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Has anyone traveled overseas before?

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uphailure Level 171 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Traveling is awesome, you get to meet new people, immerse yourself into a different culture and society and it's just... Awesome I guess!
Well... I've only traveled to Vietnam (5 times +) but every time I go there it's an amazing experience. I'm currently in Vietnam right now and tomorrow will be the day I catch my plane and head back to the outback (Australia). I feel really sad that I have to leave because I'll miss the culture of Vietnam and my friends and family and just about everything.

Have you ever traveled? If yes then how was your experience traveling? If not then do you want to travel overseas?

I don't know why I'm making a thread, I guess I just want to hear other people's experiences with their travels so it might somehow make me feel better about leaving Vietnam. I'm probably going to come back next year anyway (not quite sure) so I really shouldn't be so sad about leaving but whutevz.
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Sum1outthere Level 28 Windia Blade Recruit
i've travelled overseas too! once went to germany and it was really fun. we dont have family there but, like you said, travelling is so fun it doesnt really matter. its so fun going to some other random country and just seeing what its like and its people. especially when you make friends for forever! hope we go somewhere this summer too!
i remmbr the feeling of leaving to go back home. it sucked and i felt really sucky when i got back home because i felt i was missing all the fun back in germany but just remmeber its fun everywhere. everywhere has its ups and downs
Feb 09 2012
Aragonfire Level 200 Zenith Blade Recruit
I've travelled to US for the first time (I'm from Europe), and I even met Maple people... Yes, it was awesome. I SO BADLY WANT TO LIVE IN AMERICA >.<
Feb 09 2012
I've been too different parts of Europe skiing and I went to America once. Haven't been skiing in years but miss it so much.
Feb 09 2012
Yes, France, Japan, Middle East, Latin America... My job is awesome xD

And learning about different places is the best there is out there.
Feb 09 2012
Margarita Level 165 Windia I/L Arch Mage
china and japan if we're talking long flights.
I want to go back.
Feb 09 2012
I travel a lot, but only to places in the United States. I've only went overseas a few times. I went to Pakistan twice..and hated it each time. The air smelled so bad and I wasn't used to the lifestyle. I only spoke English so it was hard to communicate with family and family friends. I couldn't do anything without my mom next to me. Overall, it wasn't the best experience =/ I remember i would ask my mom everyday how much longer we had to stay until we went back to America (I was 9 at that time). I did go to Saudia Arabia recently (2008) and I thought it was one of the best experiences ever! However, I was homesick for most of the trip =/ My parents and oldest sister didn't come. I missed them lots! =(
Feb 09 2012
uphailure Level 171 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Wow you guys sure love to travel. If only I could travel to countries other than Vietnam, it would be a great to be immersed into a different culture. Too bad I'm only a teenager with basically no money on me haha...
@Sum1outthere: Gosh I totally know how you feel, there's something about traveling that really makes me happy. I just love viewing the different landscapes of other countries. The other day I went to visit a long expanse of wheat crops and it was just amazing standing there and having your breath taken away.
@korotoksuke: May I ask what your job is?
@Margarita: I understand, I'm in Vietnam right now and I wanna "go back again" as soon as I can.
@ServantOfAllah: Yeah I know how you feel about the air being bad, Vietnam doesn't have the greatest atmosphere either but thank goodness I come to visit the countryside, the air is more fresh there. @_@ Ah homesickness, I don't know why but I never really miss Australia when I go overseas... It's weird. It's like Vietnam is my second home (not that I would want to live there permanently though)
@teresa: Oh that sounds like an amazing experience, do you live in Australia perhaps? I wish I could go touring like you but my dad is really uptight so he doesn't really let me 'experience the outside world' a lot, so going to Vietnam is refreshing I guess...
Feb 09 2012
Cuture shock turns me on.
JK but, not really.
I've only traveled to South America, which really isn't "overseas" seeing as we're attached... lol but it is rather exciting to experience a new culture and for me it was cool to see where my blood line comes from (Venezuela)!
Feb 09 2012
lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
No. I'd like to but I don't have that kind of money. I live in Wisconsin and I've only been to Chicago (IL) and Mall of America (MN). I'm so cultured.
Feb 09 2012
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