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1-hit KO Skill Ark


When i try easy Ark i get 1 hit KO by one of his skills. Is there a way to avoid that skill ? He did this 5 times before i could kill him so i got a f...

NLC potion seller, wtf ??


I use Ginger Ale as my HP restore potion, i always buy them at Miki the Potion Mertcahnt at NLC but when i try to do so a minute ago i get this : &quo...

Nexon Launcher and maplestory Connection Issues

5 O man, well, i cant get into the game for sure. When i click ...

Questions about mvp


there goes my wallet...

scammers in frenz guild in bera-watch out


Scam report: world: bera Ign of scammer: ne1h guild: frenz -we made a trade - i gave him an item he did not pay. becareful from the frenz guild - i h...

Them Ark coins


I still have like 2500 off them. Throw away or can i use them ?...

Tomoyo Video Cam

Ariant - Elephant next to the armour shop There is just one elephant on Ariant town map but nothing happens when i try to take a picture off him....An...

151 Beginner no leech. We still exist fam


Stellar Detectives

I dont think i ever played that story line. Is it something ? Nice rewards ?...

Life after lab server


A short time a had a char with over 2000k Damage/range at lvl 118. With Abslolab and Tyrant equips in my INV. Life was good, excpet that when you die...

So how dead is Broa?


Seems pretty dead to me... If anyone wants to PQ for nostalgia's sake I'd love to join....

How many starts do I have


Hi, Back after 10 years lol, trying to take 5th job on my 200 hero. I see I need a 10 stars item and total of 100. I put stars on some items, but I;m...

How nexon can fix meso farming suicide Kannas in reboot


Remove death exp loss penalty. It's so simple. Why didn't nexon thought of this sooner? It could be part of [A Better Maple] thing that the...

Ark 5th job nodes

Whats the best and smartest do you build ?...

Receiving the least damage


When i train in 200 plus maps with my 202 Lumi he gets hit soo freakin hard (Scrappy yard or Arcane river are the places i train then), so i was wonde...

bye bye MrLee airlines


Nexon found out the hard way that these map are pretty easy to hack nowadays (using modern techniques like containerisation hacking on maps inside oth...

Tomoyo039s Video Cam

How do you use it ?? I tried it in henesys, standing before Chiref Stans House (the house with themegaphone on top, according to the clue she gave tha...

The Event list

Is empty...I cant recall i have ever seen that before. UPDATE : but it wont be after the maintenance....

Never migrated, characters gone forever?


So apparently there was a character migration this year or last year. I never did that. Would that be why I've seemingly lost all my characters? ...

151 Beginner no leech. We still exist fam

About this recent mainetnance


[Updated August 27 4:27 PM PDT] We are currently looking into an issue where abnormal amounts of EXP and mesos were being given. We will share more in...

bye bye lab server


Today i died again, 118 i reached. Not very good at all. So the event ends here. I cant manage to reach 150 in 2 days so bye bye Labserver. This event...

Lab Server What ?


When i logged on to the Lab server yesterday i landed next to some player who where already lvl 150 plus..... I mean, the lab server was just up for a...

Lvl 200 lab?


Do you have to die lvl 150? some people and i are talking about if we have to die lvl 150 to get the enhanced legion block lvl 200, some are saying th...

back to maple


Summer session for accelerated credits over, 6 week internship over, and we're back to maple. This means Blackbean guild in Bera is now recruitin...

Rebirth Flame Help


Can someone help? I cant use rebirth flames on things that can use rebirth flames!?!?! I have 2 VIP (STR) Daggers and one of them I can easily use the...

That frustrating Lab server


Yesterday i died again, 4th or 5th time. Level 72 i reached, i have the insane range of 700k-1100k damage (my only lvl 202 has just 400-600k range, lo...

Who gonna play Ms2


Kinda debating whether I should, given the fact the voxel design is a huge turn off for me...but it's getting close to release and the nostalgia ...

Cant access my nexon account


Hi I have submitted a password reset link to my nexon account and am unfortunately unable to access my email with Microsoft which is making it harder ...

MrSaint Strengthening Boast Potion attack


I used a Hundred, i can see it at my skill list, but what doi i do now ? When i try to use one i het : There seems to be a Problem, Try again later....

Stickied: We039re collecting art - Post your V Update Artwork


Post your V Update artwork [here](, and you'll have a chance to show up o...

Stickied: Common Scams and How to Avoid Them


This guide has been moved to Basilmarket's new guide section. You can reach the new guide through the link below: [url=

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