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Potential Items

This guide was last updated on November 28th, 2011. Newer patches after this date that include changes to the Potential system may not be described here, so while this guide is a great resource to answer the basic questions, it is not a perfect reference. If I'm missing something, send me a PM.

It seems like Nexon has finally patched this glitch, but on the off chance that there are still items that are not displaying their stats correctly, I'm going to leave this up for a month or so.
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Since Ascension, potential items have a glitch on them so that stats are displayed incorrectly. Any single line may say something like, +12% STR, when it actually should say +12 STR. This is a VERY big difference, and you should take note so that you are not scammed.

If you are looking for percent bonus equips during the time this glitch is active, make sure the percents you are buying follow the rules of potential. As a reminder, check this list:

Equips levels 0-30: Rare-1%, Epic-2%, Unique-3%
Equips levels 31-70: Rare-2%, Epic-4%, Unique-6%
Equips levels 71+: Rare-3%, Epic-6%, Unique-9%

If you see percents that are not in the list above, they are fake percents.

It's slightly different for all-stats bonuses:

Equips levels 0-30: Rare-N/A, Epic-1%, Unique-2% (unsure about this one)
Equips levels 31-70: Rare-1%, Epic-2%, Unique-3%
Equips levels 71+: Rare-2%, Epic-4%, Unique-6%


I've seen a lot of threads on Basil asking about potential: what it is, how to get it, what the difference between different types is... I want to help everyone out and let you know exactly what potential is, and how you can benefit from it.

What the Heck is Potential?

Potential is a way to get items that are far more powerful than their regular counterparts. An item with potential has extra stats listed on the bottom on the item description; these stats are in addition to the regular stats. Because the bonus stats are added to the original, the chance for incredibly powerful items is much higher than if you just scrolled the equip.

Getting Potential Gear

There are two main ways to get a potential item. The first and most common way is to hunt monsters and collect any equips that may drop. If you're lucky, those equips will have potential, which you can then reveal with a magnifying glass (more on that in a bit). You can tell if an equip has potential because the item in your inventory will have a pink border around it, and there will also be a message in your chatbox saying "You have obtained an item with hidden potential."

Now, that's great for hunting items, but what if you have an equip that's already awesomely scrolled? Here's where the second method comes in: potential scrolls. Potential scrolls are special drops from any monster in the game (except monsters in New Leaf City and Singapore/Malaysia). There are two types of scroll: a regular Potential Scroll, and an Advanced Potential Scroll. The only difference between the two is that the chance of success for the regular is 70%, and the chance for the Advanced is 90%. All you have to do is use the scroll on one of your equips - if it succeeds, your item now has hidden potential! Be careful, though - if the scroll fails, your item automatically blows up. That's not a percent chance of blowing up... if it fails, it booms. End of story. So don't use the scrolls on items you don't want to lose.

The two types of potential scrolls

Revealing Your Potential

So, you've got an equip with hidden potential... Now what? You've got to reveal what the bonus stats are before you can use them. This is very easy to do. Head on over to any potion shop. Near the bottom of their selection, you will notice you can purchase magnifying glasses, with types ranging from basic to advanced. Each type determines how high a level of an equip you can reveal potential for.

Example: Let's say you've got a level 40 glove with potential. You can't use a basic magnifying glass, because those only work on items level 30 or below. An Average one will do, though.

To use a magnifying glass, double click it (it will be in your use inventory). Once you do so, you will be transferred to your equip inventory. Just click the item you want to reveal, and you've got a fully revealed potential item!

Tiers of Potential

There are some potential items that are better than others. Depending on the level requirement of the equip in question, and how lucky you are, you can end up with a whole range of stat bonuses. First, let me explain the difference between the categories of potential items.

The most common and therefore weakest type of potential is Rare. Items that are rare usually have stats like +3 STR, +1% INT, +40 Weapon Defense, and other stranger things, like a 10% chance to feel happy for ten seconds after being hit by an enemy. While you can sometimes get lucky and get Weapon Attack +6 for your three bonus stats, most of the time it's mostly useless bonuses.

The next level up is Epic rank. Items that are Epic are usually pretty good. Percent bonuses are more common in this rank than in Rare, and non-percent bonuses are usually higher, too. All in all, Epic items are much better than Rare.

The third and final type of rank is Unique. If you manage to get a Unique item, you're very lucky. Unique contains the most percent bonuses, sometimes giving things like +9% LUK three times, making a maximum percent bonus from any one equip a whopping 27%. Unique rank also presents the opportunity to get very rare bonuses, such as 30% extra damage to bosses. The real gems of Unique items, though, are the Decent skills that you can unlock. I'll be talking more about those later.

