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Graduating in 6 hrs

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LostinDoubt Level 38 Scania Wild Hunter 2
Guys and girls, I need your help!
ok so im graduating soon like in 6-8hrs, practice before the real thing starts in 1:18mins from now and 6: starts the real grad.
There's this girl I really like but we don't talk much and I want to ask her out(well try to anyways)/confess my love to her.
The problem idk how to start is off...
My first thing i was gonna say before practice(if she comes early, but prolly not) was: "Hey Caitee (thats her name), do you have a moment? i want to talk to you before we go our separate ways
ill confess my love to her saying "Caitee, i love/like(idk which to say lols gonna, decide when i get there lols) you, it was love at first sight ever since I saw you in health period(cant say the cl...cuz basil policy thingy..) and blah blah blah and so on
then imma ask her out.
Was that a good plan cuz in my head it seem to worked perfectly?

Or my other idea but i think i shouldnt do it..
here goes
imma approach her and say "Hey Caitee, after today wanna hangout just the two of us(or take out that "two of us" part) before you go to college in cali".
if she says yes: "are you free on sunday? if she says yes to that<:alright here's my number(gives phone number) call me(since i cant text... =( ...)
If she says no: "well i just wanna say i like you a lot even though we dont talk much i wanna say this before we may never see each other again"
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LostinDoubt Level 38 Scania Wild Hunter 2
I can manage that
May 19 2013
yesno1 Level 12 Chaos
no just no. its graduation day. stop it and let her enjoy the day without having her use friendzone whip.
May 19 2013
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
"Oh, ah... well, this is awkward.
I'm thankful for your feelings but I just can't see you that way.
Seeing that we can't be friends, let's just end it at that."

>to self< "Gosh I'm glad i'll never see him again.">/to self<
May 19 2013
LostinDoubt Level 38 Scania Wild Hunter 2
i was thinking that but some of my friends were gonna do that so i decided to go with them lols
I was thinking of doing that

i should yea lols well imam think this over again for the 60th time...
May 19 2013
AmyrIin Level 160 Bera Bishop
If she refuses please do start a Columbine. I need some new news on CNN. I'm tired of Piers Morgan talking about Arial Castro and Jodi Aris.[/quote]

lol'd ahahahha
May 19 2013
dontran18 Level 98 Bellocan Cannoneer 1
Confessing to a girl on the LAST DAY you'll see her.This is probably the worst idea you have ever came up with. It's even worse than asking Basil for help.
May 19 2013
LostinDoubt Level 38 Scania Wild Hunter 2
ok thanks ill go for it

i made a thread when it was senior prom(2 weeks before it happened) and no one replied to my thread so i just made a thread now on the last day.
May 19 2013
AmyrIin Level 160 Bera Bishop
@HopesAnchor: Columbine was pretty terrible though. It wouldve been infinitely more sensationalized if the two had a bigger budget. Their "bombs" fizzled out, making nothing really blow up. I guess that limited the deaths though.
May 19 2013
enoch129 Level 177 Windia Battle Mage 4
What I noticed and saw a huge red flag as was 'we don't talk much'. Chances are, it might not work. Relationships usually start once you're somewhat close to at least where you can talk without any awkwardness. But good luck if you go for it anyway
May 19 2013
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