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Happy singles awareness day! Screen

By 100puro

100puro Level 179 Demethos Aran 4
Feb 12 2013 A card I made for the Singles Awareness Day Event Enjoy the overdose of cute for all the singles out there!

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But my android's so ugly
Feb 13 2013
christien Level 171 Broa Mercedes 4
+16 It's so cute! I love it. I'll write one to myself...
Feb 13 2013
stu321 Level 207 Windia Phantom 4
+5 im in a relationship. do 2d girls in eroge/galge count?
Feb 13 2013
100puro Level 179 Demethos Aran 4
Haha btw guys I rushed pretty hard on this while the game was on maintenance a few days ago (cough cough aka the deadline) I only realized later that I forgot to put an "a" in front of "girlfriend" ... but hopefully it still works 8D;;;;

incorrect grammar ftw!
Feb 13 2013
100puro Level 179 Demethos Aran 4
oh no. Maybe i shouldn't have said anything >>;;; oops. too late.

hehe also the background was stolen from a maplestory map.. can you guys guess from where?
Feb 13 2013
LolImSoCool Level 120 Scania Kanna 4
Love it!
Dem gams!
Feb 13 2013
I'm happy that my Android isn't butt ugly like some of them however, my android isn't as cute as this one. Can we trade, my in game android, for the one in the pic?
Feb 13 2013
Whimsicott Level 42 Bera Demon Slayer 2
wow too cute...
please keep draw this very nice
Feb 13 2013

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