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Help out a level 170 Bowmaster that hasn't played in 4 years

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keoryn Level 170 Aquila Bow Master
Hello everyone. I haven't played this game in like 3 or 4 years but I suddenly got a desire to get back into it.

I have a level 170 bowmaster and a level 134 Phantom but I'm interested in getting back to my bowmaster.

I have a few questions concerning all the recent changes that have been going on and I hope that you guys can respond them.

1: With this reboot patch, are bowmasters worse or better than before?
2: Where can I train my bowmaster?
3: I have 1 point available in the hyper skill that says: passive skill boost, I already put 1 in increasing the damage of Hurricane, I dont know where to put the other point, is the hurricane split attack worth it?
4: I also have 1 point available in the Active attack section, I put 1 point in preparation, dont know where to put the other one. In either epic adventure ( i would need to level up to 200) or in wind of fray.
5th and last question: What equipment is worth buying? Money is not really a problem for me, so dont be afraid to suggest expensive equipment, I am willing to buy anything good that's actually worth it.

I have 2 pieces of falcon wing, is it worth it to buy the remaining 5 pieces and receives all the benefits that it gets? or is it better to simply buy individual pieces that are better or is there another collection of equipment which is better than falcon wing?

It's a lot of questions I know

Thanks in advance.
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simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
Bowmasters are so much stronger now after reboot.
3: yes, get split attack since it's 65% damage each, so it's like 30% stronger than single lined hurricane. previously, each split was only 50%, so there was no point in getting 2l hurricane unless you're hitting caps.
4. at level 200 you will get one more point so you can put it into epic adventurer. at level 170 you can just put it in winds of frey which is a really good mobbing move with a relatively short CD.
5. fafnir and CRA gear (lv 150 top, bottom, hat). together they give a 4 set bonus. this leaves room for a cape, shoes, gloves etc. the best cape, shoe, and gloves are tyrants, which are also lv 150 but aren't part of a set and they give a ton of stats if you enhance it. for accessories, get superior or reinforced gollux set (earrings,pendant,ring,belt). alternatively, you can get a tyrant belt and buy an extra pendant slot to wear 2 gollux pendants, or have a scarlet ring(which can be included in any set so it will act as an additional gollux ring) to still get the 4 set gollux bonus.
Jan 04 2016
keoryn Level 170 Aquila Bow Master
Jan 04 2016

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