Now, any equip can become rare, epic, or unique. However, depending on the level of the equip, you might still get cruddy stats, even if you do reach unique. Here are the tiers for quality of potential. They are the same as the level ranges for job advancements:

Tier 1: Items lvl 1-30
Poor potential stats

Tier 2: Items lvl 31-70
Better potential stats

Tier 3: Items lvl 71-120
Best potential stats

The reason certain levels are better than others are because of a maximum value that stats can reach. For example, in the lowest level range (tier 1), the highest percent stat bonus you can get is 3%; for for tier 2, the max is 6%. The third tier can reach up to 9%. (There used to be a fourth tier which gave a max bonus of 12%, but this was removed during the Chaos patch.)

The tiers only affect percent stat bonuses. So where do the other bonuses come in? Potential items can have great bonus abilities, such as +30% damage when attacking bosses; similarly, they can have weird effects, such as a 10% chance to feel happy for 10 seconds when taking damage. So if you're looking for a specific ability (recovering MP every 4 seconds, for example), how do you know if an item could possibly get the desired effect?

Well, I always used to think that all items in the same tier had the same chances of getting the same effects. Another BasilMarket user, fraaple, was kind enough to point out to me that this is NOT the case. Special effects are not affected by tier, but by rank and item level.

For example, say you were looking for a weapon with the +30% damage to bosses effect. The rank requirement for that effect is unique, and the level requirement is 50. So you'd need to get at least a level 50 weapon up to unique rank before you even had a chance to get that effect.

For a list of effects and their requirements, please check Appendix B: List of Potential Bonus Effect Requirements.

How are potential bonuses calculated?

This is an important part to understand. Just because you have great potential stats doesn't mean the bonuses are going to stack up.

Basically, potential bonuses are calculated by using your regular, non-potential stat as a base, then adding to it. So, for an example, let's say you had 100 base STR with no other STR bonuses on any other equips. If you then put on an equip with +4% STR, you would gain 100 * 4% = 4 STR.

Now, let's say your base STR was 100 and you were wearing equips that gave another 100 STR, for a total of 200 STR. If you put on that 4% equips, it would count the base value of your stat as 200, so your potential bonus would be 200 * 4% = 8 STR. This calculation makes it so that people who have powerful potential stats don't necessarily have the greatest bonuses; you still need well scrolled equips to use your potential items to their maximum... potential.

Decent Skills

Some of the most sought after potential effects are those of the Decent skills. There are four Decent skills in game so far: Decent Mystic Door, Decent Sharp Eyes, Decent Hyper Body, and Decent Haste. In order to obtain these skills, you have to be really lucky. Decent skills are tied to equips, so you can only use the skills if you are wearing the equip with the Decent skill potential. (Well, okay, there are ways to circumvent that, but I'm not going to detail those methods here, on the off chance they are considered a bug exploit.) Once you are wearing the correct equip, you will be able to use these skills on yourself, regardless of class. That means if you are a thief, and you find an equip with Decent Hyper Body, you will be able to cast Hyper Body on yourself. It's freaking awesome.

The Decent skills can only be found on certain equips. Decent Mystic Door can only be found on hats/helmets, Decent Sharp Eyes can only be found on gloves, Decent Hyper Body can only be found on bottoms, and Decent Haste can only be found on shoes. In addition, you can only get Decent skills on equips that are level 70 or higher, with the exception of Decent Sharp Eyes, which can only be found on lvl 120+ gloves (Reverse/Timeless, Bloody, etc).

The power of the self buffs are not as strong as the maxed regular version of these skills, but they are still pretty good. Here's a summary of what the skills give (Only the sharp eyes data is still not 100% accurate; other skill data provided by OrionTempest):

Decent Mystic Door
Creates a portal from the map you're in to the nearest town, and back. Portal works ONLY for you. Portal lasts 120 seconds.
Cost: 120 MP, 2 Magic Rocks (regular Mystic Door uses only one rock)

Decent Sharp Eyes
Increases (or grants) critical damage for yourself. Critical rate increased by 10%; critical damage 30%. Lasts 200 seconds.
Cost: 37 MP

Decent Hyper Body
Raises your max HP and MP by 40%. Lasts 240 seconds.
Cost: 80 MP

Decent Haste
Increases your speed by 20 and your jump by 10. Lasts 200 seconds.
Cost: 50 MP

What's the Difference Between 2-line and 3-line Potentials?

One has two stat bonuses, and one has three stat bonuses. That's really the only difference.

This question is asked very often because many people notice that items with three lines of potential are usually more expensive than items with two lines, which leads people to believe that there must be something special about the 3-line stuff. But really, it's a matter of the ability to get great bonuses. Let's say you get really lucky and get a unique item with 9% STR on all stat bonuses. Would you rather have it be a 2-line item or a 3-line item? The 2-line would get you 18% STR total, but the 3-line would get you 27%... seems like an easy decision.

