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antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
I miss the days where guild drama was a thing, back when the family system was around and you had to make sure you were in the same family to teleport to one another and you'd always mess with the one person who wasn't in the family(jokingly of course).

Miss learning and forgetting the ways around GPQ and CWKPQ, being trash at JQ and having my friend log into my account to do my Zakum JQ. Spamming at KPQ, stealing people's spots. Abusing people in CPQ with dexless Night walker.

Being a scrub and buying ATT scrolled Work gloves with NX from MTS and selling cheaper than everyone else to make peeps mad. Smega wars, KS wars, random BS.

I miss the people, I miss the connections. I wish I had stayed in contact with a few people, or got into discord when others did. Now I'm too old to go make friends on Maple, hell to even play the game IMO. I still get on every now and then, I attempted to stop playing! I got my main and secondary accounts banned! Now I just play on a PS every now and then, not a 83 one tho, too boring for me and I for one loved when potential was added.

I miss you guys, all the fun, drama, stupid posts and random conversations. We all had a good time, this was a great place for us all. I honestly hope you are all doing well, to the ones I left a good impression on, I'm glad. To the ones I have angered and hurt I'm sorry.

Much love to you guys! Steven and Mir, I hope you two are doing well.

Sorry, I came across @dalsia post and it put me in my feelings lol
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dalsia Level 164 Scania Bishop
+1 I hope you're doing well too.

GPQ was awesome; even though everybody reminisces about LPQ, GPQ was the most fun and interesting for me...except for having to sacrifice the noob, lol.

Fortunately I still keep in contact with some of the first friends I ever made on Maple, albeit not often enough to maintain very close relationships. I got particularly lucky reconnecting with the second person I ever added to my friends list on my first character (the original "Dalsia," before I had to remake him for putting 45 points into DEX x_x). I logged into one of my alt characters years after I had quit, just to see what was going on with the game, and he happened to be on his alt that I had friended in like 2008. Neither of us ever really played on either of these alt characters, so I was extremely surprised to see him online. He's in a Discord server with me and a few other close friends now, which I'm very happy about since he was truly one of my closest friends on Maple for many years.

It's been very hot in the northeastern US the past few weeks, and I remember that every summer from 2006-2010, when the weather was unbearable like this, I would sit inside in my parents' room and use my mom's laptop to go on Basil all day while blasting the air conditioning. I always looked forward to logging in the next day (no iPhones back then, so once you were off the computer you were done for the night) to go through the hundreds of posts that would be made while I was sleeping. Such good times, even though my high school years were definitely the most work intensive and stressful in my entire life, even to this day. I'm very grateful that I had Basil back then, which was sometimes even more fun than playing MS, and that I still remember how I felt during those carefree summer days.

By the way, she probably doesn't check this site at all anymore, but if Fiachra ever sees this, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all of the political and cultural conversations we had back around 2009 in the Chat section, and using Basil's IM feature. I hope you're well too.
Aug 15 2019
nindow Level 179 Scania Dark Knight
+1 i hope the two of you guys are doing well.
same senpai. I miss a bit those old days when I used to play a lot of maple. i used to play maple a lot in 2007 and 2008, my freshman year of high school. I occasionally log on to my account, play a bit and then stop. one time, i'd say in 2014, I logged on and bumped into one of my old friends. we were both happy and we exchanged phone numbers. but my phone got stolen like 2 weeks after that so that really sucks. im going to see if i can reconnect with my old guild. i recall they had a post in the guild thing.
as for posting on this website, i made the account when i played the game. and when i was in community college, i used to post here a lot. i didn't really form friendships with the people that posted here a lot cause i just saw threads, posted/replied and that was it. thinking about it, i wish i had come here more often cause it was fun posting here. nowadays, i spend my time on discord and other social media when the day ends cause I've been very busy with school and work.
Aug 16 2019

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