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Orbis PQ OPQ

## Table Of Contents :

Before the PQ
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#require]Pre-Party Quest Requirements[/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#tip]Tips before the PQ[/s]

Stages of the PQ
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage1]Stage 1 - Collect the Clouds [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage2] Stage 2 - CDs for the days [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage3] Stage 3 - Combination Room [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage4] Stage 4 - Collecting the Pieces [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage5] Stage 5 - Kill the monsters. [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage6] Stage 6 - Hitting the Levers [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#remake] Remaking the Goddess [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#stage7] Stage 7 - Papa Pixie (Boss Stage) [/s]
[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#bonus] Bonus Stage [/s]

[s=/forum/1388325/0/Orbis_PQ_OPQ_Guide.html#hiddenbase] Hidden Room/Basement [/s]

Pre-Party Quest Requirements

  • The level range for the PQ is 51 - 70
  • Max Haste
  • 6 members in the party
  • Mage with Teleport

Tips before the PQ

  • I recommend "All Cures" because the end bosses does some status effects.
  • Plenty of HP/MP potions are highly recommend.
  • A Cleric will do fine.

Stage 1 - Collect the Clouds

When you are inside OPQ. You will be in Stage 1 , first. There will be a room with clouds scattered across the map. Break the clouds with weapons and collect the cloud pieces that drop from them. There are 20 clouds scattered throughout the room. When you have collected the clouds along with your party members, give them to your leader at the bottom. Your leader must collect the cloud pieces and then click the NPC. The NPC will move you to the next stage. You will also be granted one buff from the NPC.

Stage 2 - CDs for the days

You will be teleported into the tower. Once you go inside the portal into the tower, you will see monsters come at you. 1 or 2 party members will stay back and kill the monsters. Go to the portal to the right and you will enter the main part of Stage 2.

The Maiden/NPC will wish to listen to a CD depending on what day it is. In this room, you will see a JQ with boxes at the top.

Sunday: Red
Monday: Orange
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Purple
Thursday: Dark Blue
Friday: Light Blue
Saturday: Green

The area of 4 and 6 are for mages. The rest , you will need haste to go to. Once you have the CD for the day that it is, give it the the middle record player. A "clear" sign will appear and you can head to the next stage. A box will appear near the right, break it and collect the piece of the statue.

Stage 3 - Combination Room

Once you finished Stage 2, head back to where you entered. Head up the tower to the nearest portal to the next stage. Stage 2 is a room with combination. You will have to head up to the top. Once you get to the top, you will see 3 steps that you can go on. Use the middle portal (hole) to go to the top. 5 party members will have to be on any of the steps. The leader will call out numbers.

500 410 401

There are 3 steps. Wherever the number is , is how many people should be there.

500 : 5 people on the left step.

Once you get the combination correct, a box will appear at the top. The other party members will head out of the stage, and one party member will stay behind and get the statue piece.

Stage 4 - Collecting the Pieces

This room will contain a few floors with portals in the middle. Try to find a portal in the main rooms and go inside. Each room will have different color Kittens, and each will drop items you will need. Take a full room and kill all the Kittens inside. Go out to the bottom, or finish the other rooms. Once you have collected all the items, give it to the leader at the bottom.

Room 1 : There will be Blue Kittens that are strong against Magic attack. (Magic attacks will be weak)
Room 2 : There will be Red Kittens that will have to be killed by Magic attacks.
Room 3 : There will be Yellow Kittens that are able to disappear for a few seconds and then reappear.
Dark Room: There will be boxes hidden around the room. This room is dark and will contain invisible steps.

Stage 5 - Kill the monsters.

This stage will contain a tower that teleports you to the part of the map with Star Pixies, Lunar Pixies, and Luster Pixies. Kill all the Star Pixies, Lunar Pixies, and Luster Pixies and pick up the pieces that drop from them. Some will die and leave a ghost that you will have to also kill. Pick up the pieces that drop right away, they might disappear. Give all pieces to leader who will be waiting near the NPC.

Stage 6 - Hitting the Levers

The leader will stay back in the NPC. The other members of the party will head up the JQ. There will be 4 random steps with 4 blocks on each. You will have to test each block. If you are on the wrong block, you will be teleported back to the bottom. If you are the right block, proceed up and call out the number to your party members. Be sure to leave 10 mesos on the right step.

You will go up to one block and try the first one. If it doesn't work, go up and try the next one. If it does work, shout to your team to put the marker (mesos) on top of it.

Once you are at the very top, finished with the JQ. There will be red levers that you and your other party members will have to hit. So be sure to take out a fast weapon. Each member will have to take 1 or 2 levers. Hit the levers rapidly while the party leader clicks the NPC. Once the stage is completed , a box will appear near the NPC.

Remaking the Goddess

Once you finished Stage 6, you and your party members will have all the pieces of the goddess. Put the pieces on the big stone goddess and you will complete her like a puzzle.

Talk to the NPC once she is remade, and you will be teleported to the Boss Stage.

Stage 7 - Papa Pixie

You will be teleported to a big room. You will see Nependeaths (flowers) that attack you at the top. Kill the Nependeaths and collect the seeds that drop. Place the seeds that these flowers drop on the pots at the left and rights of the maps. Keep killing until a Dark Nependeaths spawns out from the planted seeds. Once you kill the Dark Flower, a Papa Pixie will spawn.

Status Effects: Papa Pixie can use on you.
  • Seal
  • Slow
  • Blind

Papa Pixie's Stats :
Level : 72
HP : 672,000
EXP : 17,000

More detailed stats here.

Once you've killed Papa Pixie, a seed will drop. (Even Stranger Seed) Drop it on all the pots or the one that didn't spawn a monster, and a green piece of grass will grow. Hit the grass and collect the Grass of Life. Drop the Grass of Life on the statue and Minerva will appear.

Bonus Stage

The remaining party will have a certain amount of time inside the Bonus Stage. Simple, break the boxes and collect the mesos and items that will dropped.

After you completed the bonus stage, you will be teleported out of the PQ!

Hidden Room / Basement (Jail)

Basement: The Jail is at the very bottom of the tower. Most likely, only clerics will be able to do this map due to the monsters that do incredibly high damage. There will be 3 frees where you have to go through spears and stars like a JQ. Lucidas does 2.5k damage. Kill all the Lucidas and climb up the ropes,etc. You will find boxes at the top and break them over for your prices.

Hidden Room : Get to this room by going to the platform above the portal to the lobby, under the statue. You will only see a portion of yourself inside this room. You will find monsters (Celions) that drop piece of Diaries. Complete the room by killing all the monsters up to the top.

ConfusedSoul: There is a Cellion that spawns in certain spots in this map. The map goes up with a really long ladder. There are 15 total platforms. These are the locations of the Cellion in order (lowest platform is 1, highest is 15)

The last one drops the statue piece, and the leader talks to the cloud NPC.