Miracle Cubes

Ah yes. Here is the reason Nexon released potential items in the first place: Miracle Cubes. Miracle Cubes are special items that can be bought in the cash shop for 1,200 NX. When used, they reset an item's potential, so that it reverts back to having hidden potential. After using a cube, you can use another magnifying glass on the equip, and you will have another chance at getting better stats, or possibly a raise in rank to epic or even unique.

Here's an example: Let's say you've got some level 100 pants (bottoms) that you found on the floor. It had hidden potential, so you use a magnifying glass to reveal the bonus stats. It turns out to be a Rare item, with bonus stats of +50 MP and +90 W. Defense, and +30 HP. Eh, it's not bad for a free item, but you think you could get lucky with these pants. You buy a cube in the cash shop, use it on the pants, and suddenly you have Unique pants with Decent Hyper Body, 9% STR, and 9% DEX! (Okay, so this is a ridiculous example, but it gets the point across.)

Another good thing about cubes: Let's say you cube an item and it becomes epic. That item will never again be rare, even if you cube it again. It will from now on always be epic... unless you cube it until is turns into a unique item. In other words, whatever rank the cube gets after cubing, it will always be at least that rank, but it could upgrade.

Miracle Cubes cannot change the number of lines an item has. However, another similar item, the Premium Miracle Cube (3,100 NX) does have a chance of changing the number of lines. Use this on items that only have two lines when you'd like to try to get them to three lined.

(A side note about Miracle Cubes: each time you use one, you will get one fragment of a cube. If you collect 5 or 10 fragments, you can turn them in to the Maple GM for a regular or advanced potential scroll, respectively.)

What's the Difference Between Potential Scrolls and Enhancement Scrolls?

This is another somewhat common question. Though potential scrolls and enhancement scrolls were both released at the same time, they are completely different item upgrading systems.

Enhancement scrolls basically act as positive chaos scrolls; that is, when you use it on an item, it could raise (and only raise) any base stat on that item. You can use enhancement scrolls on any equip, regardless of whether it has potential or not, as long it has 0 slots. You can't use enhancement scrolls on items with more than 0 slots.

There are two kinds of Enhancement scroll: regular and advanced. Enhancement scrolls can be found from most monsters, though they are not a very common drop (check the monster's card to make sure if it drops what you're looking for). Advanced scrolls can ONLY be found from Chaos Zakum and Chaos Horntail.

Enhancement scrolls have a variable success rate, depending on how many times an item has been enhanced before. For regular enhancement scrolls, the success rate begins at 80%. If you used a scroll on an item, and it passed, that item would get one star above its name, signifying that it's been enhanced once. If you use another scroll the same item, the success rate will be 70%. If it passes, the item will have two stars. You can continue scrolling an item forever, as the lowest success rate an enhancement scroll can have is 10%. Be careful, though; just like potential scrolls, if the scroll fails, your item will blow up, 100% of the time.

An advanced enhancement scroll. Success rates for regular enhancement scrolls start at 80 percent.

I know this doesn't really have to do with potential, but I felt I needed to put this in anyway, since a lot of people sometimes get confused as to what the difference is.


So now you know what potential is, and how to use it to your benefit. Only one thing remains for you to do... Go out and get some potential items! You never know what sort of goodies you can find. Good luck, and happy Mapling!

[url=]Maplestory Webpage Describing Potential Items[/url]

Appendix A: List of Potential Bonuses

Information in this section is credited to Russisch.

Decent Mystic Door
+STAT (% or number)
Chance of showing an Emotion when hit
Accuracy (% or number)
Avoidability (% or number)
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Chance of recovering HP/MP
Ignore monster's attack/damage

Face accessory
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Recover HP/MP per second

Eye accessory
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)

Decent Hyper Body (BOTTOMS ONLY)
STAT (% or number)
Chance of Invincibility when hit
Chance of recovering HP/MP
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Avoidablility (% or number)
Accuracy (% or number)

Decent Haste
STAT (% or number)
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Avoidability (% or number)
Accuracy (% or number)
Chance of avoiding damage

Decent Sharp Eyes
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Avoidability (% or number)
Accuracy (% or number)
Chance of recovering HP/MP when attacking

STAT (% or number)
W.DEF (% or number)
M. DEF (% or number)
Chance of avoiding damage

STAT (% or number)
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Avoidability (% or number)
Accuracy (% or number)

Belt and Rings
STAT (% or number)
W.DEF (% or number)
M.DEF (% or number)
Avoidability (% or number)
Accuracy (% or number)

STAT (% or number)
W.ATT (% or number)
M.ATT (% or number)
Total damage %
Ignore monster's W.DEF/M.DEF at a certain percentage
20%~30% bonus damage when attacking a boss monster
Chance to recover HP/MP
Critical rate increase
Chance to freeze/poison/seal/slow/blind monster

This is a general list of bonuses. For a more complete and specific list, you'll have to search on the internet. I know there's one out there, but first of all I can't post it because the website is banned, and second I don't want to make this guide even more enormous than it already is.

