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Have you ever noticed?

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MizuiChan Level 209 Galicia Buccaneer Justaway Guild
[url=]Agent Marco[/url], [url=]Andy the Right-Aid Guy in Henesys[/url],
[url=]Amos the Strong,[/url] and [url=]Bodyguard A[/url] also come to mind, as well as a few NPCs in Perion.
Jul 24 2012
How is that racist? It's simply fact. Name one other black NPC. Kids and racism nowadays.
It is racist because If you do your research there are others.[/quote]

Even if I didn't notice their were other black NPCs, that doesn't make it racist. Take a chill pill you self-righteous outrageously insecure hooligan.

@MizuiChan Amos is Native American.
Jul 24 2012
They are native american.[/quote]

Thank you. Someone on this sight has eyes.
Jul 24 2012
What about Mr. Thunder? How come nobody remembers him?
Jul 24 2012
ool007zee233 Level 200 Broa Aran 4
Theres more in sleepywood. Open your eyes!
Jul 24 2012
What about Mr. Thunder? How come nobody remembers him?[/quote]

oh right he used to stand next to the FM when it was only in perion. he crafted stuff right? is he around still?
Jul 24 2012
Asians Created the game what do you expect?
Jul 24 2012
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