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repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild Repentant
I dropped like 30 ranks in the past week. Where the heck did all these Hayatos come from?

On-topic: Ooh, nice to see Hayato getting some attention. Though we never got that MSEA update that reduced the mana cost of skills, so I'm not sure if this buff is going to make it to GMS.
Jan 12 2017
New Video: Hayato at Skyline 2
deeemon Level 210 Scania Hayato 4 DeeMon
Even if we don't get this, there's this new Maple Union thing in KMST that gives critical damage and critical rate(up to 40% CRIT RATE!?) and some other stuff.
I'm already a Master Union 4 rank thing, need 68 more levels for next rank. I have a feeling that the coins are going to take a long-ass time to farm. The Union Raid reminds me of Fire Emblem, seeing the whole army fight this big dragon boss thing.
I'm grateful that nexin is finally rewarding those who play other classes beyond level 120, dood.
Jan 16 2017
New Screen: Rare Alien Fragment Helmet
senopai Level 152 Galicia Phantom 4 Senopai
just got to 174 ! only 3 more levels til i can spam hitokiri
Jan 29 2017
deeemon Level 210 Scania Hayato 4 DeeMon
I done it, 7500 levels, dood:
This chair stuck on Swordmaster. That damn Shadower keep haunting me, dood.
I guess I can try for 8000 next. It feels like there isn't much to do in this game anymore.
Feb 01 2017
senopai Level 152 Galicia Phantom 4 Senopai
got 20% def for first line of ia with maplehood, and as a bonus i got 15% drop rate with it !
Feb 04 2017
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