee and the 7% NX Charge. This is how much you will pay for the item.
Unit: Works just like the sale/auction.
Listing Price: This will update automatically with the amount the person selling will receive when (s)he offers.
  • There will be a blank window at the bottom which you can type in. You can put in whatever you want to appear on your WANTED item, such as what stats you want on an equip. Some/Most people will use this to advertise their sales.
The NX will be taken out of your NX Cash directly after you creating the listing. Do not worry, you can get it back.

Upon the item being put up, click on the MY PAGE and then OFFERS to see the item listed for yourself. There is a BUY/CANCEL button on the rightmost side of your offer. Personally, I have no idea what happens when someone bids or if you click the buy button. If you click the cancel button, you will receive your NX and the listing will go away.

My Page

This will list everything you need to know about your own buys and sells on the MTS.
  • "Cart" deals with items you can put in your cart so you can browse and then buy all of your items all at once. Never used it. It's basically the same you would use in any online store.
  • "Offers" shows you your "Wanted" listings and any offers on them. It's explained above.
  • "History" shows you everything you've sold or bought... ever. My earliest listing is from July 11th, 2008.
  • "Auction" should show you how your auctions are coming along. I'm not sure, since I've never used this.

This can be used as a little time machine to see how much stuff you've sold was worth way back when. I sold a 10% Bow Scroll in July for 500NX. I wish I coud still do that now haha.


Guide is just a guide. You're reading one right now, and believe me, this is a lot more involved than the MTS Guide is in the MTS. Seriously, this is already about 4x as long as their guide and I'm about halfway done. This doesn't even deserve this h.

Making Mesos/NX Intro

Finally, what you came here to do, probably. You want to make Mesos and/or NX, right? Well then continue reading. You can seriously make millions of mesos or thousands of NX in a few hours even if you're new to the MTS.

Things you should have before you begin
  • Spending Cash. Having 5,000 NX to start off with should be nice. I started off with only 2,000 and it was good enough. Although, it was slow at first.
  • Mesos. About a million mesos should last you a while. Since selling an item costs 5,000 mesos, you're going to need about a million to last you a while.
  • A quick connection/non laggy MS. When in the MTS, hit ALT+F12. This will bring up a small info window in the top left corner. The top value should be FS: #. Generally, 60 FPS is normal and you won't notice any lag. You should close out any programs other than MS if you're earning less than 40 FPS.
  • Quick reflexes. Good deals go quick. Really quick. In fact, I've seen items sell in less than two seconds. The best deals go the quickest. It'll take a little time to learn, but soon your reflexes will be so fast that it'll be muscle memory to run to the BUY NOW button.

Things you should know before you begin
  • 1NX = 3,000 mesos. This is the conversion rate that seems to be about right. This means that every 333 NX is worth about a million mesos, and every three million mesos is about 1,000 NX. (CHANGED)
  • 110 is the minimum selling price and 617 is the minimum buying price. You will dream about the number 617, it's everywhere in the MTS. 110 is picked since it's the smallest number you can be charged for from the 7% and 500 flat fee. 617 is because 110 plus the 7% and 500 flat fee.
  • A little knowledge of prices in your world on items always helps. Just remember the 3m Mesos = 1k NX ratio and you should be able to guess.

Making Mesos/NX Step 1

Note: Since patch .73, all values here are outdated and will not make sense. Please note that the values should be 500NX flat fee instead of 100NX, and a 7% fee instead of 10%. Therefore, all values after fees will be incorrect. Sorry guys.End Note.
The first step is to familiarize yourself with MTS. Since good deals go quick, you won't have time to search up the item if a good deal arises. Focus yourself on an item that you can get downpat with prices and then look for that item in the MTS. I started off with 60% Glove Att scrolls. I know that the average in the MTS for these scrolls is around 1700 NX to buy. Remember the 100 NX + 10% tax. So, I take 100 from that number, to get 1600. Then 10%, to get 160. Now minus 160 from 1600, you get 1440. That means that the person will earn 1440NX everytime they sell the item for 1700NX. It seems confusing at first, but you'll get this down quickly. Note that it's not exactly 10% from that number, but it's the best estimate I could make before getting confusing.

Now that I know that they will get 1440 NX, I set a price that I would make a profit off of. This number is 1350 NX. This means that if I see a 60% Glove ATT scroll for 1350 or less, I will buy it.

If I sold at average, I would make 90 NX if I buy it for 1350. I normally sell for lower, such as 1400. This means I'll make a 50 NX profit. 50 NX profit may not seem like much, but when I go through the conversion of 1 NX = 3,000 mesos, I just made 150k mesos. The best way to figure this out fast is the multiply the NX number by 3, then by 1,000. So, 100NX x 3 = 300 x 1000 = 300,000 mesos.

Now, if you started with 6,000 NX and you managed to get six 60% Glove ATT scrolls for 1,200 NX, then you sold them all for 1,400 NX you would make 200 NX profit on each, making a total of 1,200 NX profit. 1,200 x 3 = 3,600 x 1,000 = 3.6m. You would make 3.6m off of buying and reselling scrolls.

Resell note: If you resell items in groups, such as five scrolls instead of one, you will only be charged 100 NX + 10% on the group, rather than 100 NX + 10% for each individually. Since you only add on 100 NX for (5) instead of 100 nx for each, you're saving 400NX. This means you can boost up the price 90NX per each item over one, in this case 360NX, and still have the same amount. TL&DR Version: You can make more NX by grouping items together.

Making Mesos/NX Step 2

So you've gotten one item down pat. But you want to make more. This is where you begin to familiarize yourself with more items, such as more scrolls, or even equips. Work gloves, Capes, and Overalls are great items to start gaining profit on.

