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New Training Areas

Well, Big Bang's out, so are you ready? If your not, and don't know where to train, just read this training guide here!
WR's, MP3, and any other missing GMS monsters will be added on here when I have time to see if they're good or not.



MapleStory's Official Big Bang page: [url=]Big Bang Page[/url]


Hey guys, Zero here just to introduce you to the Big Bang Revamp that'll be coming in a few months or so!
What this guide basically tells you are, where to train, what level to train them at, and also this guide has a chart of the monsters level, hp, exp, and weaknesses! Also information about Accuracy

Information about Accuracy!

kruimel0: Good guide. Actually, you need just as much accuracy as the monster to 100% hit it. I'm sure you can find a list with accuracy values somewhere, but you'll need 144 acc for level 120+ mobs. However, I think that's fairly easy to come at:

Mastery (60 acc), 4 dex base (4*1,2=4,8 acc), 4 luk base (4*1=4acc)15 dex from zhelm (15*1,2 = 18 acc), 15 luk from zhelm (15*1=15 acc), 20 acc from zhelm gives a total of 121,8. The last 22,2 (or 23 if you want to round it down) can be easily acquired by getting a medal and a pendant or something like this.
So, once you hit the same level as a monster, you'll be able to 100% hit the monster, so no worry about accuracy equips anymore, IMO at least.

Here are your new training places!

Now, are you ready for your new training places? If you are, scroll down below and find out what level YOU are, and what new, exciting places you'll be training at!

##Training.. 1 - 10?
Well, obviously just go do your job tutorial and level either to 10, or to level 13.

10/13 - 20 - Blue Ribbon Pigs

Blue Ribbon Pigs are fast spawn, but huge map, but that doesn't matter, it's still fast exp!
Unfortunately, I have no idea if GMS is going to get Blue Ribbon Pigs or not, but this would be where you'll be training if GMS does get it;

Map -
Layout -

Here are some alternatives in case;

Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms is an alternative to get to level 20, but it may be a little slower. You'll pass by Horny and Zombie Mushrooms on the way to Stone Golems, listed below, so just follow that and you should be able to find them Oh btw, the mushrooms are in different maps, they aren't in the same ones

Horny Mushrooms until level 15/17, then go Zombie Mushrooms until 20.

20 - 25 - Stone Golems

Stone Golems, it's a big map, and there'll be a lot of jumping, but it has good spawn, and fast exp also.

Map -
Layout -

25 - 30 - Mixed Stone Golems or Zombie Lupins

Well, either one is fine. Mixed Stone Golems is more recommended for long ranged classes due to the fact if you're close range, you'll be jumping around a lot, and I don't think you'll want to do that haha. Mixed Stone Golems is still fast to train at though.. kind of slow for close range though IMO.

Map -
Layout - (Note this is the mini dungeon)

Zombie Lupins for any long range/close range job. It's one of the fastest to train at, Zombie Lupins are from level 25 - 30, you'll miss every now and then since you're not the exact level as the Zombie Lupin. (They're level 28, so you'll have to get to level 28 until you fully 100% hit them, but it'll still be fast training nonetheless even at level 25.

Map -
Layout -

Mushroom Kingdom / Kerning Square

You can do the quests for extra exp in Mushroom Kingdom. Also, Mushroom Kingdom is a great training spot until level 40, just gotta train at the Spear Pepe's and Helmet Pepe's.

Map -
Layout (Just one of very few maps) -

40 - 50, you go to Kerning Square, no need to do the quest, just go up to CD's, that'll be where you're going to train until 50. Classes who can rush monsters in 2nd job is going to be faster to level here, you just keep rushing back and forth, which isn't hard at all haha, just gotta hold 1 button and rush. Mechanics are the best IMO to train at CD's from 40-50, got quite a few Mechanic Arm's there.

Map -
Layout (Just one of the very few maps) -

50 - 55 - Drakes

50 - 55 Drakes - In Sleepywood, the maps are a little different, but it's easy / fast exp.

Map -
Layout -

56 - 60 - Trojans

Trojans - Great spawn, not such a big map, fast exp, not much to say, but have fun training!

Map - (You can also go to the opposite site of the map, both works)
Layout -

60 - 65 - Red / Blue Robots

Red / Blue Robots - Robots, the red / blue robots. The map where I went to (Had both of the robots) was amazing. Easy to train, platforms are small, but amazing spawn. I guess you could say it's like the Zombie Mini Dungeon in GMS, the bottom has the most spawn. There are exactly the same amount of platforms.

