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Has anyone done the math?

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aranhero0002 Level 183 Renegades Hayato 4
Has anyone done the math to see(With Hypers!) which is better, Rai Blade Flash(Taking into consideration it only hits 4 Lines right now) or Shinsoku for bossing?
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aranhero0002 Level 183 Renegades Hayato 4

If it's close, %-wise, it's possible for that to be inaccurate. I will probably end up trying that, but I'd like to see numbers.
Oct 11 2015
demodango Level 178 Khaini Hayato 4
@aranhere0002: I've done the math, using the JMS delay numbers. Not gonna bother linking the thread right now, but trust me on this.

Shinsoku and Rai Blade Flash are nigh-identical in base DPS when you have the +1 hits hyper for Shinsoku (around 5000%/sec at normal-6 speed). At the hard speed cap, Blade Flash is about 20% higher in DPS but suffers from locking you in place, higher damage per hit (lower hit count per second overall, relevant if you're cap-funded) and slower healing from Warrior's Heart (~3 casts per second versus ~6). I don't recommend using Blade Flash in any situation where you need to move quickly (e.g. Gollux) since Hayatos can't telecast their dash in Battoujutsu stance.

I would like to note (and I can't believe this doesn't occur to anybody) that the 4 hits aspect of Rai Blade Flash is 100% intended. It is so in JMS, and the 5 hits statement on the tooltip and patch notes is a typo. The skill descriptions in the patch notes, of course, were copy-pasted from the tooltips.
Oct 12 2015
architect3sm Level 210 Renegades Hayato 4 Paragon Guild
Dojo with green MPE pot @ Rai Sanrenzan = 8:04 time
Dojo with Shinsoku + all hypers = 8:54 time

Rai Sanrenzan without green pot probably has very similar dps with Shinsoku. With the small damage difference, you should use whichever is situationally better with your combos.
Oct 12 2015
demodango Level 178 Khaini Hayato 4
Also worth noting: Rai Blade Flash has preposterously long range. Great for sniping some bosses out of their attack range
(I did that vs Blackheart and it was oddly satisfying).
Oct 12 2015
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
update, ignore what these fools said.
Feb 28 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
Na, Shinsucko does about half the damage as Rai Blade Flash. Only a fool would put 1 SP into the hyper skills.
Feb 28 2016
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
Ugh, not this again. It's the same thing all over again. You spread misinformation, I ask you for proof (or you end up proven wrong entirely), you say nothing, then you continue to bump old threads spreading your usual misinformation. What's more interesting is you were proven wrong even before you posted here, yet you decided to bump this thread anyway. Lately I've been wishing for more Hayato discussion, but I feel like the genie turned out to be a jackass and gave me you instead.

Shinsoku is weaker than Rai Blade Flash, but not by half. Do you have any maths or battle analysis logs to back up your claims? Probably not. I don't think you're in any position to state what's good and what's not for this class, especially when you say stuff like this:

What I want to know is, why do you keep posting on a subject you clearly have no knowledge in?
Feb 29 2016

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