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Hayato at Skyline 2 Video

By repentant

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nagaremasu Level 174 Windia Hayato 4 Reiatsu Guild
I like your play-style. May I ask how you linked your skills to accomplish such smooth and effective play?
Aug 26 2016
repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
+1 @nagaremasu:

A few tips I can offer:
- Use Falcon Dive+Shinsoku to cancel the end-delay of Whirlwind Cut and Sweeping Sword. After I started doing this gameplay became a lot smoother. Why are Falcon Dive and Shinsoku used together? Using Shinsoku after Falcon Dive cancels Falcon Dive's end-delay, allowing you to instantly use any skill afterwards. Falcon Dive+Shinsoku offers a lot of flexibility with comboing, so also use it when you want to bridge two incompatible skills (e.g. Battoujutsu Dash can't be linked with Sweeping Sword, so you can use Battoujutsu Dash -> Falcon Dive+Shinsoku -> Sweeping Sword to bring them together)

- Keep comboing and don't stop. Hayato has this weird mechanic where if you do nothing and wait too long after using a skill you incur a huge delay that prevents you from doing anything. To prevent this just keep linking skills as fast as you can. Also try timing yourself and see how long you can keep a skill chain going without breaking your momentum.

I think I'll add on to this in future, but this is what comes to mind for now.
Aug 26 2016

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