Sad Mask
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Adhesive Bandage
Albatross Cape
Alchemist Cape
Alchemist Hat
Alchemist Overall
Alchemist Potion Weapon
Alice Rabbit Bottom
Alice Rabbit Hat
Alice Rabbit Top
Alice's Tea Cup
Angel's Ribbon
Angelic Navy Cap
Angelic Ribbon
Angelic Wings
Aqua Shell
Aran's Armor - Female
Aran's Armor - Male
Aran's Bootsuntradable
Aran's Capeuntradable
Aran's Helmetuntradable
Aurora Angel
Aurora Happy Wings
Aurora Pharady
Bamboo Name Tag Ring
Belt Coat
Black Wings Hat
Blue Cat Hood
Blue Dragon Gloves
Blue Dragon Horns
Blue Dragon Shoes
Blue Dragon Tail
Blue Heart Transparent Hat
Blue Point Kitty Hat
Boys Uniform - Male
Brave Aran's Armor
Brave Aran's Bootsuntradable
Brave Aran's Helmetuntradable
Bunny Gloves
Button-a-holic Sugar Cap
Cat Hood - Pink
Cat Lolita Cape
Cat Lolita Gloves
Cat Lolita Hat
Cat Lolita Outfit
Cat Lolita Shoes
Chain Crusher CapCharm EXP +50. Trade disabled when equipped.
Chamomile Tea Time - Male
Cheering Blue
Cheering Gold
Cheering Green
Cheering Pink
Cherry Snow Cap - Female
Cherry Snow Outfit - Female
Chicken Hataroo
Chocolate Cupcake Hairpin
Chocolatier Stick
Coin Sword
Combat Fatigues
Crystal Fantasia Wand
Curly Rabbit Poof
Cute Sailor Dress - Female
Cute Sleeveless Shirt
Cynical Dress
Dainty Cape
Dainty Hat
Dark Devil Hat
Dark Devil Outfit
Dark Devil Outfit
Dark Devil Shoes
Dark Devil WeaponDescription: A weapon that can be equipped over all weapons.
Dragon Familiar
Ebony Pimpernel Boots
Ebony Pimpernel Cape
Ebony Pimpernel Hat
Ellinia Magic School Shoes
Ellinia Magic School Uniform
Ellinia Magic School Uniform - Female
Evan Wand
Fairy Aura
Fairy Wing Cape
Featherly Angel Gloves
Freud's Face - Female
Freud's Face - Male
Freud's Gloves
Freud's Robe
Freud's Shoes
Frog Cape
Ganache Chocolate Suit
Gas Mask
Gear Romantic Lace Label Ring
Gear Wings
Girls Uniform - Female
Goblin FireA weapon that can be equipped by all weapons.
Gold Angora Gatsby - Female
Gold Tailor Vest
Golden Bell Outfit
Golden Bell Shoes
Golf Gloves
Golf Shorts - Male
Golf Skirt
Gollux's Halo11 slots, Pet Equip. A special ring of light to show how clean and happy Gollux is.
Grass Spirit
Gray Bell Robe
Gray Cat Hood
Green Apple Sweater
Green Apple's Love Chat RingMakes your text bubbles show up with green apples.
Green Apple's Love Label RingUnder the character avatar, the name of the character will be featured in green apples, written in red font.
Green Zodiac Dragon Hat
Hades Overall
Hades Shoes
Halloween Leopard Costume
Halloween Leopard Dress
Halloween Leopard Ears
Halloween Leopard Shoes
Halloween Leopard UmbrellaA weapon that can be equipped over all weapons.
Harmony Wings
HeadmasterPerfume for Pets. /lineThe buff you get will depend on the number of pets summoned when the perfume is first used. /line1. Levels of all skills currently in possession +3 for 2 hours./line2. Levels of all skills currently in possession +4 for 2 hours./line3. Levels of all skills currently in possession +5 for 2 hours./lineThis buff stacks with other buffs, but not with other Pet Perfume buffs.
Heart Pounding Lipgloss
Heavenly Aura
Honeybee Antenna Hairband
Honeybee Suit
Honeybee Wings
Imperial Duke Wing
Ink-and-Wash Painting Name Tag Ring
Ink-and-Wash Thought Bubble Ring
Intergalactic Armor
Intergalactic Gloves
Intergalactic Hat
Intergalactic Shoes
Irina the Betrayer
Jett's Boots
Jett's Cape
Jett's Hat
Jett's Outfit - Female
Jett's Outfit - Male
Kerning Engineering School Shoes
Kerning Engineering School Uniform
Kerning Engineering School Uniform - Male
Kitty Cap
Kitty Headphones
Knit Flower Hairband
Lemon Shooting Star Ring
Leopard Print Coat
Leopard Print Hat
Leopard Print Shoes
Light Chiffon Dress
Light Cotton Candy Overalls
Light Wing Cherubim
Little Red Riding Dress
Lorna And Pan Hat
Lost Baby Chick
Lucia Cape
Lucia Hat
Luminous Cherubim
Lux Cherubim
Lyrical Dress
Macaroon Hairpin
Mad Hatter's Hat
Magic Hat
Magic Herb Teaspoon
Magic Star Cape
Magic Star Dress - Female
Magic Star Suit - Male
Magical Dress
MahaCan be equipped over a polearm.
