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GMS is too easy, its boring


Before Europe got its own server on GMS we didn't have weekly 2x events, and 2x split up 3 times a day Sat-Sun was unheard of to say the least. ...

Why is %buff duration best inner ability for demonslayer?


Why is %buff duration best inner ability for demonslayer? Like it doesn't even affect hyper skills or 5th buff skills. why does everyone say its ...

Coming back


Hello, is it worth coming back to maplestory, or no....

Websites for Skills?


Are there any good websites out there that are up to date with classes and skills? Can't seem to find any....

Scaniagt Buying White Baseball Cap

Scania: Buying White Baseball Cap. Offer in meso/USD...

Regarding eluna express questline


Is it limited to once per account? I started it with my cannoneer (lv 118) and wanted to start it with my phantom (lv 75) as well but couldn't f...

My inventory of my main I039ve had since v55

4 Haven't posted on basil in a awhile so sorry if there is a better way to post images. Got on for the first time in a...

Buying Clean LGR in Bera question

If im buying a clean LGR for USD how do i do it safely?...

Ilbis/Cilbis , f2p investment ?

does anyone in MYBCKN know if anyone buys cilbies anymore? also, if im a f2p, what should I invest my mesos in after getting CRA?...

Ilbis/Cilbis , f2p investment ?

does anyone in MYBCKN know if anyone buys cilbies anymore? also, if im a f2p, what should I invest my mesos in after getting CRA?...

To Sheno27

@sheno27 What the frying pan did you just say about me, you little beachball? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Resistance, a...

039snail039 boss destroys GMS strongest guild in seconds


price check pls

price check for 10 stars tyrant mage cape uniqe and a 10 stars tyrant warrior cape unique This is k...

Perma Beginners?


Hey guys! It's been a while since I last touched maplestory, I decided to check the forums today for old times sake. I know that the beginner for...

Is MapleStory ever extreme?


So that one thread about GMS2EZ4ME made me think, what parts of this game gets pretty extreme. That's not RNG related, because I'd probably ...

Override 2nd Coin Shop Chairs and Mounts

New KMS Mage Illium


What are your initial thoughts of this flying golden god? Live stream is still going

Difference between reboot server and regular servers?


I realized I spent too much money on the game and going nowhere range wise. Every server but reboot and scania are dead and boring. Windia FMs are emp...

Beginners or Islanders


Im coming back to maple and i was wondering if there are any islanders or perma beginners left, if yes please let me know whisper me on my character D...

Looking for an active guild in Scania who would accept me


As the title says ;-; I feel lonely since all my previous guilds become inactive......

Unlucky times on Maple


I once dropped a blue seal cushion in Henesys park accidentally, when I want to sit on it. (When Andtoids were popular) I once sold a fantastical fema...

forest guardian ring price


i just got it from gach and no1 knows the price for this ring(scania) how much is it?...

Why do I still play this game?


title, what's your answer?...

Old Islander Vid


I love this video idc what anyone thinks, i miss this.

Buff durations, especially thieves, too short


Several classes including thief's buffs don't have long enough durations. night lord has 6 buffs, shadower 7, and dual blade 6, before decen...

Looking for english speakers on CMS


I'm living in China for a year and I was wondering if anyone here that speaks English plays on CMS. Also if anyone has any suggestions on what wo...

Beginners or any oddjobs


Are there any left? I would love to come back and play with em?...

is it worth anviling any of these?


White mouse kit (face accessory) Revealed sylph ring Growing sylph ring (angel sylph effect) Cyclops eye LvL: 1 Broken cyclops eye A rice cake o...

Dying, if not already dead, game. What would you do?


If Nexon gave you full authority over the game to either save it or sink it, what would you do? I personally enjoyed the game pre-big bang, everything...



Hey guys, anyone selling Lefay Jester in scania? Add me in game/ comment with offer. Really need it as soon as possible...

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