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Golden Temple Drop List

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Hi Basil.
I want to see what monsters drop what items in Golden Temple so if anyone has fought some specific monster please lst what items you got. ;P
I personally need a reverse/timeless dagger/katara so if anyone knows what monster in Golden Temple drops it, feel free to tell me. xD
~Thanks in advance~
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


Misleading title. ASK for a Golden Temple Drop List. >.<

OT: I didn't get any reverse items.
Jul 21 2011
well any monster can drop any item. What i did was i went into the lowest lvl map and i could clear it fast. So you will have a higher drop rate hope this helps
Jul 21 2011
Actually im lv49 and im so confused about which Mini dungeon do i enter ?
Jul 21 2011

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