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Ghost Ship Badge OBTAINABLE

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dragonglord Level 219 Scania Xenon 4 Harbor Guild See what games, anime & art dragonglord is intodragonglord
Hey guys. As you may all know, the ghost ship badge is only obtainable once per character from the Boat Quay town quest line. So if you boomed yours, you're outta luck. Well...i am here to tell you that i have gotten confirmation form a GM through email that the badge is currently obtainable through PQ's. Thats right just a pq. UNFORTUNATELY, its still nexon,so they were super vague with me and claimed they were not allowed to tell me which pq, but that there was a slim chance from some random pq. Its not much but if you boomed yours and have been stuck with some crap badge, maybe you and some friends with your same situation can get together and grind out these pqs. Im looking for any Scanians who'd wanna pq with me daily cuz i boomed mine several years ago. Best of luck to you all, and if anyone gets it, be sure to post a pic or something
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zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
TBH Just don't be stupid, and use a protection scroll. If there is an item that is really rare or expensive why risk blowing it up even if it's only a 10% chance to boom from a adv pot? Protection scrolls are a lot easier to get now so it's not like it's too expensive to get those either.
Jan 05 2016
tampons Level 210 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
the GM is a troll. PQ would not get you sht.
Jan 05 2016
intjmikey Level 248 Scania Blade Master
im p sure the only pq u could get it from was the excavation site gpq and thats gone now
Jan 05 2016
slashnstab Level 224 Scania Dark Knight
If you boomed your Ghost Badge with a pot scroll. I don't even, there's 50% epic potential scrolls around that doesn't boom.
Not worth the risk of blowing up on an item where you can only get ONE time
Jan 05 2016
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
maybe from DRPQ. You can get the sword earrings from the reward box and an untradable sirius cape or whatever it's called. maybe it also has ghost ship badge
Jan 05 2016
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
+1 do all pqs and tell us
Jan 05 2016
dulcet Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4 EvoLovE Guild
If this was an actual thing then the only pq that would make sense for it to come from would be ghost ship sea of fog (the one qhwre you race each team to kill the boss). But that has been removed from the game for some time now.
Jan 05 2016
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