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Has the Lp White Heaven bug been squished?

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Sunshores Level 11 Galicia Dawn Warrior 1
I'm at a friends place and was wondering if this bug has been fixed.

If so I have time to run home to log in and hand mine in, if not it means another slice of pizza with my pal.
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hongfung Level 232 Galicia Mercedes 4
I tried today and I am still unable to play the recorder. Can't click the phonograph or drop the disk.
Apr 24 2015
Sunshores Level 11 Galicia Dawn Warrior 1
There is a daily which requires you to collect the day specific record but once you do that... nothing. You can not interact with the record player and if you talk to the NPC again she produced a empty chat box.

TBH I'm a little confused about this white heaven, it doesn't appear to track your progress at all but I want the skins so doing as much as I can even though it's buggy.

(thanks for letting me know hongfung, pizza it is)
Apr 24 2015
asianboii59 Level 200 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I'm confused, I'm at the part where you kill and collect 50 sun items..
Apr 24 2015
Sunshores Level 11 Galicia Dawn Warrior 1
Once you work past all the rooms and face off the pilothouse (don't want to give spoilers away there) you then have two dailies unlock. You know the fairy was lying about only 5 times a day, you can go into the rooms as many times as you want! She is a little... err... inept, it's the reason you end up where you do in the end, it's pretty fun.
Apr 24 2015
SANsaurr Level 124 Scania Beast Tamer Cat
I'm confused, I'm at the part where you kill and collect 50 sun items..[/quote]

Go in. Kill everything and pick up the sun thingies. Go out and back in and it should respawn.
Idk if it's glitched where they don't respawn but idk.
Just go out of the room and back in and they should respawn ^^
Apr 24 2015
MSmaste Level 13 Scania
I need that snow ring
Apr 24 2015
jlt2624 Level 208 Scania I/L Arch Mage Compose Guild
if they dismiss any form of compensation, and i am unable to get my blue dmg skin......many carrots will die that night [/quote]

Snow damage skin! RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?
I want it so badly
Apr 24 2015
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