Map -
Layout -

65 - 70 - Puppets / Zeta Grey

Zeta Greys (The Omega Sector monsters) or Puppets - Well, like any other I've said. Great spawn, and fast exp.

Map for Zeta Greys -
Layout -

Map for puppets will come in later. Due to the fact it seems that GMST doesn't, or seem to allow people to get to Edelstein (The place where you will advance into a Wild Hunter, Mechanic, and Battle Mage) So I will add that in further later.

Foolyz: Hi there, I just wanted to leave you some input on training areas post-BB, as I had played KMS for probably 1 1/2 - 2 months after the revolutionary patch was released. If you do not wish to believe me, then don't. I am not trolling, I just wish to help everyone level up after the BIG BANG!

Here we go...

For levels 1-20, please please PLEASE use your head and do your class quests. Do the Episode One quests and get your hat and such, then just grindgrindgrind at HHG1-2-3. Easy as Pie!

21-30 ~ Hands down, the BEST place to make some serious mesarz is the Blue Ribbon Pig map located just outside of Nautilus Harbor. They are level 13 with around 200 HP and a decent amount of EXP. The real kicker here is that their ETC drop is worth a whopping 100 mesos! At level 13! So when you're mowing them down, just group them all together, squish them with your awesome might, and then whip out your trusty pet (I used the free snail in KMS. Just double click on him, run through the grouped drops and mesos and then double click on him again to make him go away. An easy way to keep a free pet for a very long time!).
  • if you get tired of these pigs (the map is flat with like 2 or 3 platforms), then you can certainly head to mixed golems. There is a mini-dungeon specifically for them just outside of Henesys. You really can't miss it. They are level 26, with 4 platforms (like a mini FoG), so the spawns are pretty tight and the EXP is great
  • *With the release of Edelstein, some new monsters with very decent spawn rates and HP/EXP ratios were introduced to Maple. This includes the blimps and trashcan monsters in the areas just before Leben Mine.

31-35 ~ Goodness, Mushie Castle is THE BEST EXP for these levels! You get a free warp there when you get your advancement, and you can do the simple quests to get GOBS of EXP and hopefully you can pick up a King Pepe weapon while you're there, along with the +1 weapon attack gloves (for those of you without WG. I know I was in that same spot once, so even a small amount of attack helps).

35-50 ~ Without a doubt, I can say that Kerning Square is the place to be for these levels. Yeah yeah, 15 whole levels at the SAME PLACE can seem like a drag, but with the levels flying by like wigs at a drag show, you'll barely even notice that you have been there for fifteen levels. First of all, just begin doing the quests and eventually you will reach the CD area at the top of the mall. The map is flat, the CDs are weak and the spawn is simply amazing.
  • if the same glitch that was released in KMS comes to the GMS version of Big Bang, then you will want to head to Kerning Square as soon as you hit 35 and stay there for as long as you can. With this glitch, there was an odd miscalculation in the EXP received by the yetis that were spawned when you killed a yeti vending machine. The machine would give you ~85 EXP per kill, and each yeti would yield ~81 EXP per kill (4 were spawned per vending machine killed). They had very little HP (like... 1400 or something) and could be mowed down in no time, leaving you with OMGWTFHAXBBQ EXP, probably leveling up once every 5-7 minutes.

  • *Alternative to Mushie Castle and Kerning Square would be the CPQ. I managed to round up some new friends and CPQ with them for a bit on one rare occasion, and I must say that it was as fun as it could be, and the EXP was even better than in GMS. Just imagine being on a constant 2x multiplier, even though you are only on 1x.

51-66 ~ At level 49, I was at teddies in Ludi. I thought the EXP was fantastic, although the spawn was fairly sporadic. This didn't effect me too much because I was playing a gunslinger and I could just snipe them from far away (let me just say... SLINGERS POST-BB ARE BEAST! With clean equips, I was doing an average of 2k damage per DS at around level 50! In GMS, I had 10att WG and a nice 76 att Canon, with a 20 dex bathrobe, I was barely hitting 2k on monsters at level 66. FML). So warriors and brawlers beware, you might have some trouble here. You may also head to Drakes in Sleepywood. You can't access the Sleepywood dungeon until you reach 50-51 (I'm not entirely sure), so don't QQ if you can't go in before those levels. Drakes are level 52, and they have a decent spawn, but the map is huge. -SHARING RECOMMENDED- The various drakes are all located in this dungeon, and as you progress further down, you will find that they increase in level in increments of two (52 -> 54 -> 56 -> 58 Dark Drakes). These Dark Drakes have their own mini-dungeon way down deep in the cave, and I loved training my Mechanic here. The teleporting robos are PERFECT for this map, along with Atomic Hammer <3 At level 57, you may also head to trojans if you have been training on teddies/pink teddies and are already in Ludi and you are too lazy to travel to Victoria Island again. The spawn is sexy and the leveling is easy. At level 61, I headed to Robos in Ludi. The spawn is decent, and you quickly learn the fastest way to traverse the map. Easy peasy. Red Robos (I don't know the actual name) are a good transition at level 63, and I stayed here all the way to 70!

