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General public complaints about 10th

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natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
Copied from here:

TL;DR at the bottom

The general feeling we get, and the vibe we have from this event is: everything is limited. You get UP TO 50 coins per day from boxes, UP TO 3 from the festival... And in addition leaves are now completely different than what it used to be during past anniverssaries. It's now [B]MUCH[/B] harder to farm leaves properly, and you trade 200 for 1 coin instead of 100.

Many players complain about this event. I would lie if I say if I disagree with them, although I do like certain parts of the event, myself. But for now, I'd like to focus on what's really been bothering [B]me[/B], and could probably bother other players.

First of all, the limitations are really annoying. Getting coins got really hard since last anniversary.
You could remove the 50 coins limit from the boxes, but make coins a bit more rare. Getting coins isn't easy at all in this event, and everything that is considered decent - costs 100 coins, or more. So, yea, in the beggining of the event, once you finish all quests, you'll end up with a decent amount of coins (enough to probably buy you that one thing you really want), but I imagine in 4, or 5 days coins will be MUCH harder to come by, and the leaf part doesn't help at all, because leaves are REALLY much more rare than previous events. And to add into the frustration, to get a single coin you now need to convert 200 leaves instead of 100!

I understand the thing with the leaves was done to avoid making the leaves a centeral merchendise, as it was in previous events (where hackers and bots farmed leaves, and sold it for profit). It does, however, create a new problem! The most desired items, and scrolls are 1 - time - per - character and if you want to get it on another character, you are going to have to put a LOT of effort into it, and it may not even be rewarding since it's success is not guranteed.

Second, the festival event, where coins drop from the sky... limiting it to 3 makes it very unsatisfying, and to top it all off, most players (me included) complain about intense lag that won't let us take part in it, and try to catch the coins.

My suggestions to improve everybody's feeling, while keeping nexon's goal for minimizing damage:
1) REMOVE limits from 9th anniversary scrolls. Keep a limit for the rest. My reasoning is that scrolls are something that is desired in masses, and in singles it barely helps anybody. People who want to scroll their equips usualy requre anywhere between 8 and 12 scrolls, and now we have to consider a list of limitations, (including, but not limited to: ) You have to move your equip into a different character in your account to buy that scroll you wanted. The other character has less Diligence trait, and thus lower scroll success chance. Also, achieving 300 coins on a completely different character is much harder now, and you can barely assist with the coins, as leaves are; as said earlier, much less common now. ALSO, some items require Scissors of Karma to move. PLUS, the good scrolls have a chance of having your equip destroyed, and requires guardian scrolls.
This is all too much to worry about to scroll A SINGLE piece of equipment!

2) Find a quick fix for the festival event (where coins drop from the sky). I also suggest changing it from coins - into leaves. Remove any limitations, and make it easier to stack leaves. If you want to make it fair, keep it on a rate of 200 leaves = 1 coin.

3) Find a way to let players get an unlimited amount of coins per day, but in return make is a bit difficult. Farming leaves is difficult, and not rewarding at all. I see myself in 4 or 5 days just sitting all day to collect leaves, and after 3 hours or so - having 3000 leaves, which in the end of the day equals 15 coins. And if I want to buy another scroll, I have to stack 300 coins! Try to understand how massive 300 coins sounds now, that you get how hard it is to get leaves.
Some items in the shop cost over 700 coins, and the most expensive item in the shop cost 1000 coins.
I can't even put my hands on 1000 leaves, let alone 100 coins.
Took me all day to stack up the 204 coins I have right now, and that includes some 1-time event quests that I cannot repeat to stack more coins.

I think Nexon should revise, and check how realistic is the prices of the items in the anniversary shop, and the difficulty of collecting event coins.

Nexon, this event sucks, please check how realistic is what you demand from the average player, and then come back to us.

Also, Artasi (The community manager) Said something along the lines of "This is probably the last time we will get a chance to use primes, since from now on Nexon's main focus will be on the spell traces".
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iElmo Level 250 Bera Night Walker 4 BIackbean Guild
The last event apparently had 50 coin primes? And it was 100 leaves for 1 coin. So that's 5000 leaves for a prime.

This event, primes are 300 coins... with 200 leaves for 1 coin. So that's 60000 for a prime.

:o :o
May 06 2015
LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
I have a complaint which is the cake/pie drop buff they give does not stack with familiars and i'd rather choose familiar drop rate over that .-.
May 06 2015
Agreed. Event is poopish.
May 06 2015
Rikorin Level 174 Windia Battle Mage 4
well they SHOULD make it hard to get primes considering it's the best end game scrolling
May 06 2015
SuspiciousCats Level 200 Bera Citizen Ambition Guild
The last event apparently had 50 coin primes? And it was 100 leaves for 1 coin. So that's 5000 leaves for a prime.

This event, primes are 300 coins... with 200 leaves for 1 coin. So that's 60000 for a prime.

:o :o[/quote]

May 06 2015
HalloweenTown Level 157 Scania Beginner
Its true, they want to remove scrolls permanently and focus on spell traces as maplestory's main scrolling system 0-0 good bye nostalgia! idk if they will remove all scrolls at one point but who knows?
May 06 2015
Chuseyo Level 170 Scania Kaiser 4 See what games, anime & art Chuseyo is intoChuseyo
wut, the festivals give so many coins doe! i got 170 just from yesterday only for playing 1 - 2 hrs ish
May 06 2015
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