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Gm skelorm appreciation thread

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Obvious he isn't the one who is to be blamed for you being banned. Or not being unbanned.

The fact of the matter is you ethier leeched from hackers, or you did the level 200 glitch. You can send as many msgs as you want to him. He can read it while he is watching the footage of you leeching. Or the records of your level 200 beginner that was made 2 days ago LOL.

Come on guys, grow up.

(you don't have to read this part just making it easier for the kids)
If you steal something worth more then 300 dollars from a store. Then you get sentenced to 30 days in jail. Are you REALLY going to blame the prison guard because he said the exact same thing to last guy who ask him to let him out of jail?
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Wuangzhu Level 117 Khaini Hayato 4
yes >.> i all i did was merch and when i finally decided to grind/play i get ban
Feb 18 2013
By any chance are you hoping I'm a gm and will unban?
Feb 18 2013
LlamaBanana Level 200 Bellocan Beginner
I am fairly sure he is a robot.
Feb 18 2013
Wuangzhu Level 117 Khaini Hayato 4
By any chance are you hoping I'm a gm and will unban?[/quote]

noh..ofc not... i knew u weren't a gm... FINE I THOUGHT U WERE HAPPY NOW -sniff sniff-
seriously i was just responding to u
Feb 18 2013
oAZNvTOFUo Level 31 Renegades Demon Slayer 2
as we are posting these comments, Skelorm is quietly adding us to his list of to-ban list.
Feb 18 2013
13e4n3r Level 201 Scania Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art 13e4n3r is into13e4n3r
no i didnt leech i was on my brawler grinding at scarecrow also it was a **PERM BAN**[/quote]

If it was a perm ban it means that a gm physically saw you doing something that is against TOS and banned you. They probably even have real footage of you doing whatever it was that you were doing.
Feb 18 2013
@oAZNvTOFUo ahh good observation. However, his "to-ban" list is probably already full.
Feb 18 2013
97% of tickets deserve nothing more than "copy-paste"- replies.[/quote]
I can tell you right now 97% of MY tickets do not deserve "copy-paste" replies, but that's what I get anyways.
Feb 19 2013
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