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Happy Spring

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sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
When I was younger I hated spring. It was my least favorite season because of the mud, and because I no longer had an excuse to sit on my ass and play video games or watch TV all day. It was also that gross time of year where you needed a jacket in the morning, but would be drenched in sweat as the afternoon temperatures rose. I liked playing in the melted snow, and the smell of the little ponds that formed, but that was it. All around, it was a cold, muddy, and uncomfortable time of year.

I still feel that way, to be honest with you. But this winter has been weird, so even though the Vernal Equinox was last Tuesday, it doesn't quite feel like springtime yet. Slow and steady, I guess. In a couple weeks we're probably going to have those classic spring days, and I'll probably be complaining about the weather. Until then, we're in that transition period where it's too warm to be classified as winter, but still way too cold to be spring. So I guess I do still hate springtime after all. The outdoors have been tempting me for weeks, and it's getting frustrating.

The gym is awful. I don't like going there, and prefer to do my exercises outside. But it's been freezing for so long, so I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd typically like. A few more weeks, I suppose. Then again, that's what I've been telling myself since the beginning of March, and still here we are. I just want it to be cold or warm, but not both at the same time. And the mud can go too, because I want to be able to walk outside without putting my clothes in jeopardy.

Speaking of clothes,"Spring Fashion" has always been a big talking point, but I'm not a fan of that either. Boots for winter and autumn are so much cuter. Pants go so well with autumn looks and colors, as do longer skirts. When it's fall or winter, you can pull so many outfits off with a nice jacket or long-sleeve, and in summer the opportunities are endless. But spring? Again, a lot of days you need a jacket, which can completely destroy the cohesiveness of many outfits. I know fall is a transition season too, and similar in a lot of ways, but autumn outfits are so much better and so much easier to pull off. We get pumpkin spice during those months too. Do any spring flavors even exist at Starbucks? Who knows.

Whatever, I guess. Happy spring, basil.
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dgnunch Level 63 Reboot Crusader
merry spring, i love spring but maybe im just coping because my birthday is in the spring.

u r a good writer
Mar 29 2018

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