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Heart stone and golden herb togher Screen

By yuzesun

yuzesun Level 141 Galicia Xenon 4
Jul 02 2011 isnt this rare?

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Aranboy1999 Level 130 Bera Aran 4
Hey your 99.99%

OT: The only thing I really payed attention to was the 99.99%
Jul 04 2011
the heartstones are a very uncommon vein for the mining profession, so far I have only seen them on 4 maps
one in Alcadno, Orbis park, verne mine, and left of the aquarium
Jul 12 2011
lol im looking at a heartstone right now in kerning mall
Jul 13 2011
i see one around ellin forest (stone) anyone know what they drop?
Jul 15 2011

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