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Looking for Guilds in Reboot


Just started up a new character in Reboot and was wondering if there were any Guilds out there that are still accepting players. Looking for a pretty ...

Come join BattleCry Bera Guild All are welcomed D


Hey you! YEAH YOU! Looking for a dream guild? One filled with the most super nice, awesome-sauce people you'll ever meet? One where you'll s...

What would you like to see in future Cash Shop sales?


I'd like to see perm throwing star covers again for sale... I'd buy the Paper Planes (or if they ever made a Pink Bean throwing-related one,...

Windia Locust


Hello Windians!I know windia has become a bit lonely due to the transfer event. That is why Locust is recruiting yall to join! We joined a really acti...

Mesos Transfer


Is it possible to transfer all the meso on your main to a second character in the same world?...

Can you still share the Nova website stuff?


The button isn't appearing for me, is there any way I can share the stuff and get those sweet, sweet, rewards?...

Does anyone else miss the social aspects of the game?


Hey guys, I'm an old player, been playing this game since the beta days. This game has kept me entertained for many years. I saw the game change...

Any other mini games?


I'm wondering if there are any other mini games like Omok, Match Mards, & Zakum R-P-S out there. Looking for any kind out there from now to a...

Scania is dying but Bera is growing


Recently, i've noticed that Scania is dying more and more and that people from Scania moved to Bera. For the social purpose and fun, I wanted to ...

What was your turning point to play Maplestory more?


I remember when I was in middle school, first starting out in Galicia, I was on my Evan (at that time, Evans were just released) questing in Magatia. ...

Looking for friends in Bera


Hey guys! I'm rejoining Maple after a couple years and starting afresh in Bera and was looking to make friends/join a guild in Bera...

Want to know the price of something


I have an angelic blessing ring that I want to sell, I haven't been in the loop for a while now and wanted to know what would be an ok price to s...

Arcane symbol


So i deserved it by killing 10 monsters, i double clicked it so i equiped it but where ? I cant find it anywhere in my Equipes ?...

Mesos Transfer

Is it possible to transfer all the meso on your main to a second character in the same world?...

My girlfriend made a remix to the old login theme song


She never played the game before but with some direction from me, I think she did a pretty good job.

How to prey upon MS noobs better like mentioned in Socrates039


In high school I sold mesos on craigslist to a 40 year old Asian male when white scrolls were 400mil each and this Asian male happened to be a bit big...

Looking for old items


Greetings, I am currently focused on these but I am looking for any other old items. 1. Waterworks 2. Metallic arm 3. Maple hat LVL3 & 2 4. To...

red cube service


sup bera im selling 11 red cubes as a service. if youre interested buddy "AdolfHipster" and we'll work something out...

Does anyone else miss the social aspects of the game?


Hey guys, I'm an old player, been playing this game since the beta days. This game has kept me entertained for many years. I saw the game change...

Damage Boosting Link Skills


Hi, Recently I restarted on the reboot server and was wondering what are the necessary link skills for a flat damage increase ? I know that the most ...

Tyrant Absolab


is CRA + 0star tyrant (w/ absolab shoulder) better that Absolab set + top/bottom CRA? How many stars does tyrant need in total to be better than the ...

Game crashes when entering cash shop


Whenever I open up the cash shop in a server other then bera, my game brings me to server select and a message pops up that says "This ID is alre...

Hospital Directors Totem


Is it possible to use more the one of these totems ?...

Maplestory Treasure Glove/Medal/Shield

Anyone have maplestory treasure glove, medal, or shield from 11th anniversary event for sale?...

Soul weapon


I have a soul on my weapon and I don't want all that information below to appear, how can I get it back to normal? Innocence scrolls?...

Back after 4 years what world now?


Hi ladies and gents, I'm trying to see if I should stay settled in windia with my MM, or should I migrate to a new social world? The FM looks dea...

Help me figure this out


Hello people, I was wondering which classes currently has the most hits/lines per second and how many. I know the cap was removed and no one is hittin...

Nova update Cadena or Illium ?


You already know what you pick ? I wanna go for both ! lol....

Trading Fafnir Luminous weapon for Dagger

Anyone looking to switch jobs to Luminous from dagger class. Ty <3

Aran items


I'm new to maplestory and i have spent money to buy nx to exchange them to mesos so i have 10b mesos. Is it best to buy a fafnir moon glaive for ...

Stickied: We039re collecting art - Post your V Update Artwork


Post your V Update artwork [here](, and you'll have a chance to show up o...

Stickied: Common Scams and How to Avoid Them


This guide has been moved to Basilmarket's new guide section. You can reach the new guide through the link below: [url=

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