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Help gear/range ?

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lordanubis Level 215 Scania Paladin
well im not a mage, but its obvious that u need some things, first try to get RA set for hat, top and bottom, the fafnir weapon to complete the set(+30%boss damage), if u didnt get the absolab weapon in the last event(not good enough for end game but its ok), the do gollux for the rings & earrings (try to scroll and cube them urself), that will boost ur range a lot even without good pot(with good potential it goes even higher), then keep the emblem, prelude and badge like they are for the moment(especially the emblem, its good enough till u get better things) focus on the potential of ur main weapon first, that will get u better results than just normal pot on ur other gear bcuz weapon, sub weapon and emblem can get %magic att and %boss(well emblem cant get boss but %magic attack its good for it), then find a good guild to carry u to hard magnus for a tyrant cape(if u cant buy one) and u can loot coins to buy tyrant boots and belt. Thats it for now, then as u get experienced u will realize by urself how to get higher range, good luck.
Feb 03 2017

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