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Ignore Monster DEF 15%


I have this on my Epic weapon. Is this better then,say 9% STR or 9 % W.ATT ? I really have no idea..... Thanks for your help ?...

For Emcy guildie. Live a Broan, Die a Broan - not Khroa


My dear Emcy guildies, you all must have known that I'm still staying in Broa for whatever reasons I have that I haven't tried to say it out...

Is there any form of Islander population anywhere?


Being an islander was one of my favorite memories from about 2011-2012 Does any server, even reboot if I have to, have any islanders??...

About the Absolute taste Event


For Tier 3 i must make Spicy Fried Rice Cake and Oulong Noodles. The Tier 3 Ingredients i have are Rice Cake, Katsuobushi Meat Broth (which clearly lo...

Reorganize servers


You think GRAZED and MYBCKN should be deleted, move anyone who didn't leave to Broa/Khaini (and if they have too many characters, put the rest in...

WTF 1 - Worlds


Welcome to Wishful Thinking Fridays! I got 2 votes or continuing to do these kinds of threads so I'd say that's some pretty good reception! ...

how do i break an engagement?

i'm trying to transfer my chars and i moved them all except for my main one. it says i have to break my marriage or engagement first. i don'...

Skarga stuff


has anyone actually done skarga recently? i've been trying to start one but it just isn't going ya know? edit: somehow triple posted... not ...

Storage slots transferred when moving worlds?


I know that the items in your storage don't get moved with you, but does the number of slots in your storage transfer? Just wondering, thanks!...

List of all items in moon bunny coin shop?


Anybody got an image of them all or a list?...

About world Mergerine


hi friends!some of you know me,some don't.imKabooky of Broa,Koroa,w.e..... I been mapling 13 years now,and if wanna nice server,that has 1 good d...

how much does it cost to solo endgame bosses now


i been gone awhile and got no clue how much mesos it takes to kill endgame bosses. hell, i don't even know what the endgame bosses are now. are t...

Monster Collection - Lord Skeleton


How do I get Lord Skeleton for the monster collection? The only way I know how to get him is through the mystic door and for some reason no matter how...

Absolute Taste Event

For Tier 3 i must make Spicy Fried Rice Cake and Oulong Noodles. The Tier 3 Ingredients i have are Rice Cake, Katsuobushi Meat Broth (which clearly lo...

MS Workshop type things


tl;dr How would you make the weapon system in ms more interesting? Also should I make this whole periodic/weekly workshop threads thing a regular thin...

Returning Player from 2011, someone fill me in SCANIA


Hi All, So first off, I've noticed BasilMarket has strayed away from its' previous auction and bidding purpose for items in game between us...

The great return


Hello, Sooo I am planning on comming back to GMS i haven't played in a few years. The last time I really played fully was around phantom but eve...

Nexon NX transfer and World Leap


So I'm baffled at why Nexon released the NX Transfer before the World Leap, as many players have characters in other worlds with NX items I just...

Neo City ?


Anyone still have this saved on their hyper rocks in scania? Willing to give huge bonus if someone lets me teley to them!...

Recruiting Blackbean Guild in Bera


hey yall I was on vacation and then right after that was college grind time. I've finally settled in college and got some spare time at hand. The...

Absolab vs Tyrant


Tyrant (belt, cape, shoes) 3 star Cra 4 set Vs Absolab 5 set 10-12 star Cra 3 set (hat, top, bottom) Which is better and not to mention cost effici...

Totem set?


Trying to find a good totem set or combination that's permanent. Using Afterlands set, and seeing these 12atk totems in Leaf High. I also have 1...

About the Boss Accessory Set


A few items of that set are prety new to me. Does anybody have some info on how to get the Black bean mask Eye Asseccory (Black Bean is only on events...

Absolute Taste Event


What are the ingredients needed for Sushi ? Just Rice and Tuna ? And just 1 of each ? update : I found this on Reddit -->

Best choice of World


I'm looking for the most populated world, or future most populated as the world transfer arrives. As we all know, we have limited options. I'...

Collects - Collectors guild in Bera


Hey! Im the Guild master of "Collects", the home for all collectors in bera and/or coming to bera in the upcoming event! Feel free to send ...

whos moving to bera?


pls be my friend...

MS Dead? Just returned


Hey everyone, I just recently came back to MS to find that it is dead. I'm from Broa and there are a few people that are online, but none of them...

Find the Lost Ribbon Pigs House


In the small picture off his necklace is an Eagle like bird with a Red bandada en a piece if some kind of flag on the left side of the picture. Its no...

Rainbow Event Ended


Is it just me or was that an incredibly short event ?...

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