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Ursus is the first raid boss in MapleStory, utilizing the new skeleton animation system and allowing up to 18 people to join the boss battle. It was released with v.170, in the final update for Reboot.

How to get to Ursus

Select the Ursus icon in the dimensional mirror to be sent to the waiting map. Talk to Masarayu and he will explain a few things about the boss, after which you are free to participate. Note that the 3 daily entries are PER ACCOUNT and not per character.
[Ursus's name at birth was "Veronica".](

Before entering

You can choose quick play, which will add your entire party into a server-wide queue. The battle will only begin when the queue is full of 18 people and everyone accepts to begin.

You can choose party play, which will add your entire party into an expedition-style waiting list where the leader can add other players on the map (that aren't in a party) once he/she clicks READY. If the leader decides to press START WITH 18, it will add everyone into the server-wide queue mentioned above.

Damage range inside Ursus is determined by star force and weapon level to promote more similar-damage party play.
Needs clarification It is unconfirmed right now as to how these are taken into account, whether more is better or not.

Each player can only choose up to 8 skills. Pet buff DOES work inside but only if you select the skill that your pet will be using. When you enter, your buffs will be removed so you'll have to rebuff inside. Things you can use include monster park potions (will consume a potion count), guild blessing, and echo of hero (will not be debuffed upon entering again).

You will be using space to revive (until nexon decides they want to move it to NPC chat or something..), so be warned if you have something on space.

The Battle

The entire group will automatically be taken to channel 13 when beginning Ursus (thus it might be better to start on channel 13 to lower the risk of disconnection by changing channels. Also this is why everyone exits on channel 13).

At the top of the screen you will see some information regarding your total score, potions remaining, and revives remaining. Everybody gets 20 potions, which reset each time you are revived. The entire team has 80 revives; note that this does not mean 80 deaths, so the count is only used up upon a successful revive.

Ursus has approximately one trillion HP (credits: HolyGiraffe).

  • Attacks
  • Rush
  • Slap
  • Claw
  • Roar
  • Spikes
  • Ground slam


Ursus swipes a large area in front of it to grab players. Will result in a 1 hit KO for anyone caught. The players will be released if enough damage is dealt to the hand.


May result in being chewed up and given the Bleeding debuff (rapid damage over time), being digested and farted out, or being tossed up and receiving a 1 hit KO upon landing. Airborne player can be rescued if a player stands under the indicator to "catch" (Catching rescue), or with a bishop's holy magic shell. The players will be not be tossed if enough damage is dealt to the mouth.

Sand trap

Ursus draws back one arm in a green mist and uppercuts; or kicks a back leg to trap players behind it. All players standing within range will be trapped in sand and unable to move until touched by another player (Earth rescue). You can be rescued by sand even by a player that is knocked out.


For a Clutch rescue, you can slightly move while holding space to avoid meteors as long as you stay within range of whom you're healing. Also if you have jump on space, you can duck and hold it if you really don't want to change your jump key.

Additional methods of saving players are attacking the hand when Ursus is holding someone, and attacking the mouth when Ursus has players in it. In both scenarios, the players will be released if enough damage is dealt.

Important things to have

It's important to note that potion pot can be used inside and will not reduce potion count. Also, if potion pot is spammed when a 1 hit KO attack is about to hit you, you may be able to heal and live. However, this MAY count as a death and fail the run if you are the last man standing.


All thieves should take dark sight as it can dodge the meteors and is almost necessary to heal teammates in the later stages. Shadowers can use smokescreen to protect nearby players from the bomb attack.


Bishops should select holy magic shell as it can protect a party against Ursus's bomb attack as well as landing damage. Heaven's door should also be used to give party members an extra life.


to be added


Needs confirmation