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IGNS up for grabs


My fault if its in the wrong section, i have the following igns if anyone wants to buy em. People in bera preferably. VirusThreat Nidfy Misology DayL...

Collectors/Rare items


Cant find any non outdated list/price of rare items that people collect. Anyone know what the collectors items are now a days? Ex: PAC/White Workglove...

Scania IGN


LF> Scania one word igns if anyone is willing to sell....

Training Buddies?


So apparently, the community has gotten away from this. I like to train with other people and chat. Mindlessly grinding is boring. Anyone else wanna j...

Scroll/upgrade questions


Regardless of cost, What's better: to prime my gear or to chaos scroll for +5att with return scrolls? Also is it the same to star force equips b...

some people

10 maybe an attempt to defend myself? ugh...

Bera Guild Meta


[Bera] - Meta...



If you had stronger mental fortitude you wouldnt have clicked the thread. :) From last time I quit, sold my gear and have some that I can still sell....

Wonderroid Guards at B3


How do i get past the cards ? I keep staying stuck at the second door where the second guard is......

Magical Jewel Box


I thought i could buy them from Mamma Moon Bunny, but she doesnt sell them. So, how can i get those Magical Jewel Boxes ?...

silly question about Jewel Crafting


i am almost affraid to ask, but where can you buy the jewel boxes and the ring where you out the stones on...You can buy the with Dragon Fetsival coin...

Feels good waking up late on a Satuday and playing Maple


It feels so goood when your 9-5pm job is over and now you get to just chill during the weekend. Especially since my house is air conditioned so I don...

Had my first BIG scare in maplestory


So today I was grinding on my wild hunter when I saw a smega of a phone number. The smega went like this: "hit this number up for nudes!" S...

Which jobs share transferable cash shop inventories?


Planning on taking advantage of 2x EXP weekend with 2x EXP coupons from CS to level up some characters. Which jobs have transferable CS inventories? (...

Jewel Crafting ?


How does it work ? Anybody has some usefull tips and tricks ?...

Terrible lag spikes?


What is going on?...

Maple Update P1 Working, depression, recording


Let me know what you guys think. I plan on being transparent from here on out. :] Part1: Part2:

A way to get to Ellinel Fairy Academy?


I made a luminous for the burning event. One of the luminous quests is to kill 3 firefly slimes (The Pressure Void Appreciation quest), how do I do t...

Monster Park Extreme


I tried to enter it (i was well awara that its closed for a while now, but i was just curious)i got a popup saying: "monster parc extreme isnt q...

Fix Honor Rock for Guild Rankings


Let's make maplestory great again! By removing hacked GP off the honor rock! Here comes me being proactive again!...

Mokbi Throwing Stars


Is there any mob that is confirmed to drop Mokbis? I'm collecting all the stars and I literally am only missing this one. Thanks in advance!...

Considering burning a ranged class but unsure


Hey everyone,with the burning event I really want to burn a ranged class im thinking wa,jett, mech or ab. The question is which of them can be fairly ...

Anvil EQ/Weapon


Hi all! Anyone is Cassiopeia Server?? Any nice Eq or Weapon borrow for anvil?pls :(...

i want vellum to lick my nectar juice


and drink it real good...

Plan to Revamp Dying General Section Applies to Chat As Well


I've noticed recently that Basilmarket has been getting less and less active. Normally, I would abandon all hope on such websites but when I chec...

Stuck with rhea on 1F wonderoid event


So, I managed to get Rhea all the way up to 1F, only to get stuck because when I reach the first gate the goddamn mini game doesn't show up! Rhea...

Figuring out a Main


which is best to main. Things to think about is funding, DPS, which would be more fun, and also which will not be too affected by nerfs (if that even ...

Monsters Sprites


Since Bannedstory is down, where i can find the Monsters Sprites?...

Moon festival mini games


How can i play them ? I tried event hal and party quest entry but it wasnt there. Thx for your help :)...

About daily limit reset


Heyy i got a question.. when does the daily limit of quests and bosses reset? and also when for the mini game station? In PDT time plz.. Thx in advan...

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