66-? ~ My Outlaw only made it to level 78 (I had to quit for personal reasons), so I will only go that high. No flaming, please. At 66, you may want to head to Leben Mine (make sure you pay your 100k to get the hat that allows access to the mine) and initiate the quest with the lady with orangeish/blondish hair. She will tell you to kill 99 puppets, which you can reach by entering the cave entrance right beside her. The cave where these puppets spawn is a sort of mini-dungeon, where you have 10 minutes to kill them freely and then you will be booted back to the map with the quest-giver. You can easily just re-enter the map when you are kicked out, though. The only problem with this tactic is that these puppets were nerfed in a recent patch. They used to give over 500 EXP per kill and only had about ~15000-16000 HP. That is some SERIOUS EXP at level 66. Now they only give around ~350 or so, making other areas a more viable option since puppets don't drop ANY items and it sort of becomes a hassle to keep re-entering the map. **EDIT: To continue entering the map with puppets, you MUST NOT complete or abandon the quest that you get from the woman to kill the puppets! You have to have this quest in your quest list to continue being able to use the mini-dungeon-esque area with puppets. Another good option for level 66 is Mateons in Omega Sector. When you hit 69, you can easily transition to Plateons just a few maps over. GREAT spawn and some sexy EXP to be gained.

~~~Around level 81, I think characters with serious mobbing power can head to Sand Rats in Ariant. I'm not entirely sure what level they are, but it is the best spot around for these levels. From there, you can progress to areas in Magatia and so on, so forth. I'll figure out these spots when BB hits GMS!

As always, I hope this helps anyone who is looking forward to the Big Bang patch when it comes to GMS. I know I am! (Let's just hope they get all of these bugs and glitches taken care of, like my TWO OUT OF THREE ACCOUNTS BEING BANNED UNFAIRLY! GRRRAWR~!)

10 - 120 - A bunch of different monsters

These are the training spots that you should/will be training at from 10 - 120.
Green = Area is highly Recommended
Red = Area is not Recommended
Blue = Area is Suitable or Recommended

Level 10 - 20
Blue Ribbon Pigs - Area is highly Recommended
Green Mushrooms - Area is Suitable
Horny Mushrooms - Area is Recommended
Zombie Mushrooms - Area is Recommended

Level 20 - 25
Stone Golems - Area is highly Recommended

Level 25 - 30
Zombie Lupin - Area is highly Recommended
Mixed Golems - Area is Recommended
Wooden Masks - Area is not Recommended (It's your only alternatives if the Zombie Lupin / Mixed Golem maps are taken in every channel/can't share a map with somebody)

Level 30 - 40
Mushroom Kingdom - Area is highly Recommended

Level 40 - 50
Kerning Mall - Area is highly Recommended
Carnival Party Quest Rombot Grinding - Area is highly recommended

Level 50 - 55
Drakes - Area is highly Recommended
Pink Teddies - Area is Recommended
Panda Teddies - Area is Recommended
Truckers - Area is highly Recommended
Scarecrows (NLC) - Area is highly Recommended

Level 55 - 60
Trojans - Area is highly Recommended
White Pangs - Area is highly Recommended
Scarecrows (NLC) - Area is highly Recommended

Level 60 - 65
Robos - Area is highly Recommended
Pirate Party Quest - Area is highly Recommended
Mateons - Area is Recommended
Korean Folk Town Foxes (Samiho) - Area is not Recommended
Black Block Golems - Area is Suitable
Wild Cargos - Area is Recommended
Voodoos - Area is Suitable
Hoodoos - Area is Suitable

Level 65 - 70
Puppets - Area is highly Recommended
Mateons - Area is Recommended
Pirate Party Quest - Area is Recommended
Baby Tigers (In KFT) - Area is Suitable
Plateons - Area is highly Recommended
Zeta Greys - Area is highly Recommended

Level 70 - 75
Sand Rats - Area is Recommended
Chronos - Area is Recommended
Spiders - Area is highly Recommended
