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Good range to Solo zak?

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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Sooo, i recently got my Aran to 120. Buffed range is like 18k. Is that good enough to solo Zak? I need Final Blow haha.
Posted: October 2013 Permalink


jeshurocks Level 166 Broa Night Lord
Easy mode? like in 1 hit lol...
Seriously... mmm you can but it will take you some time.
Oct 28 2013
KonoKazuya Level 200 Windia Aran 4
I'll zak for you if yo provide eofs
Oct 28 2013
Aha, easy mode is a joke^^
OT: 18k shouldn't be too bad; that's about as strong as I was the one and only time I tried soloing Zak, which was many patches earlier. OS has a better range than before, so the arms shouldn't pose much of a problem; but if you're grinding for books, maybe High Mastery, AFA and OS should be maxed.
Oct 28 2013
aha im trying the same thing once i take the time to do the jump quest im level 115 with a ~20k range
Oct 28 2013
4kush20 Level 174 Scania Bishop
probably, it will just take time. Now I have a question
would my lv 100 aran be able to solo him or would I miss too much?
~30k range self buffed
Oct 28 2013
yea if u want il go with u on my db i always get aran books
also u can go in 7times il let u use my ticket if u want
Oct 28 2013

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