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Good End Game Attack Gun

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iouiou6 Level 195 Broa Wind Archer 4
I have a VIP Gun 203 attack. Should i Just keep it and work on other pieces of equips?
Posted: August 2013 Permalink


KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Keep it unless you wanna go for the Emp/RA set. 203 att is amazing though.
Aug 03 2013
PikeBishop Level 100 Scania Luminous 3
That is one hell of a gun, considering that clean and average it starts out with 92 attack.

If you have Empress equipment and you'd like one of the set bonuses, you could sell your VIP gun for a Sharpshooter to complete the set.

Or if you want the extra 10% PDR and 30% Boss on the Fafnir, that'd be a good choice too.
Aug 03 2013
Colors Level 172 Windia Corsair
203 for a VIP gun is amazing o-o
OT: keep it for now and upgrade it last
Aug 03 2013
SimplyHim Level 215 Bera Corsair
200+ atk VIP gun? That's beast just get boss+pdr and that's end game right there
Aug 03 2013
karan17 Level 70 Bera Wind Archer 3
I smell a show-off thread #hmm
Aug 03 2013
Yakashiku Level 200 Khaini Corsair
let me have that
Aug 04 2013
Yerenth Level 123 Khaini Paladin
As said above guns in Khaini are literally non existent. I've seen like 1 15x att VIP gun and that isn't even that good. GL finding any pirate gear though that isn't clean RA/empress. One of the reasons I quit my sair a while ago.
Aug 05 2013
Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4
S>203 att Vip 30% boss 40% pdr legendary vip gun .... in 80 days i went crazy with item guards and what not and locked it for 90 days Q.Q. Just add me if you're interested ign Loneiier
Aug 05 2013

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