Man's Shirts
Maple Black BeretDEF +30, M.DEF +30
Maple Blue BeretDEF +30, M.DEF +30
Maple Boy School Uniform - Male
Maple Girl School Uniform - Female
Maple Khaki BeretDEF +30, M.DEF +30
Maple Red BeretDEF +30, M.DEF +30
Marine Stripe
Marine Tinia Shades
Melon Cupcake Hairpin
Memorial Angel
Mid High Golf Shoes
Military Pop Star
Milk Chocolate Cone
Mint Snow Cap - Male
Mint Snow Outfit - Male
Monkey Cape
Moon and Sun Cape
Mu Lung Dojo Training Shoes
Mu Lung Dojo Uniform
Mummy Chat RingMakes your text bubbles show up with a mummy. Account shareable.
Mummy Label RingUnder the character avatar, the name of the character will be featured in a mummy background and black font. Account shareable.
Mystic Black Silk Hat
Mystic Black Silk Ribbon
Nao Hat
Neon Pink Pants
Nox Cherubim
Opening Angel
Opening Star
Orchid's Black Wing Shoes
Orchid's Black Wing Uniform
Orchid's Bunny Doll
Pairfait Cupcake Hairpin
Peach Shooting Star Ring
Petite School Shawl
Pimp Chalice
Pimp Stick
Pink Bunny Cap
Pink Bunny Sweater
Pink Heart Transparent HatPink hearts follow you while equipped!
Pink Shock Pop Star - Female
Pink Zodiac Dragon Hat
Pitch Dark Outfit
Pixiemom Hat
Prep School Uniform - Male
Prep Uniform - Female
Preppy Knit Vest - Male
Psyche Flora
Psyche Melody
Psyche Mystic
Rabbit Out of the Hat
Raspberry Candy T-Shirt
Red Dragon Gloves
Red Dragon Horn
Red Dragon Shoes
Red Dragon Tail
Red Hood Bandana
Red Ribbon Shoes
Red Rose Chat RingMakes your text bubbles show up with red roses.
Red Rose Label RingUnder the character avatar, the name of the character will be featured in red roses, written in white font.
Red Viva Baseball
Rose Tinia Shades
Rosemary Tea Time - Female
Sailor Outfit - Female
Sailor Outfit - Male
Sausage Hat
Sausage Outfit
Sausage Ring
School Uniform With Hoody Jumper - Female
School Uniform With Hoody Jumper - Male
Schoolboy Formals - Male
Schoolgirl Formals - Female
Shin-Hwa High Uniform - Female
Shin-Hwa High Uniform - Male
Shiny Sailor Uniform - Male
Shock WaveCan be equipped over any weapon except cane, Dual Bowgun, Hand Cannon.
Silver Angora Gatsby - Female
Silver Fox Tail
Skull Label RingUnder the character avatar, the name of the character will be featured in black-skulled background and white font.
Slither Style Cap
Slither Style Hoodie
Slither Style Pants
Slither Style Shoes
Slither Style Snake SwordA weapon that can be equipped over all weapons.
Small Black Devil Hat
Snowflake Rod
Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms
Starfall Magic Square
Starlight Wings
Starlight Wings
Strawberry Cupcake Hairpin
Strawberry DelightA weapon that can be equipped over all weapons.
Strawberry Macaroon Hairpin
Stylish Iron
Succubus Dress
Succubus Gloves
Succubus Hat
Succubus Shoes
Succubus Wings
Sunny Day
Sunset-colored Straw Hat
Tedtacular BearingtonsCan be equipped over any weapon except cane.
Tomato Ring
Transparent Face AccessoryCharm EXP +40. Trade disabled when equipped.
Twinkling Boy Glow Shoes
Twinkling Boy Hat
Twinkling Girl Glow Shoes
Twinkling Girl Glow Shoes - Female
Twinkling Girl Hat
Twinkling Rainbow Cape
Vacation Denim Pants
Void Aura
Von Leon Ring
White Combat Habit
White Combat Tunic
White Combat Veil
White Dragon Zodiac Hat
White Ribboned Sailor Dress - Female
Winged Costume
Wire Headband
Yellow Bell Robe
Yellow Cat Hood
Dark Devil Ring30ATK +2, M.ATK +2, STR +2, DEX +2, INT +2, LUK +20, HP +100, MP +100