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Getting a monster familiar card that is low level to you?

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I'm level 134 and I know that drop rates of lower level monsters are near 0% if your level is too high.
I'm trying to look for the Big Spider Familiar Card but those are 62 levels under me. I'm wondering if I can still get them at my level...
Thanks guys
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It's not really you, as to all high levels. It's just the high level monsters. It's the drop rate of the high level familiars. If the familiars were really easy to get, the prices would drop for it, not really a use for auctioning the high level monsters. Also, is it possible to get a boss familiar? It seems impossible. Also that if we were to get boss monsters easily, it would make a lot of things lagggy[/quote]

I got a Griffey familiar card once ! Idk if that counts but.... XD
Jan 23 2012
I'm 151 and I just got a JR Bolrog card and he's only level 66. that's an 85 level difference.
Jan 29 2012
I got a bunch @ like lv 140. and now we're on 3x drop so you'll get them easy
Jan 29 2012
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