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Good animes so far?

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cooleo16 Level 164 Reboot Blade Master
Just wondering how you guys have been enjoying this season's anime. I didn't get any time to check them out myself, so any recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you!
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cooleo16 Level 164 Reboot Blade Master
@helpingly I really like any anime with good art, action + romance are usually what I'm into. Thanks!
Feb 07 2016
irelays Level 151 Galicia Shade 4
Musaigen no Phantom World, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi also Saijaku muhai no Bahamut and Kono Subarashii wa Sekai ni Shukufuku wo ! and Dagashi Kashi
Feb 07 2016
modsaredumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art modsaredumb is intoModsAreDumb
1. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans
this show was my first gundam and holy moly is it good. Definitely give it a shot if you're into mecha or not. Character and story development and death flags and feels everywhere
The synopsis didn't do the show justice. A multidimensional show going from past to present to try and save a little girl from being murdered. An absolutely adorable (and twisted!) series so far.
3. Dimension W
Really pretty and colorful art/music design with a great MC duo and a very interesting world setup that's now dominated by Tesla. 5 Ep in and first 3 were really good. These recent 2 episodes went scooby-doo and were really bad though...

Not much I care for this season though. I really hope Dimension W recovers from the mess of Ep 4&5. I really don't want to get stuck with 2 episodes a week.
Feb 07 2016
xlelouchz Level 201 Reboot Xenon 4
@irelays: Dammit, I was gonna list those!
Feb 17 2016
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