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Pirate PQ PPQ

Requirements :
  • a party of 3 or more. No more than 6 players
  • the Pirate Party Quest is for level 55 - 100 only ( I'll called it PPQ for short )

I am sure some of you may know this but get a pirate hat as the reward ! So how you get the pirate hat ? When you finish the party quest for x amount of times you get the pirate hat...

x50 PPQs level 60 pirate hat will be gained
x150 PPQs level 70 pirate hat will be gained
x300 PPQs level 80 pirate hat will be gained
x500 PPQs level 90 pirate hat will be gained

Stats of the Pirate Hat :

level 60 hat - +2 all stat ( str luk int dex ) , +30 hp/mp , +45 def , +3 speed , +1 jump
level 70 hat - +3 all stat ( str luk int dex ) , +40 hp/mp , +60 def , +4 speed , +1 jump
level 80 hat - +3 all stat ( str luk int dex ) , +60 hp/mp , +70 def , +5 speed , +2 jump
level 90 hat - +5 all stat ( str luk int dex ) , +90 hp/mp , +90 def , +7 speed , +4 jump

The basic overview of the Pirate Party Quest

To start the PPQ , talk the npc to begin

Stage 1 - Journey to the Pirate Ship ! (Time limit : 5 mins)

Objective :
Your teammates have 5mins to head to the exit

In order to head to the next stage step A must be completed first :
a. 4 types of veggie monsters will appear on both decks
  • beat all the monsters on both decks within the time limit

Optional :
b. there will be chest in this arena
  • hit the chest
  • monsters will appear from the chest
  • sometimes yellow packages will appear also

c. monster that you kill will drop yellows packages
  • there's another quests in the town that require you to collect those packages
  • collect them if you want

Stage 2 - The Battle Begins ! Attack of the Invaders (Time limit : 6 mins)

Collect 20 grey, blue and wooden pirate badge of each then give them to leader to advance to stage 3

Recommendation : If your party members have pets on , ask them to turn it off before they enter stage 2 so that the leader can loot the badges without any trouble.

Stage 3 - Deck Breakthrough ! Part 1 (Time limit : 6 mins)

Objective :
Beat everything you see here then advance to next arena

There will be door that will lead to the 2nd part of the map to kill the rest of the pirates

Exit the arena once done !

Optional :
Talk to the pirate in lith harbour before entering the PPQ
  • the pirate will asks to find 6 treasure maps that Captain Hook and his minions have stolen

Stage 4 - Deck Breakthrough ! Part 2 (Time limit : 6mins)

Objective :
Beat everything you see then head over to the next stage

3 types of Monsters will appear
  • move along and defeat everything
  • there will be chest in this arena too. If you hit them monsters will appear
  • packages will be dropped for other quest

The follow are optional for the team to complete in stage 3 and 4. If your team choose not to finish the optional quests you can skip this part and move to stage 5

The survivors ! ( Time limit : 5-6 mins )
the hidden room will appear at both stage 3 and 4

Objective :
Beat all the monsters

Monsters in the map will spawn
  • they will disappear from time to time
  • hunt every and each one of them before the time limit
  • red packages will be dropped from them

After you defeated the disappearing veggies a huge treasure chest will appear
  • a key will be required to open the treasure chest
  • hunt Captain Davie for the treasure key

Optional :
  • collect the red packages for another quest

Counter attack of Captain Hook's minions ! ( Time limit : 50 Seconds )
the hidden room will appear at both stage 3 and 4

2 type of Pirates will appear everywhere on the map
  • find the 6 treasure maps in this area I talked about earlier

Optional :
  • kill 200 pirates of each type for another quest

Stage 5 - Pirate Extirpation ! The Retreat. (Time limit : 6mins)

Objective :
Collect keys to close the doors to advance to final stage

Once you enter, there will be 3 type of monsters that will attack your team
  • find 4 skull keys to lock the 4 doors
  • the 4 doors will be open
  • every door will spawn 2 monsters at a time
  • monster will continue to spawn until the door(s) are locked
  • drop the skull key in front of the door to lock it

Recommendation : A thief with dark sight can help your party drop the keys to lock the doors

Stage 6 : Finally Stage - Dignity of Captain Hook ( Time limit : 8mins )

Get ready to fight the Captain Davie !

Important ! Different types of captain will be spawn. The type of captain that will spawn depends on how many brown chest(s) your teammate opened during the PPQ. How many chests to summon which type of Hook is unknown.

