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Good Quests with decent rewards lvl 100?

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dlalsdn8551 Level 187 Broa Kanna 4
Does anyone have any recommendations for questlines that Characters over lvl 100 should do or try out?
I tried looking online but most are outdated.

Any quests that either:
  1. gives rewards (medals/chairs/etc/or any other notable things)
  2. a boss pre-questline.

especially the 2nd one T.T I have no idea which quests to do to unlock bosses
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gakinotsukai Level 211 Bera Bishop
Almost all the decent ones are quests from the lightbulb.

The only boss one you'll really need is ToT (temple of time) for fifth job.
Jul 06 2017
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
Idk some of the names, but almost all of them are in your lightbulb, so they just have to relate to what I'm describing.

To Pantheon (Magnus)
Crimsonheart To Grendel's Library (Gollux)
Black Heaven (Lotus)
Heros of Maple (Damien)
Root Abyss (access to a prequest for CRA)
Gate to Future (Empress)
Lion Heart Castle (Von Leon)
Omega Sector (that alien boss dude)
Silent Crusade (Arkarium)
Temple of Time (Pink Bean)

Notable quests:
Mushroom Shrine (Cape, skip if you have tyrant)
Masteria Through Time (medal)
Far East (totems and shields)
Afterlands (perma totems, worse than Far East though, follow a guide)
The Dragon Rider's Identity (Access PQ to complete Leafre card set for 30% PDR, +1all skill)
Commerci (commerci equips, Dailies for sweetwater equips)
Silent Crusade (potentially unlimited spell traces)
Grand Athenaeum (an additional pendant slot that expires/access to complete a top tier Monster Collection set)
The Amnesiac Temple Keeper (5th job prequest)
Excessively Charming (Pocket Slot, must have lv30 Charm)

Nice unimportant quests:
Evolving Lab (bit of lore)
Friendstory ("NX" permanent overalls, don't bother if you use top+bottom)
Riena Strait (bit of lore before Black Heaven)
Sakura Castle (Ninja Castle, Emperor Toad)
Ellin Forest (access to complete the same top tier Monster Collection set as Grand Athenaeum)
Jul 06 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@beefly: riena strait is a lvl 50 storyline quest.For the rest good info man .
Jul 07 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@beefly: its a very nice quest for that level, is it prequest for Black heaven ? Did not know that, never too late to learn, even for me , lol.
Jul 07 2017
antiviral Level 207 Broa Blade Master
if you like collectibles do taggrin's questline in crimsonwood. there was an update where a lot of the itcg items are now available to craft. took me an hour or two to get scg and crystal leaf earrings
Jul 08 2017
torque Level 152 Zenith Luminous 4
Subani's Legacy the OG
Jul 08 2017

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