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imAgile Level 187 Scania Blade Master
Ive calculated that if i switch back to DB i will have 549 attack, 135k Range (Buffed) with my shtty dagger but i will have 76% boss and 30% pdr

(this is without leafre card set, or good lines on my legendary dagger and sw katara)

average range?
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
What's the difference if we tell you that you have an average range or not? If you want to switch back to a DB then go ahead, I don't see a reason why not?
Jan 13 2014
@imAgile I'll actually try to help you unlike some. What level are you?
Jan 13 2014
imAgile Level 187 Scania Blade Master
@imAgile I'll actually try to help you unlike some. What level are you?[/quote]


Jan 13 2014
zarisktz Level 165 Khaini Buccaneer
It's alright maybe a bit above average?
Jan 13 2014
@imAgile: Hmm you seem average to me. I have a friend thats 200 with a range like yours
Jan 13 2014
Grim Level 213 Renegades Blade Master DarkRelic Guild
If you want to play a different class then do it. There's no need to post a whole thread about it when you can just do it. If you're range or damage or whatever is low after switching just get the funds to raise it. Plus if you're just playing for damage then you shouldn't be playing at all.
Jan 14 2014
Toxicvvaste Level 177 Scania Blade Master
Play whichever one you enjoy more.
Jan 14 2014

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