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itzJustinx3 Level 132 Windia Shadower
I have an ultimate adventurer paladin currently a white knight. Should I be using my cygnus(empress's) equips or different equips? Should I be using 1h sword and shield or continue using the set with a 2h sword? If I should be using cygnus equips, to what level should I use them to?
Posted: June 2013 Permalink


shanik Level 130 Scania Night Walker 4
You want to use shields for shield mastery.

Empress set are good till you get better equips with %str.
Jun 28 2013
Your talking about the UA empress set right? You want to replace it with one of the event sets they are cheap give good set bonuses and come with pot. When you get to lvl140 you should try to get the lvl 140 empress set its really nice. Also you should go 1h becuase it lets you use shield mastery which is how you get 9999 def.
Jun 28 2013
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
I think (I don't know if it's been applied to GMS yet) the secondary weapon actually activates Shield mastery.
Jun 29 2013
u want to use the empress equips until lvl 90-100
then start getting ur % stat
thats the basis for all UA's
Jun 29 2013

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