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Godly 40% drop pendant Screen

By cherrytigers

cherrytigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art cherrytigers is intoCherryTigers
Jul 29 2014 70 red cubes used on cubing to finally obtain something this beautiful. #twittermarket
If you watch my videos, sorry for the cubing spoilers.

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MedFat Level 211 Bera Blade Master
+2 Too bad its not a greed pendant.[/quote]

Now you're just being GREEDY for more potentials
Jul 30 2014
freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
what, people are willing to spend 15bil just to increase there drop rate by 20%......
Jul 30 2014

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