But how do you get the speed to check every item that goes through the MTS? Simple, really. On the main page of the Sale tab, you'll see the five tabs at the top; ALL, EQUIP, USE, SETUP, ETC. If you click on any of these tabs, not only does it sort through the items, it also updates the items. So, if you click on EQUIP and then USE back and forth, you'll search through both items quickly and update the lists. If you go quick enough, you can catch every item that goes through the MTS (except for SETUP and ETC, but those hardly make profit). It'll be hard at first to get used to both lists switching back and forth, but once you start to familiarize yourself with items coming up, such as Scroll for Gloves for ATT, Work Gloves or Blue Crusader Overall, you'll be able to spot them in a blink of an eye.

So how does being fast help? Well, remember that magic number 617? Sometimes, people go crazy and price items for this much, regardless of what they are. Here's a list of items that I've seen sell for 617 NX:

  • 10 atk WG (twice)
  • Clean Stormcaster Gloves
  • Numerous 4-8 atk WGs
  • Godly scrolled equips

These items sell in a heartbeat. Quite literally, a second. I've grabbed countless Glove ATT scrolls, a 6 att wg, an 8 att wg, and a Maple Bandana White for 617 each. People will also misprice items. I've seen an 11 att stormcaster sell for 3,300 NX instead of 35,000 NX.

Making Mesos/NX Step 3

Move onto scrolled equips. It's very hard to know the exact prices, but it's very easy to spot a deal once you know the basics of an equip. The first thing you should know is how scrolls work. 100% scrolls will add only one stat. 60/70% scrolls will add two to the main stat, and one to a second stat (depending on the type of equip). 10/30% scrolls will add five to the main stat, three to a second stat, and one to a third stat (again, depending on the type of equip). This means that a +2 item could be worth far more mesos than a +7 item.

A good example of scrolled equips would be warrior overalls. Most warriors scroll their overalls for DEX. Most warrior overalls will scroll to 14 DEX using only 100%s. If they use any other scrolls, you will see Accuracy added onto the item. This means it's worth more. For instance, an overall with 14 dex and no accuracy isn't even worth 617 NX. However, an overall with 10 dex and 6 Accuracy is worth around 4,000 NX. Less dex, but more accuracy.

Like you did at the beginning, start off with one scrolled equip and work your way to others. The higher the price, the better chance of a deal. Sure, I can make 200 NX profits on 60% Glove ATT scrolls, but I've made a 5,000 NX profit from a clean Brown Work Glove priced at 12,000 NX which I can resell for 17,000 NX.

Other Things to Know

  • Watch out for items sold by what I like to call "MTS Lords". They're people who basically live in the MTS and make profits, reselling for much more than their actual price. Even though the average 60% Glove ATT scroll is 1700, they have no problem selling 10+ for 1900 NX. They'll do this for work gloves, capes, overalls, bascially everything.
  • When buying equips, watch out for left over slots. Don't jump to buy a brown work glove for only 10,000 when it has no slots left. Likewise, a decently scrolled item with slots leftover is worth more than one with none.
  • 70% scrolls are usually harder to sell than 60% scrolls even though they are the same price. However, 10% scrolls are harder to sell than 30% scrolls due to them being cheaper.
  • Do not sell a lot of the same item all at once. So what if you have 15 Glove Att scrolls, don't sell them all at once. All you're going to do is clog up the MTS. Even worse, people will see this and start selling their scrolls for cheaper. Congrats, you've just caused your own deflation. This is never a good thing. Believe me, it's happened to me once.
  • Beware of scrolling colors on equips. Just because an item is in purple lettering does not mean it is rare. HP/MP scrolls are glitched and cause items to turn Purple/Gold even though they are not rare at all. Likewise, you should never buy gray items, they're less than average and give you no profit. The only time you should is if it's priced EXTREMELY low.
  • Sometimes the MTS will freeze. This is normally caused from you buying an item that has already been bought/cancelled, by cancelling or transferring too many items too quickly, or just by lag. If it freezes, wait a second. If it doesn't unfreeze, leave the MTS and come back. Sometimes you'll lag so much you'll be pushed back to the login screen. Just login and try again, it's just lag.
  • Maple Bandana White and White Maple Bandana are two seperate things. (COLOR) Maple Bandana is not rare at all. Maple Bandana (COLOR) are very rare. Pricewise:
  • Maple Bandana White are normally above 5,000 and below 10,000
  • Maple Bandana Yellow are normally around 10,000
  • Maple Bandana Red are normally anywhere from 66,000 to 100,000
  • Maple Bandana Blue is a godsend to see and is worth over 1,000,000. Yes, 1,000,000 NX. That's at least 3 BILLION mesos.

List of Untradeable Items

Maple for some reason has a list of items that they do not want to let you trade. Due to the amount of items that there are in the game, I will be unable to list all of them alone. Anyone who knows some items that aren't on the list but should be will be mentioned.

  • Throwing Stars
  • Some "Maple" Weapons (IE: Maple Claw)
  • Quest Items (and some rewards)
  • Certain Potions (IE: Warrior Potions)
  • Any Item Marked "Untradeable" or "One of a Kind"
  • Cash Shop Items


It's not hard to make a profit in the MTS. In just six days, I went from 2,000 NX to 25,000 NX. I also have a perfectly scrolled Spiegelman's Necklace with all +1s, a Sirius Cape and a Brown Bandana all compliments of the MTS. I also wasted 10,000 NX on a Bathrobe that was +20 DEX, +10 ACC when I blew it up on a 70% scroll. I'm not mad though, it was all for profit. So, in six days, I've made about 40,000 NX. That's 120m mesos. And I started with 2,000 NX.

It's not hard to start, and it's not hard to earn mesos/NX. I did all of that with only spending a couple hours a day in the MTS. I just wish I still had that bathrobe, ha.