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Happyville with friends Screen

By sparksta

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Punani Level 201 Scania Luminous 4
where i am
i am your best friend
Dec 11 2014
Ceours Level 204 Scania Night Lord
wowz guise u r all so kewlz!1!1!1
Dec 11 2014
Sticker Level 206 Scania Shadower
+1 wowz guise u r all so kewlz!1!1!1[/quote]

thank u
Dec 11 2014
stevenman76 Level 211 Broa Hero Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art stevenman76 is intostevenman76
Reminds me of somewhere in 2007-2009 (forgot which year it was) when people actually used to do happyville. Decorated a tree with my best maple friend ever and thought I had taken a ton of screenshots and then the next day I realized that I was pressing the wrong key and I was so sad I was ready to cry (was a lot younger) but I wasn't going to because it was just a game.
Dec 11 2014

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