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Haunted House ? Better call it DC-House

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
I have been kicked out like 6 times now, and every body know how much time logging on again takes..*sigh*
Posted: October 2016 Permalink


pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
Wth yall talking about, i log in faster now and im in southern Asia
Oct 21 2016
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
+1 @joshua418: login procedure is server sided, not client sided.
Oct 21 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
Doesn't matter what you call that house, it is definitely 'haunted'.

I completed the entire Haunted Mansion questline yesterday without any trouble. You will get a lot of Kaleido tickets and the final reward is a Halloween Mask.

Edit: Did you find Utah's house yet? Did you solve the problem? You ask questions and people answer them and then you don't respond, nobody knows it fixed your problem. In few months another thread about it? What did you do last year when you had the same issue? Did you ever get to solve it?
Oct 21 2016

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