Truckers - Area is highly Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Area is highly Recommended
Scarecrows (NLC) - Area is highly Recommended

Level 75 - 80
Sand Rats - Area is highly Recommended
Scorpions - Area is highly Recommended
STD's / WTD's - Area is highly Recommended
Truckers - Area is Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Area is highly Recommended

Level 80 - 85
Iron Mutaes - Area is Recommended
STD'S / WTD'S - Area is Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Area is highly Recommended

Level 85 - 90
Iron Mutaes - Area is Recommended
C-1 Area - Area is Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Area is Recommended
Vikerola - Area is highly Recommended

Level 90 - 95
C-2 Area - Area is highly Recommended
Flamethrower Robots - Area is highly Recommended
Twisted Jesters - Area is Recommended
Vikerola - Area is Recommended
Mysterious Path 3 - Area is highly Recommended

Level 95 - 100
Lab 202 - Area is highly Recommended
C-2 Area - Area is highly Recommended
Alligators near Mu-Lung - Area is suitable
Gallopera - Area is highly Recommended
Mysterious Path 3 - Area is highly Recommended

Level 100 - 105
C-2 Area - Area is highly Recommended
Pirates - Area is highly Recommended
Beetles - Area is highly Recommended
Lab 202 - Area is Recommended
Gallopera - Area is Recommended
Mysterious Path 3 - Area is highly Recommended

Level 105 - 110
C-2 Area - Area is Recommended
Pirates - Area is highly Recommended
Lab 202 - Area is Suitable
Flamethrower Robo - Area is Suitable
Beetles - Area is Suitable
Gallopera - Area is Suitable
Mysterious Path 3 - Area is Recommended

Level 110 - 120
Pirates - Area is highly Recommended
Vikings - Area is highly Recommended
Gallopera - Area is Suitable
Mysterious Path 3 - Area is Recommended
Lionheart Castle - Area is highly Recommended

Papulatus - Area is highly Recommended (Until 135/140)
Zakum Arms - Area is highly Recommended (Until 135/140)
Anego - Area is Suitable (Until 135/140)
Lionheart Castle - Area is highly Recommended
Red Wyvern/Blue Wyvern - Area is highly recommended (Until 140)

BodyGuards A+B - Area is highly recommended
Chief Qualm Guardians - Area is highly recommended
Lionheart Castle - Area is highly Recommended
Skelegons - Area is highly Recommended
Oblivion/Chief Oblivion Guardians - Area is highly Recommended

Training places for levels 120 - 160+! All of these places are highly recommended!
Black Kentaurus / Red Kentaurus / Blue Kentaurus
Red Wyvern / Blue Wyvern
Memory Guardian / Chief Memory Guardian
Oblivion Guardian / Chief Oblivion Guardian
Rexton / Brexton
Jr. Newtie / Nest Golem
Coolie Zombie
iSmashBugs: hey, i know some of the mobs for 120+. most of them are located in my Post-BB Archer guide, because the different builds for 4rth job focus on different training spots. Link: [url=]Link![/url]

but here are some of the spots i recommend:

Kents: 115+
Werewolfs: 125+, good for DK's, Hero's, any 3 mob class it best here
Bains: 133+
Wyverns: 130+
Jr.Newts/Nest Golems: 145+, 1v1 classes such as BM's for example.
Memory Guardian 143+ good for all classes
Skele's: 150+
Rextons: 130+
Coolies: 127+, good for 1v1 classes.
OB4/5: 165+

thats all i got, good luck!

End Thread

Well... it's not actually the end There's still a little bit more to go!

Credits go to

Me for creating this thread / Organzing it.
Sammy of EF for the training places.
kruimel0 for information about the Accuracy formula.
iSmashBugs for the training areas for levels 120 - 160+
Foolyz Information about training spots 1-66+
ShadowQuill Thanks for the English version maps of the training places for level 1- 70!

Monster Levels / HP / EXP / Weakness

LevelName of MonsterHPEXPWeakness
15Zombie Mushroom25026Holy - Strong to Dark
13Horny Mushroom20023None
20Stone Golem37535None
26Mixed Stone Golem58047None
28Zombie Lupin72053Holy - Strong to Dark
33Helmet Pepe1,20086None
34Royal Guard Pepe1,30090None
41Latest Hits Compilation (CD'S)2,00099None
42Greatest Oldies (CD'S)2,100103None
50Dead Scarecrow3,300220None
