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Grand maple claw - w. atk 96 Screen

By Krns0wnAll

Krns0wnAll Level 170 Arcania Phantom 4
Jun 29 2013 13 scrolls, 5 clean slates, and 2 weeks later, I finally managed to make my first perfect weapon!

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iEatNoobz Level 200 Windia
+6 not hammered, not perfect, and kind of a waste to do it on that weapon imo[/quote]

Not everyone can afford a fanfir or empress
Congratz on your first perfect weapon (well almost)
Try to get some 50% hammers from future events, use more slates if they fail, and pass two more event scrolls then you're set
Jun 29 2013
iEatNoobz Level 200 Windia
yeah alex, that wep is still worth more than my life[/quote]

1b=$20 at a 1:50 NX to meso ratio sooo
Your life is worth less than $20? Dawww, I'd buy you for more than that
Jun 30 2013
Krns0wnAll Level 170 Arcania Phantom 4
You managed to land 9/13 20% scrolls.
Sweet mother of pearl fire on the poop deck.[/quote]

actually they were 50% scrolls! from the unleashed coin shop
Jul 02 2013

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