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Getting a better Aliance rank

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
I am looking for a clear and easy explenation how that Allaince ranking works. And how and when you can use the alliance skjills. Anyone ?

Yjanks a million
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leviwellok Level 124 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Alliance ranks just take coins to rank up. Id recommend capping determination on a mule and then ranking up there, as if you use the coins from your main you won't have enough to buy everything from the shop. Alliance skills must be leveled up by Grendel the really old in the outpost. You can then access them by going in your beginner tab. It will take a total of 8350 coins to rank up to Legend IV. Which is around 16 days of worth of coins
Dec 11 2018

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