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Quests You Can Do To Make Money

Of course feel free to use this guide as you wish, but I will no longer be updating it. Happy Mapling everyone... I've had a good run, and I've quit playing this game. (To Mods: Please handle this guide however you wish. If you need to send me a PM on Basil for handling purposes, please feel free to do so.)

Who hates being poor? I sure do. (Lol and I'm a Cleric-path... But to be honest, we don't really make money since we aren't great attackers. We are just able to save a lot of it. Although you could sell leech if you have the time when you reach Bishop.)

So I searched for a bunch of quests that give (usually at a chance) profitable scrolls (or if you just need an extra scroll handy for a future project). Level requirement is in the parentheses (quests are also sorted by level requirement). Some quests will be better than others of course. Exchange Quests also give scrolls as rewards, but still a low chance to get one. Also remember that some Party Quests (i.e. Ludi PQ) also give scrolls at a chance, so don't be shy in joining a party to do them.

Also check for any pre-requisite quests needed to do the quest. The link should tell you if there are any. (Hit CTRL+F to help you find any words you need to help your search in this list). The areas and continents are organized by their relative distance from Victoria Island, by the way. When I learn how to link contents, I'll be sure to put this in for facilitated searching.


[url=] Jane and The Wild Boar (Lvl 25) [/url]

[url=] POLLUTED! (Level 30) [/url] Only repeatable if character is Lvl 65 or lower. If anyone has more info on the repeatability of this quest (i.e. if still repeatable not at all), please PM me.

[url=] Jane The Alchemist (Lvl 40) [/url]

[url=] To The New World (Lvl 40) [/url]

[url=] The Alligators At The Swamp (Lvl 52) [/url]

[url=] Doll In The Dark (Lvl 55) [/url]

[url=] Soul In The Dark (Lvl 70) [/url]

[url=] Sabitrama's Life Work (Lvl 85) [/url]

[url=] The Committee Challenges (Lvl 85) [/url]

[url=] Open Sesame (Lvl 85) [/url]

[url=] An Unknown Love (Lvl 85) [/url]

[url=] Freed From Darkness (Lvl 90) [/url]


[url=] Sakura and The Teddy Bear (Lvl 30) [/url]

[url=] Sakura and The Seal (Lvl 35) [/url]

[url=] Movie Star (BELOW Lvl 40) [/url]

[url=,%20The%20Kitty%20and%20the%20Orange%20Marble%22] Sakura, The Kitty and the Orange Marble (Lvl 40) [/url]

[url=] Umi's Spiced Veggies (Lvl 75) [/url]

[url=]Eliminating Blue Mushmom (Lvl 85) [/url]


[url=] Subani's Legacy (Lvl 36) [/url]

[url=] ReVersal (Lvl 40) [/url]

[url=] Bounty Hunter (Lvl 40) [/url]


[url=] Stop the Speeder! (Lvl 30) [/url]


[url=]Lam Wants to See the World (Lvl 85)[/url]


[url=] The View Of The Ocean (Lvl 30) [/url]


[url=] Muse Is Cooking (Lvl 95) [/url]


[url=] Preparing For The Revival (Lvl 55) [/url]

[url=] Scadur's New Fur Coat (Lvl 60) [/url]


[url=] The Outlaw In The Sea (Lvl 55-100) [/url]

[url=] Captain Lord Pirate (Lvl 55-100) [/url]


[url=] The Missing Mechancial parts (Lvl 30) [/url]

[url=] A Delivery To A Lost Time (Lvl 33) [/url]

[url=] Eos Tower Threatened! (Lvl 35) [/url]

[url=] Peace At Eos Tower (Lvl 40) [/url]


[url=] Terminating the Dark Force (Lvl 31) [/url]


[url=] Romeo Proposes (Lvl 70) [/url]

[url=] Keeny's Research on Frankenroid (Level 70-85) [/url]

[url=] Who is De Lang? (Lvl 75) [/url]


[url=] Pam's Request (Lvl 78) [/url]