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Hard Gollux?

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lshadow3 Level 221 Reboot Night Walker 4 FallenStarz Guild
Is it possible to stand on one side of the map and just snipe him? I do it with normal gollux right now, but I'm not sure if I can be out of range of the vac breath as well as the normal dark breath.

I just don't want to have to deal with the arms right now
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


mintychalk Level 210 Reboot Blade Master
Learn some control it'll help you for soloing Hellux when that time comes.
Dec 31 2015
soldexfornx Level 250 Bera Blade Master
If u kill the middle for hard gollux, u don't have to worry about the death breath.
Dec 31 2015
sheritin Level 178 Reboot Night Walker 4
Kill the abs and when you go to the head just stand on the portal in the middle. When gollux uses his breath attack, just move slightly and dodge it and then move back so his head is facing the same position as before, make sure to do this really quick. You then have 5 seconds or 5 jump attacks to deal damage before he does it again. Just rinse and repeat and hard gollux will be done in no time.
Dec 31 2015
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
You have to kill the abs for sure to avoid his breath, but if since both his shoulders are up in hard his hand keeps swinging up which mean you can't really stand on the left.
Dec 31 2015
mrmoogle Level 212 Reboot Night Walker 4
No, you can't snipe on the left. Personally, I kill your right, his left shoulder, so I have a safe spot to rebuff. I also usually duo, and that leaves a spot for a sniper.
Dec 31 2015

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