Abilities of Captain Davie :

  • Caption Davie has long range attacks
  • he will summon pirates to aid him in the battle ( summon 4 pirates at a time )
  • Hook has defense up skill that last 30secs

Kill Captain Davie to finish ^_^ do note you can also hit the veggie monster behind him but he cannot die and Davie do not take damage from it

Optional :
There is a quest that requires you to fight all 3 type of his form. You can active the quest before entering the PPQ

Climetail: Dec 13, 5:03pm

To Get Angry lord pirate, you have to open one chest found in the Bellflower Optional stages found in stages 3 and 4(Stages after the pass collecting stage).

To make the chest spawn, you have to kill all the bellflowers who have the same ability as the OPQ lioners.

To get Enraged Lord Pirate, you have to open both chests.

To open the chests, you need an item called "Captain's Key" which drops from lord pirate.

Kwcty6888: Dec 13, 3:15pm

Hey, I figured out something. The bonus stages for stg 3-4, if you open both chests, the enraged captain appears. If you get 1 chest, you summon angered one

MeanMommy: Peeking Lord Pirate who randomly appears on the fourth stage of the PQ and I have no idea what exactly triggers him. After over 450 PPQs I've now seen him only eight times and I don't know what made him show up. I've only seen him actually killed ONCE and that's because all the party members attacked him at the same time - similar to how devoteds have to be dealt with. Usually he just disappears if he isn't finished off pretty quickly - again similar to the devoteds - and I didn't notice if he dropped anything interesting the one time we did manage to knock him off.

Types of Captains :

Captain Davie himself

HP : 420000
MP : 300
Attack : 350
Defence : 670
M-attack : 415
M-Defence : 455
Experience gain : 7200
Knock back : 5000
Avoid : 28

Angry Hook

Level : 73
HP : 480000
MP : 400
Attack : 370
Defence : 690
M-attack : 430
M-Defence : 475
Experience gain : 8800
Knock back : 5000
Avoid : 29

Furious Hook

Level : 76
HP: 540000
MP : 500
Attack : 390
Defence : 710
M-attack : 450
M-Defence : 495
Experience gain : 12000
Knock back : 5000
Avoid : 30

Talk to the veggie npc once you defeated Captain Hook and enter a bonus stage
If you have a level 70- in your party you will receive 28000 EXP. If you do not you receive 20000 EXP.

In the bonus stage , speak to veggie to exit
  • a pirate hat will be gained if you finish the party quest for 50times


still trying to confirm some stuff...

Credits :

Pictures - thanks to and (Japanese name, cannot say anymore due to Basil Filters)
Translation - thanks to (Japanese name, cannot say anymore due to Basil Filters) for the most of the informations
more informations - (Japanese name, cannot say anymore due to Basil Filters)

My thoughts on this PPQ :

If all the information I get are correct, this party quest would be extremely easy if you can a party of 85+. Not sure about the experience but I bet everyone are looking forward to the reward instead of the experience XD. It may not be the best party quest for high level players but it will sure be fun to have as a mini quest to hunt bosses besides Mushmom and Jakum or that annoying market boss in night market. Also it will definitely , bring out those lazy people who hate to level their characters to level 100. Now you can level your character from 35 - 100 just by party quests hehe. It may be slow for some but heck this is the enjoyment I get when I play JMS when I party unknown Japanese or English players from party quests that I joined previously.


Side notes :

  • again this is a overview only. Some information might be wrong. Use this at your own risk
  • corrections will be made if necessary
  • thanks for everyone's support

My Credits:

All credits of this guide go to (Japanese name, cannot say anymore due to Basil Filters) of [url=]Adventures In JMS[/url]
[url=]~PM me if their are any mistakes~[/url]
[url=]Original Thread[/url]

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Q&A (wee finally a Q&A!)

Q: How do I submit a Q&A Question?
A: Send it to me on basil titled "PPQ Question"

Q: Is PPQ good EXP?
A: From what I have heard and done, no it is not good EXP.

Q: Is it out yet?
A: Yes!

Q: Why even do the PPQ?
A: Look at the sweet mini "Zakum" (Jackum in JMS fyi) hats.

Q: Why are lv120+ in the picture?
A: They are in the test server, they can go into LPQ, KPQ, any PQ I think.

Q: Do the pirate hats disappear when you get the next level one?
A: They should disappear but I am not 100%

Q: So if I PQ 500 times, I can get all of the hats?
A: Yes

Q: Are you sure it's level 55-100?
A: Yes, I am 100% on that. It is lv55-100. Nexon MIGHT change it but who knows.

Q: Is the hat trade-able?
A: No, it is not.

Q: But when I translate it, the hat name becomes something else.
A: I will change this when I get the pirate hat OR I see a picture of one in English

Q: What about my elemental attacks?
A: Your elemental attacks should do full damage, freeze (except for bosses ), poison, etc.

Q: Where is it?
A: Pirate nose den 1, top portal