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Gollux Confusion 1HKO?

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helosis Level 190 Arcania Hero
So Ive recently got back into maplestory. Im a lvl 201 Hero. and after looking up on Gollux clear ranged I realized I have the damage to kill atleast normal lux. Id really hope I could cause I want to increase my range.

So I finished the chin part of the Gollux run but I kept dying for no reason after I got to the eyes or the crystal.

The problem for me is the confusion debuff. Gollux confuses me with something and after the confuse debuff ends I get 1shot. Ive only survived it once and it was from max HP.

Im wondering how I can avoid this or is it impossible to avoid and do I just need to kill his eyes before that happens? (also FYI I know the roar or whatever he does 1shots if you're on the bottom platform. I die to the confusion on the 2nd and 3rd platforms at the eyes and crystal)

Hope yall can help!
P.S. Are there any Hero specific skills that can help with this boss or naw
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cris1000 Level 215 Broa Marksman
When his eyes turn orange, Gollux uses the reverse controls attack. This does what it says and it does 99.9% (?) max hp damage after 5 seconds. If you are standing at the edge of the platform (either side), then you won't get hit by the initial reversal/99.99%.

In the final gem stage, you only have to worry about letting the minion counter reach 5, which happens each time one of the mobs touches the centre.
Jul 18 2018
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Worldreaver gives iframes during its animation. If you time it correctly, you can avoid the 1hko or the initial cast (though it's probably easier to time the 1hko avoidance).
Jul 19 2018
kinghext Level 207 Windia Hero
i have a 2m range and kill normal gollux super easy with no effort
Jul 25 2018

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