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Hackers Take the Decent Training Spots

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This thread is mostly a rant.
Last summer/fall, places like Galloperas and Roids+Neo Roids were filled with people training (they were some of the best spots to train at the time). If you look at them now, nearly every single channel is filled with hackers (mostly evans).
I understand that they are outdated with Twisted Jesters and Aliens, but have they become so deserted that hackers can hack there in peace? (tried going there on my Mihile, since i got bored of Jesters and wanted something new)
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I train at snails so it's all fine with me.
Sep 23 2012
NamesBoreMe Level 71 Broa Mercedes 3
well where did you train when those places were filled before?[/quote]

You used to find a map there or share with someone, both of which are impossible when people are hacking.

PS: The precautions Nexon's taking are no use. I keep getting auto DCed when I'm in Future Henesys and killing things with my teleport (OHKO ftw), just because hackers teleport around, vaccing monsters and killing them with no delay. The hackers don't DC, but the legits do.
Sep 23 2012
I know. Right now I am traning my 98 BaM in magatia and every single channel has a hacker evan training.
Sep 23 2012
Pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
I train at Leafre. Or actually I did. The maps are full of hacking Evans. It's really no fun any more.

@UAHeroV: Wow, you look amazing.
Sep 23 2012
Evan hacker not a problem? The future henesys market place and many of the maps adjacent to it have been plagued for long time, then it faded a bit, but now there seem to be even more, DS, Mihile, I/L, Jett and the other pirates... it is unhealthy along with the flying in a spot in the map hackers that do "lucky shots" to every monster in map and vac pick everything too.
Sep 23 2012
Must be terrible playing in your world In mine (chaos alliance), galloperas, and c-2 lab are empty.

As for jesters and crows, they empty out after ~1 weeks of a newly released class (2-3 weeks for aliens)
Sep 23 2012
Athetosis Level 171 Broa Hero
i kill hackers
rush ftw
Sep 23 2012
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