57Toy Trojan4,600172None
61Robo (Blue Robot)5,900204Strong to fire / ice
62Master Robo (Red Robot)6,700222None
67Puppet Golem8,500[263None
70Twisted Jesters50,0001,325None
70Zeta Gray10,000N/ANone
77Sand Rat19,000487None
82Straw Target Dummy (STD)29,000689None
83Wooden Target Dummy (WTD)31,000729None
83Iron Mutae31,000729None
N/AFlamethrower RobotN/AN/ANone
110Ghost Pirate85,0001,649Fire - Strong to Ice
114Dual Ghost Pirate93,0001,768Fire - Strong to Ice
119Spirit Viking103,0001,912Lightning - Strong to fire
118Black Kentaurus101,0001,884Holy - Strong to Dark
119Red Kentaurus101,0001,884Ice - Strong to fire
119Blue - Kentaurus101,0001,884Fire - Strong to Ice
136Bain165,0002,823Ice - Strong to fire
134Red Wyvern155,0002,677Ice - Strong to fire
137Blue Wyvern103,0001,912Fire - Strong to ice
145Jr. Newtie210,0003,458None
150Nest Golem235,0007,800None
146Memory Guardian215,0004,231None
148Chief Memory Guardian225,0004,393None
147Skelegon220,0003,594Holy - Strong to Dark
131Rexton140,0002,454Lightning & Poison
133Brexton150,0002,603Ice - Strong to fire
132Coolie Zombie145,0002,529Holy - Immune to Poison
164Oblivion Guardian370,0006,783Ice & Poison & Lightning
166Chief Oblivion Guardian390,0007,099"^^^^^^^^^^"

About the KMS Big Bang Revamp

[url=]Refer here for more information about skill changes, exp curve, etc[/url]

For more information of where to train, go here

[url=]Credits to Sammy of Ellinforest[/url]

Questions and Answers

All questions will be answered here, if you have a question leave a comment!

Q: Where are Flamethrower Robots?
A: Flamethrower robots are called in GMs AF Androids. Verne Mines pretty much near the end of em, look on your world map. -- Ty Jarretboyle for the answer.

Q: How do I get to Unit 202/Lab 202?
A: 1. Go to the Zenumist society place (very left of Sunset Road Magatia)
2. Take the door right under that giant blue crystal
3. Go to the right and take the door, not the portal
4. You should be in second floor hallway now, just take the portal to the left and that is Unit 202
Thank you to; PhaseOfFact for supplying this answer

Q: What are Pirates? Pirates in Herb Town, or Ludi?
A: Herb Town

Q: What are Spiders? Wolf Spiders?
A: This guide was based on KMS, so no, they're not Wolf Spiders, but the regular spiders in Ludi(?) I might be wrong, so I think it's the spiders in Edelstein in the mine. Correct me if I'm wrong

Q: Where are Puppets?
A: Puppets in Edelstein is a quest you have to do. At level 66 you go to the Mine, where some girl is. She'll ask you to enter the left door, and kill 90 Rowdy Puppets for her. They give 364 exp per kill, but you have a 10minute limit inside. You can continue doing the quests though if you just forfeit, and re-do the quests. They're called Rowdy Puppets









Updated: 02/09/10 - Edited the Accuracy information / Put a Monster List up
Updated: 03/09/10 - Added more training places for 120+ / Put more monsters in Monster List / Added "Weakness" to the Mosnter List
Updated: 14/09/10 - Added more information about training spots 1-66+, credits to Foolyz for the information! They new information is added at the bottom, at the end of "Levels 65-70"
Updated: 20/09/10 - Added whether the area is recommended, suitable, or highly recommended. Also added a few more places to train, such as alternatives, but not a lot because there aren't much alternatives to train at, that I know of.
Updated: 17/11/10 - Added in English version maps of the given training places form level 1 - 70. Also, included how the layout of the map is. Credits to ShadowQuill
Updated: 10/12/10 - Added in SOME GMS monsters
Updated: 12/12/10 - Open for Q&A!
Updated: 06/04/11 - Added Lionheart Castle to training guide... Will be editing the hp/exp/weakness thing soon...

Adding in GMS monsters as we know it, if there isn't a monster in here that you know is great, tell me and I'll check it out.
I know that I haven't edited this guide for a while, busy right now, course selections and junks. Exams coming up, etc.