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Has loOpEdd really never logged in since he quit?

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Hermes Level 84 Windia Hermit
He has looked exactly like that ever since he reached level 200. I find it hard to believe that he has never logged in since he got to 200. Has anyone ever seen him? I don't think there was that perm nx way back then. I just feel like if I ever spent that much time and being the 6th level 200 I would check out the game frequently.
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SmashFace Level 191 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
All nx items were sold with a permanent option for double the price for like 2 years.[/quote]

He was lvl 200 before that
Jun 29 2014
Omniscient1 Level 146 Bellocan Blade Master
@SmashFace: cool[/quote]

So that makes your comment irrelevant then. No point in bringing up that NX had an option to be perm 2 years ago. If he was lvl 200 way before that.
Jun 29 2014
7mil Level 200 Chaos Corsair
What are you talking about? NX has never been permanent besides special events, which is why I asked this question. NX doesn't disappear from your inventory until you log on, and since he has looked the same, I can safely assume he has not logged on.

@SodiumOH May I ask how you know him? Like are you a longtime friend?[/quote]

Back in 08- big bang nexon made to where as you pain double to keep it permanently. Shows what you know buddy.
Jun 29 2014
RoflAssasin Level 212 Demethos Blade Master
There was the option of paying double for NX in the cash shop for it to be permanent however he hit 200 before that so it's hard to say he was around for that.
Jun 29 2014
Informal Level 210 Bera Phantom 4
He doesn't want to log in to that character because he wants to preserve that moment. He told me it was like his high school graduation, it's a bittersweet moment, and you can't go back to it. He took it seriously as well. He cried. It was also an important moment for him because 6 is is favorite number. He was upset when curryishott got banned and he moved up to 5.

To him, logging back in means going back to a moment when you can't. And that's why he doesn't log back in.


Am I the only one who thought this was beautiful?
Jun 29 2014
SlappyDaFrog Level 51 Scania Assassin
I saw that noob at HoH one time.
Jun 29 2014
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