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Guide on how to workout with better potential

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to workout better using leverage in your mouth, buy a ring from a upscale store selling really good metal, sanded it til it's flexible, trimmed the width of it and left the cut open and put hard pottery clay on it so that i have shiny hard pottery that is a little matte at the bottom to imitate bone* your teeth in feeling, so i can have a place to press the sides of my tongue onto and against in my mouth whilst i suck the teeth in the front on the bottom, therefore i am less of a prey of reverse racism or of being brainwashed to be a bigot who hates women in particular. I am preying on weak members of society that way since the matte clay that is shiny at the top can imitate the feeling and shape of a fang root. you should sand the ring and butter it with anti-cancer stuff into the sanded particle that you can't see to rid the particles when you place it in face toner after you butter it up, and bake the ceramic in the oven either on high or in miniscule layers with a hair-dryer onto the ring and put latex for tightening on the inner of the ring where it would bunch against the back of the fang tooth on the lower lip on the inner of the ring where the matte clay is baked on thick to keep it on the metal. buy plastic halloween vampire fangs of different brands until you find a tight fitting one and place tight metal at the bottom with a rubber band on the inside of it attached to it and layer the matte ceramic in dried layers thinly onto it with isolated heat after finding which ones fit on the top and bottom with the root cleft(which just means a plateau or like imagine me meaning cleft and plateau as tongue the top row of your teeth and feel for the rootline of your fang tooth and imagine that is a cleft or a plateau if you widen it's width and height and make the widened-ness be ya know, kinda making the root bone have more width than the hypothetical recessed gum-line height- of the bottom of the fang wide and bold as well as deep bunching into the gumline. This is what I meant, imagine the cpi sucking power of the tongue at the bottom of the row of teeth at the gumline obviously the front teeth in between the fangs, and the tongue curling at the sides at the shape form of the new back of the fang teeth and having that fang be pushed outward thusly.. That's the power that I hold. the shape is thin and tapered to fit around the tooth at the bottom with non-toxic silicone that is a hard durometer, and that way dried out hard, dessicated xylitol chewing gum can be stuffed in there, which takes up no room since the face tooth is already tight as the shape of your natural tooth, or you can build the matte ceramic pottery clay onto a grillz fang teeth clip that has a bendable gold wrapping and holding your back set of teeth. Also, don't build the ceramic on the sides of the fake fang cover, otherwise you won't be able to fit the fake fang on. try to make the tooth feel weighty especially like i said, widen the root bone and make it pressure against the gumline. I'm in a knowing position of being since i will have soon what crackwhores try to find through drugs, which is being a conservative woman just That much more. if the thing won't stay tight and falls off the fang, my war victim who will probably, utterly be othered as a less CONSERVATIVE person, i can buy a thin ring of stainless steel metal and cram it down to my gumline after baking on ceramic in the face of the ring that resembles what i described for my tongue to tongue and finally push against the plateau i made on the middle-lower part of the back of my lower cuspids.
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