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Arcane hidden portals


Is there a lv/af requirement to enter these? hidden fire zone specifically i need to get my kanna here to make that dam good exp....

Mobility Skills for Defensive Purposes


So I'm trying to make a survivability chart, and that made me realize mobility can save your butt. So I think we should first compare all job&#...

i am interested in coming back after 5 years


I know there is a Reboot server and a Standard server; but, I am not sure which would be better? When people say this game became p2w now, how much mo...

Order Classes by Survivability/Tankiness


So we all know, Paladin is the tankiest class, and I'm sure Bishop is 2nd in place because the damn thing heals so much. Of all these classes we...

Question about AP and SP reset


where about in the Reboot server is the NPC that sells those??...

Sweetwater Transposing Questions


When you transpose items into sweetwater, do you keep the bonus base stats on the sweetwater?...

Top 10 1v1 classes


Desregard the dpm charts, they are far from the true scenarios. What are the top 10 1v1 classes based on the tools they have on hand to take on a bos...

Proper Hero Medal HELP


I did Heroes of Maple Act 1, 3 times already and still no medal. Will I get it on my 4th run? I'm expecting to get it. Will I get it on 4th try o...

Maplestory has stopped working error constantly happening


i honestly have no clue what happened to my maplestory but EVERY SINGLE TIME i start up the game, it always crashes and tells me that "maplestory...

Returning player Looking for guildWindia


Level 190 Xenon look for an active guild, my range isn't really that great. Also would be great to get tips and etc on where to train and items t...

update on the current connection issues


The problem remains slippery. I have a nice work around from darksword, unfortunelately this workaround doesnt Always work. Why ? i really have no clu...

Is there a way to keep choco buff 250?


Is there a way to keep the choco buff on lv 250? Ok training and whenever an exp chocolate-looking floating ball appears in the map and I touch it, th...

Are the MVP spender awards in the new patch


the same as the rewards in kms? thanks...

Choco Buff


Hey, was wondering if the choco buff stacks with 2x exp use tab coupon?...

Where to train


Im a lv 224 pally and I currently train at slurpy forest depths with my kanna. Im making 20b/hour here, is there a better place to grind? Or where sh...

How should I scroll?


Spell Trace Fever is starting in less than 3 hours, so I want to know what's the best way to scroll my items. I'm currently using clean emp...

Reboot Sweetwater Transposing


I found a sweetwater staff. Will transposing my 11star 150japanese staff be the same as transfer hammer in reboot. It's epic potential so the pot...

Riddle 1

I'm not like the others I spit sick beats Lived in the streets Now I'm a fun guy http [] Name The Monster....



HOW TO START NEXON LAUNCHER WITHOUT DOWNLOADING! I being mapling with game launcher. but nexon force us to use nexon launcher before they take down ga...

Can Someone Help Me Estimate The Price Of Those Chairs

Can Someone Help Me Estimate The Price Of Those Chairs In GMS (Khaini World). Please List The Number Or The Name When Giving The Price: 1) The Miwok...

Can we make an inflated range tier list?


From most to least, which classes has the most inflated range? Inflated as in, with the same items which classes have the most range? I swear DB ha...

Where do tyrant equips come from?


Which boss they dropped from?...

Which world is best waifu?


Windia - cool world emblem, populated Bera - top 3 most populated Scania - I'd say 2nd most populated. Reboot - No trades turns this game in...

IGNs for trade


Hey! I've got a few IGNs that I would like to trade for other IGNs. I have made trades in the past and have people to use for vouchers although I...

Glove pot lines


Anyone have some idea as to just what you can get on each line ? line 1: line 2: line 3: Joke lines aside what can you get? rare > epic > un...

Literally why


L I T E R A L L Y why would Nexon raise the level cap on BPQ only to remove Bain weapons, the only reason to do the boss in the first place L I T E R...

A really negative thread that is based on hate


I just feel like posting a new thread and do my part in the attemp of reviving this forum. What are your top 3 least favourite classes? like, the ones...

KMST 1.2.047 patch


In case there's any Basilers that do not use Reddit, here is my thread in Reddit.

Largest Boss


Who is larger Gollux or Hekaton? I think Gollux is almost 2x larger than Hekaton, only because Hekaton doesn't have legs. I am not too sure thou...

When you are nexon039s favorite class

8 "let's make NW a more bossing version of the current NL" -Nexon, 2014. Kek...

Stickied: We039re collecting art - Post your V Update Artwork


Post your V Update artwork [here](, and you'll have a chance to show up o...

Stickied: Common Scams and How to Avoid Them


This guide has been moved to Basilmarket's new guide section. You can reach the new guide through the link below: [url=

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