Appendix B: List of Potential Bonus Effect Requirements

Information in this section is credited to fraaple.

Poison (10% chance, level/5 level) - requires level 10
Stun (5% chance, level > 30: job adv range - 1 level, level < 31: 1 level) - requires level 10
Slow (10% chance, level > 30: job adv range - 1 level, level < 31: 1 level) - requires level 10
Darkness (10% chance, level < 200: (level + 40)/50 level, level = 200: 10 level(sic)) - requires level 10
Freeze (5% chance, level > 30: job adv range - 1 level, level < 31: 1 level) - requires level 10
Seal (5% chance, level > 30: job adv range - 1 level, level < 31: 1 level) - requires level 10
Ignore defense (15%) - requires level 30

Ignore defense (15%) - requires level 50
Decrease status effect time (2 seconds) - requires level 50
Increase hp and mp recovery (level > 30: level/2 - 15, level < 31: 5) - requires level 30
Reduce mp consumption (15) - requires level 50
Restore mp (20) - requires level 50
Increase meso (job adv range*5 + 5) - requires level 30
Increase drop rate (job adv range*5 + 5) - requires level 30

Ignore defense (30%) - requires level 50
Increase boss damage % (20) - requires level 50
Increase boss damage % (30) - requires level 50
Ignore damage % (5% chance, 20% damage) - requires level 20
Ignore damage % (5% chance, 40% damage) - requires level 40
Increase all skill levels (1) - requires level 30
Increase all skill levels (2) - requires level 70
Decent Mystic Door - requires level 70
Decent Hyper Body - requires level 70
Auto-steal (1% chance) - requires level 20
Auto-steal (2% chance) - requires level 40
Decent Sharp Eyes - requires level 120
Decent Haste - requires level 70
Reduce mp consumption (floor((level + 40)/50)*10) - requires level 50
Restore mp (40) - requires level 50
Increase meso (job adv range*10 + 10) - requires level 30
Increase drop rate (job adv range*10 + 10) - requires level 30

Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use a potential scroll on an item that's clean/unenhanced?
No. You can use potential scrolls on pretty much any item. Potential scrolls DO NOT use up any slots.

Which monsters drop potential scrolls the most?
As far as I know, all monsters drop potential scrolls the same amount. However, only non-NLC/Singapore monsters drop them. That means if you're in NLC, you might find a potential scroll from the Jr. Yetis or Jr. Wraiths since they are originally from Victoria/Ossyria, but no other monster there drops them. There are no monsters in Singapore that drops potential scrolls.

Wait... If Decent Hyper Body is only on bottoms, mages and pirates are screwed! That's not fair!
Well, that's mostly true. However, if you think you really need Hyper Body, you can still get Stirgeman Pants which are level 70 or over, or you can make a pair of android bottoms.

I know you said in the guide that you can't turn a 2-line item into a 3-line, but I keep hearing people say you can. So, what's the truth?
Regular Miracle Cubes CANNOT change the number of lines on an item; however, a Premium Miracle Cube can. It costs more, though.

I got an item with a critical rate bonus that's higher than the max percent for the rank! Am I rich?
Unfortunately, no. Critical rate max values are usually higher than regular stats percentage.

Do higher level items get better potential stats than lower level items of the same tier?
No, they do not. Let's say you have a level 80 weapon and a level 100 weapon. They are both in the same tier, so they both have an equal chance of getting good potential stats. However, higher level items usually have a wider number of types of bonuses they can get. See Appendix B for details.

Can you get potential items from PQ rewards?
I always thought the answer here is no, but in fact the answer is YES. I have seen with my own eyes someone getting a potential Lord Pirate Hat. (My brother got it, and watched him get it.) So if you're lucky, you can get a potential Altaire Earrings, Broken Glasses, or any other PQ reward.

What about Professions? Can crafted/smithed items have potential?
Yes they can. In fact, they often do. I'm not sure about the exact figures, but I would guess anywhere between 10-20% of crafted items come out with hidden potential right off the bat. In addition, Alchemy gives you a skill called Fusing which allows you take two of the same item and combine it to make new one. This new item has a fairly high chance of being potential. Check out a Professions guide to get more info on Professions.

Can I buy potential item in the MTS?
No, you cannot. Potential items (as well as enhanced items) cannot be bought or sold in the MTS.