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Guide to Resistance Alliance Quests for Sp scroll

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alltwo147 Level 173 Windia Phantom 4
Guide made to help people with questline.
This only applies to the Resistance that got revamped, and not Demon Slayer.
This is the order of how things normally go for the quests:

All quests for Resistance leading up to lv10.

Basically, what it says.

Choose your job, of course.

Delivering the Test Subject's Medicine

  1. Talk to Claudine at Resistance Headquarters: Secret Plaza.
  2. Go to Concrete Road: Serpent Path, and head to the path behind the phone booth at the top right.
  3. Then deliver Resistance Supply to J.

    Suspicions 1

  4. Accept the quest from the lightbulb.
  5. Go back to where J was and talk to him.

    Suspicions 2

  6. Talk to J and accept quest.
  7. Go to Orbis.
  8. Talk to Lisa at Orbis.

    Suspicions 3

  9. Talk to Lisa and accept quest.
  10. Collect Senintal(?) shells from Orbis tower.
  11. Talk to Lisa again.
  12. Go back to Jay
(I'm not sure about the Suspicion parts, but it's pretty straightforward.)

Spy or Victim

  1. Accept quest from J.
  2. Report to Claudine.

    An Unsettling Discovery

  3. Accept the quest from the lightbulb.
  4. Go to Edelstein, if not there already.
  5. Go to the floor where Vita used to be.
  6. Go to the farthest right. There should be a place where you can enter there.
  7. Talk to Vita.

    Truth and Lies

  8. Talk to Vita.
  9. Talk to Claudine.

    In Search of an Antidote

  10. Talk to Claudine.
  11. Do "Feather Plants" quest.
  12. Talk to Claudine.

    Feather Plants

  13. Talk to Sabitrama.
  14. Kill 100 Drakes.
  15. Talk to Sabitrama.

    Cygnus Knight Favor

  16. Go to Edelstein(Town)
  17. Accept quest from lightbulb.
  18. Go to Edelstein Temporary Airport.
  19. Talk to Eckhart.


  20. Talk to Eckhart.
  21. Talk to Claudine.

    Vita's Disappearance

  22. Take VIP Taxi to go to where the Bunny NPC is. Go one map left, then back to the entrance.
You should encounter a cut scene.
  1. Go back and talk to Claudine.

    Geimer's Trap

  2. Go to the Mine Entrance. Then, go to the farthest right and enter, where the tower should be.
  3. Go in the portal.
  4. Vita should be in the second to right portal.
  5. Go in.
  6. Talk to Vita. (Spoiler: Vita dies. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?)
  7. Report to Claudine.

    I Repent!

For all:
After doing everything and meeting up with Cygnus and forming the alliance, accept the quest from your job instructor. Then, you will be sent to a place with things that look like these. Attack them, and collect the alexandrites, or whatever.
Then, go to the Dimensional Mirror and select "Ereve Conference Room".
Talk to Cygnus, and viola, you have your Union Weapon and SP scroll.

Credits to @BigFatKuro for the questline, and for the info on quests.

(Still fixing this up)
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Mar 17 2012
Harshyboi Level 51 Nova Aran 2
A little too late for me
Good job for posting it up tho
Mar 17 2012
Here a tip. When you have to see eckhart, click the lightbulb while in edelstein.
Mar 17 2012
RavensMask Level 110 Windia Xenon 4
I got stuck at the cutscene when Vita dies
Mar 17 2012
yourloyaldog Level 161 Elnido Blade Recruit
Can someone explain where Vita is for Geilmer's Trap? His description doesn't really make sense to me.

EDIT: nvm, i was too busy looking INSIDE the black wing hideout.
Mar 17 2012
Fryber Level 205 Khaini Battle Mage 4 Lift Guild
I'm confused as to where I accept these quests... [/quote]

You can thank BigFatKuro

Here's the overall questline (and the NPC that gives you the quest) to unlock Will of the Alliance. Sorry for any spoilers and hope it works for you all:
Delivering the Test Subject's Medicine (Claudine) >>> Suspicions 1 (J) >>> Suspicions 2 (Lisa @ Orbis) >>> Suspicions 3 (Lisa @ Orbis) >>> Spy or Victim (J) >>> An Unsettling Discovery (Claudine) >>> Truth and Lies (Vita @ Prison in hidden portal next to where she was standing before) >>> In Search of an Antidote (Claudine) >>> Feather Plants (Sabitrama @ Sleepywood) >>> Cygnus Knight Favor (Eckhart @ Edelstein airport) >>> Decline (Eckhart @ Edelstein airport) >>> Vita's Disappearance (Claudine) >>> Gelimer's Trap (Claudine) >>> I Repent! (Claudine) >>> Their Purpose (Claudine) >>> Black Wing Master (Claudine) >>> Time to Make a Decision (Claudine) >>> Birth of an Alliance (Cygnus @ Ereve)
Mar 17 2012
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