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Guess the anime character - forum game

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Novagnome24 Level 93 Broa Demon Slayer 3
[i]EDIT: After the end of round 42, this thread will no longer be updated or monitored. It has been fun[/i]

Hello friends. In an attempt to raise activity on /90/ I'm going to start a little forum game. Let's hope this doesn't end in [i]failure[/i]. The point simple; the poster who is "it" must think up of an anime character, and everybody else has to guess who it is by asking yes or no questions about them. Think Akinator or 20 Questions, but there is no limit to how many questions can be asked. Once the character is guessed, the one who guessed correctly becomes "it," and will think up of their own character. Note that you don't necessarily have to ask questions about the character, but can also ask about anything that is related to them, or anything you think will help you identify them. Example would be the genre of the anime they are in, the staff working on the show, the number of episodes, when it began airing, etc. Only yes/no questions, again.

-Don't ask things like "Is the character a black-haired teenager stuck inside a virtual world, fighting for his life?" Ask for only one detail per question.
-The poster who is "it" should organize what he was asked. This is so people know what details have already been revealed and don't ask the same question twice. Do it like this:

  • detail 1 here*
  • detail 2 here*

  • detail 3 here*

Update it every time you answer questions. Just copy the table from previous posts and add new stuff at the bottom.
-Sometimes you won't [i]really[/i] be able to answer something with a yes or a no. In this case you can put it in a "kind of" section at the bottom, but do this sparingly.
-If somebody guesses the wrong character, just put their name in the NO section and the game will continue.
-You are only allowed one question in between updates. Once the poster who is "it" updates their table you will be able to ask again. Any amount of people can ask between updates, however.
-Obvious troll questions should be ignored
-In the case that the poster who is "it" does not post within 24 hours, somebody else will be chosen to take over the round. In this case, I will ask an anime trivia question, and the first person to get it right within a certain time limit will be selected. If nobody answers correctly within the time limit, I will take over. The same person who was disqualified cannot answer this question.
-While I was hoping I wouldn't have to make a rule for this, if somebody gets disqualified in this manner three times, they will not be allowed to participate anymore. If you are "it," please be active for a while.

-Questions about airing dates should be answered by the first season, unless the person is asking about a specific season.
-Natural hair colors should be considered: Redhead, Whitehead (gray, white, silver), Blonde, Brown, Black.
-For the purpose of this we shall assume that MC (Main character) means the one central character to the story.
-Questions about episode count refer to the number of episodes of the first season, unless a different season is specified.

Okay, let's start. Since this is the first post, I guess I'll pick someone easy to guess. I'll make updates to the OP if I need to.

Novagnome24: List of Chars already used
Round 1. Novagnome24 - Edward Elric from FMA
Round 2. Sprouts - Kyoya Hibari from Reborn
Round 3. EMSfreeze - Kotetsu Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny
Round 4. Novagnome24 - Jonathan Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Round 5. LazyLazyLazy - Kagura from Gintama
Round 6. Amuro - Riza Hawkeye from FMA
Round 7. HateSpirit - Baka Ki El Dogra from Level E
Round 8. HolyBloodly - Marlene Angel from Blue Gender
Round 9. SunsetChaos - Miuna from Nagi no Asukara
Round 10. pinksinsftw - Chocolat from Noucome
Round 11. CureSword - Midorikawa Nao from Precure
Round 12. Plenair - Renka Ma from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Round 13. Novagnome24 - Squealer from Shinsekai Yori
Round 14. xipwnux99 - Hei from Dark than Black
Round 15. Plenair - Harima Kenji from School Rumble
Round 16. pinksinsftw - Ginoza Nobukichi from Psycho-Pass
Round 17. CureSword - Sharo Kirima from GochiUsa
Round 18. xipwnux99 - Kuroyukihime from Accel World
Round 19. Amuro - Ikyuu Tensai from Nanana
Round 20. CureSword - Reiji from Gundam Build Fighters
Round 21. kcwt - Haruna from Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Round 22. Lathien - Yoshino from Date A Live
Round 23. pinksinsftw - Yamano Lemon from AnoNatsu
Round 24. CureSword - Rise Matsumoto from Yuruyuri
Round 25. Lathien - Futaba from Ao Haru Ride
Round 26. kcwt - Holo from Spice and Wolf
Round 27. Irony - Yui from Angel Beats!
Round 28. qtwarriorxx9001 - Kong Wenge from Ping Pong the Animation
Round 29. HateSpirit - Rakka from Habane Renmei
Round 30. pieshadowxx - Shiba Tatsuya from Mahouka
Round 31. Plenair - Blair from Soul Eater
Round 32. xDeisuke - Disqualified
Round 33. qtwarriorxx9001 - Hitoha from Mitsudomoe
Round 34. CureSword - Tsubasa Kazanari from Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Round 35. TheMinimalist - unable to complete
Round 36. HateSpirit - Chihaya Ayase of Chihayafuru
Round 37. pinksinsftw - Negishi Soichi from Detroit Metal City
Round 38. CureSword - Rin from Love Live
Round 39. kcwt - Sanka Rea from Sankarea
Round 40. Snowed - Ginko from Mushishi
Round 41. Amuro - Haibara Ai from Detective Conan
Round 42. CureSword - Barasuishou
[i]That's all, folks![/i]

TL;DR for the lazy ones: Person thinks of anime character, everybody else tries to guess who it is by asking yes/no questions. First one to guess right gets to be "it" next round.[i][/i]
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Sanic Level 142 Chaos Dawn Warrior 4
Does it have blonde hair?
Jul 17 2014
Fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
needs tl;dr
Jul 17 2014
Novagnome24 Level 93 Broa Demon Slayer 3
Blonde hair

Jul 17 2014
Novagnome24 Level 93 Broa Demon Slayer 3
Blonde hair

Jul 17 2014
xdwow Level 201 Mardia Kaiser 4
Blonde hair


Setting based in the real world?
Jul 17 2014
Shusei Level 215 Zenith Blade Master
Izayoi Sakamaki
Jul 17 2014
Novagnome24 Level 93 Broa Demon Slayer 3
Blonde hair

Real world setting
Izayoi Sakamaki
Jul 17 2014
Sanic Level 142 Chaos Dawn Warrior 4
Is he a hero?
Jul 17 2014
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