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Hardest game you ever played

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for me its shadow of the colosus. I'm not a hxc gamer but it's really hard so far.
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geologyrox Level 126 Windia Evan 9th Growth
jurassic park II for snes, still havent beaten it
Feb 09 2012
NiceGuys Level 183 Scania Night Lord
Legend of zelda Ocarina of time Master Quest. still in dodongos cavern, and been playing for 3 days mang. atleast im not doing a 3 heart run....
Feb 09 2012
audio Level 21 Yellonde Blade Recruit See what games, anime & art audio is intoaudio
the majority of (s)nes games not really because it was intentional but more because of the systems' limitations making everything really unfair

i have particular anguish-inducing memories of battletoads and ninja gaiden
Feb 09 2012
Super meat boy. More specifically Cotton alley
Feb 09 2012
maplestory... its hard
Feb 09 2012
Crash Bandicoot games.
i think you have to get all the gems to beat that game.
never could beat it.......
Feb 09 2012
tbh i never played a difficult game. I heard some old school games like above are very hard,

but you know what: HEAVY RAIN that game is impossible. The temptations to kill madison are ever so desireable. and then i end up killing the kid.
Feb 09 2012
Dlazer616 Level 205 Windia Phantom 4
Dark souls, normal mode for me was nearly impossible.
Feb 09 2012
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